webcam software for ubuntu 10.04

webcam drivers in Ubuntu 10.04

After installing Ubuntu 10.04 LTS(Lucid Lynx),Are you wondering for the drivers or software for your webcam?Don’t worry! I will tell you about an excellent software for your webcam and then you can record photos and videos along with a lot of fun effects.Not only this,you can also share your photos very easily by using an excellent photo manager,”F-Spot” which came as default application in Ubuntu 10.04 release.

Cheese : For your webcam
The software that you can use very easily for taking photos and videos is “cheese”.Actually it was written in 2007 as a part of Google Summer of code.Cheese can also create some fancy effect in photos and videos by using Gstreamer.

Requirements for Using Cheese :
*GNOME 2.28
*GStreamer 0.10

How to install Cheese in Ubuntu 10.04?

It is very  simple  will take two steps and few minutes to install.

step1: Go to Ubuntu Software Center or Synaptic Package Manager and search for cheese.
step2: Click to install.
step3: End..

You can also install it manually after downloading its latest stable version fr0m its official site.
Download Cheese

  • knsridhar

    no joy i have installed the cheese and it opens but take photo option do not work web cam is recognized by lsusb

  • david

    Kinda buggy – if you select an effect, you have to close the application and reopen in order to get back to the video screen. Once an effect is selected, it can never be turned off.

    Seems to have a lot of potential.

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  • Theric B

    I’ve installed the cheese, but the system doesn’t recognize my device..

  • Bca_765

    Great =) Thanks =)

  • AR

    thanks, your amazing. i love you 🙂