install qt on ubuntu

how to install Qt on Ubuntu 10.04

install qt on ubuntu

Qt is a toolkit for creating GUI applications for computer and mobile platforms.Qt is a cross-platform application development framework and uses c++(primarily).Qt is a free and open source;KDE desktop environment is based on Qt.
Qt class library | Important Features

  • Support 3D with OpenGL
  • multi-threading features
  • XML,Networking and database functionality
  • complete set of easily customizable User Interface controls
  • ECMA standard script engine

Qt for Ubuntu 10.04
On Ubuntu 10.04 if you want to create gui programs with C++ programming language then you can use Qt.First install Qt from Synaptic Package Manager or Ubuntu Software center or from command line.

Installing Qt on Ubuntu 10.04

1. Go to System->Administration->Synaptic Package Manager and enter the login password when prompted.

2. Next,Type “qt4” in quick search bar(Located at top-center position in the window).

3. Then select the Qt packages and libraries you need to install(Some of them may be installed already if you are using KDE desktop or applications).Then click on apply to install the selected applications.

4. Now wait for the installation to complete.Now you are ready to use it.

There are other Qt based applications available to make the GUI and widget design much easier like- Qt4 IDE,Qt4 Designer,Qt4 Settings,Qt4 Assistant;all of these applications you can install in one click from Ubuntu Software Center.Click on Applications->Ubuntu Software Center and search for “qt4” and click on install button(In that row) to install any application.

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  • Paul

    Thanks for the post, but it wasn’t really helpful.
    Typing”qt” into the search bar results in lots (~140) of packages being displayed.
    How to decide which ones to use?

    • rkjha

      just try ‘qt 4 ‘ or qt 4 development tools ..
      have Fun!!
      Thanks for the comment..

  • Robert

    I agree with Paul. I came here to find a one line apt-get for the essential libraries or something. I think that everyone who uses Ubuntu knows about the package manager. If they don’t, they have no business messing with QT libraries. -_-

    Maybe you should tell us WHICH libraries are good to get. I know that I can download a whole mess of software, but that isn’t what people need. Something like ‘x package is good for games, and z package is the basic package you need to run most QT apps.

    I am disappoint.

    • rkjha

      try this ..
      sudo apt-get install libqt4-dev

      • Robert

        Thank you kind sir! Now I can get started learning!

  • Shannon

    These are the packages i installed:


  • magicg

    If you want to have installed a Complete Environment from Terminal look:

  • Hiuhu10

    Thanx helped me a great deal