install qt on ubuntu

how to install Qt on Ubuntu 10.04

install qt on ubuntu

Qt is a toolkit for creating GUI applications for computer and mobile platforms.Qt is a cross-platform application development framework and uses c++(primarily).Qt is a free and open source;KDE desktop environment is based on Qt.
Qt class library | Important Features

  • Support 3D with OpenGL
  • multi-threading features
  • XML,Networking and database functionality
  • complete set of easily customizable User Interface controls
  • ECMA standard script engine

Qt for Ubuntu 10.04
On Ubuntu 10.04 if you want to create gui programs with C++ programming language then you can use Qt.First install Qt from Synaptic Package Manager or Ubuntu Software center or from command line.

Installing Qt on Ubuntu 10.04

1. Go to System->Administration->Synaptic Package Manager and enter the login password when prompted.

2. Next,Type “qt4” in quick search bar(Located at top-center position in the window).

3. Then select the Qt packages and libraries you need to install(Some of them may be installed already if you are using KDE desktop or applications).Then click on apply to install the selected applications.

4. Now wait for the installation to complete.Now you are ready to use it.

There are other Qt based applications available to make the GUI and widget design much easier like- Qt4 IDE,Qt4 Designer,Qt4 Settings,Qt4 Assistant;all of these applications you can install in one click from Ubuntu Software Center.Click on Applications->Ubuntu Software Center and search for “qt4” and click on install button(In that row) to install any application.

avast for ubuntu

Avast for Ubuntu 10.04

avast for ubuntu

In fact Ubuntu 10.04 or any other Linux based systems are not so vulnerable to viruses and worms because most of these malicious programs were developed for windows platform with .exe executables so they are harmless for ubuntu 10.04.One more fact is that,Ubuntu(or any GNU-Linux OS) security policy and strategy is very secure as compare to other operating system like windows and mac.So If you want to install antivirus software for scanning other media or other drives then Avast Antivirus is a good choice.
Avast antivirus has many edition like FREE,PRO and others but FREE edition is sufficient for common Internet users.

How to Install Avast Antivirus software on Ubuntu 10.04

1. Download avast(FREE Version) from its official website(click below on the download link and then a window will appear-save the .deb file on your computer).
Download Avast for Ubuntu

2. Go to download(or other location where you have just downloaded the avast debian package );Then Open avast4workstation_1.3.0-2_i386.deb with Gdebi package Installer and then click on install Package.

3. Wait until the installation is complete(it will take less than a minute).

4. Now to use avast you will need a valid License Key(Click below and register,they will send you a valid license key by e-mail within 24 hours).
Click here to obtain free license key from avast

5. After getting the key, Go to Applications->Accessories->avast! Antivirus and enter the license key.

6. That’s All…Avast is installed successfully on your ubuntu 10.04.

buy ubuntu 10.04

Buy Ubuntu 10.04 LTS DVD

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS was released on April 29,2010.The users who don’t have a high speed internet connection should buy the Ubuntu 10.04 LTS DVD which contains ubuntu 10.04 LTS along a lot of common and usefulĀ  application softwares(For desktop users and servers) in the DVD sets.It also contains some extra tutorial DVD’s for beginners.Now select the product you want and click on Buy Now to proceed for purchasing –

buy ubuntu 10.04
(A) Ubuntu 10.04 LTS for both 64 bit and 32 bit

Price : $19.95 buy nowWhat is included with this purchase??

  • Ubuntu 10.04 LTS
  • 4 Disks DVD set -Introduction to linux video dvd,linux training library,
  • Printed Quick Reference Card of Linux commands
  • Contains for 32bit and 64bit computers
  • It also includes Complimentary Evaulation Exam
  • Multi-Language support and Lifetime Free update

buy ubuntu dvd

(B) Ubuntu 10.04 LTS and Kubuntu 10.04 for both – 32 bit and 64 bit.
Price : $23.95buy now
What’s included with this purchase

  • It contains all the products included in above product(in A) plus some extra dvds for –
  • Kubuntu 10.04 LTS (With KDE Desktop and Applications)

buy ubuntu 10.04 dvd for 32 bit

(C) Ubuntu 10.04 LTS for 32 bit
Price : $14.95buy now
It contains Ubuntu 10.04 (32 bit Intel i386) install Boot ISO

buy ubuntu 10.04 dvd
(D) Ubuntu 10.04 LTS for 64 bit
Price : $14.95buy now
It contains Ubuntu 10.04 (64 bit Intel i386) install Boot ISO

install bluefish on ubuntu

How to install Bluefish Editor on Ubuntu 10.04

Ubuntu 10.04 has a default text editor Gedit which is probably sufficient for editing source files in any programming language.For HTML also you can use gedit but for experienced web designers who have to implement a lot of features(Tables,frames,dialogs…) in websites or in database driven websites implemented using PHP-MySQL another efficient editor is required.That’s why Bluefish editor is designed.

install bluefish on ubuntu

Bluefish – HTML Editor for Ubuntu 10.04

Bluefish Editor is a HTML editor designed by using GTK+ for Web designers.It is FREE and Open Source Application with easy to use and powerful interface.It’s features include simple way to insert tables and frames in web pages,thumbnail creation with automatic linking as well as HTML syntax highlighting.

Installing Bluefish Editor in Ubuntu 10.04/9.10

1. Open Ubuntu Software Center and Search for “bluefish editor”.

2. Then Click on install button to start installation.

3. Wait for the installation to complete(It will take few minutes).

4. That’s All..Now you can start bluefish from Applications->Programming->Bluefish Editor.

Conclusion : Bluefish has a lot of features(You will enjoy it if you have some experience in web designing) but if you want some more advanced features to control the HTML elements in visual environment then you may like to use Adobe Dreamweaver.

gmount-iso image mounting in ubuntu

How to Mount CD-DVD ISO Image in Ubuntu 10.04

ISO image is actually an archive file of an optical disc with ISO 9660 file system(UDF file system is also supported with ISO image),so it is also known as CD image or DVD image or Disc image.ISO image files have an extension of .iso which contains merged files in uncompressed state.By using software or tools you can easily mount the ISO images on your computer.On Ubuntu 10.04 there is one such tool – Gmount-iso.


Gmount-iso is a simple and Light application written in PyGTK and Glade.It is aimed to make the iso image mounting process much easier.Actually it is a front-end application of linux command that is used to mount iso images.The command is

mount -o loop -t iso9660 image_name.iso /mountpoint

gmount-iso image mounting in ubuntu

Install Gmount-iso on Ubuntu

installing gmount on ubuntu 10.04

1. Open Ubuntu Software Center from Applications or Ubuntu Control Center.

2. Then,search for “gmount” and click on install.

3. Wait for installing process to complete,it will take less than a minute.

4. To start mounting iso images open Gmount from Applications->System Tools->Gmount-iso.

Conclusion : Gmount-iso is a very small application with few basic features,for more advanced features you can use Daemon Tools but currently it is available For Microsoft Windows only.