how to tweak ubuntu

how to tweak ubuntu 10.04-installing Ubuntu-Tweak

Ubuntu 10.04(Lucid Lynx) is very fast and easy to customize but desktop settings and system configuration is still not so easy for the new users who just migrated from windows based system.That’s why in this post you will learn about a software(tool) that you can use to customize Ubuntu 10.04 in much simple way.That application name is ubuntu tweak,a free and open source software.

Tweaking Ubuntu 10.04 by Using Ubuntu-Tweak

Ubuntu-Tweak is an application for configuring ubuntu in more easy way and useful for both novice and advanced users.It allows you to change the look and behavior of desktop as well as to administrate system configuration that is usually not available in the GNOME or KDE desktop.

how to tweak ubuntu

A quick look at some important features of Ubuntu-Tweak

  • view basic information of your computer(CPU,Memory,Kernel,Distro..)
  • GNOME Session Control
  • Manage Startup programs
  • control desktop and mounted volume icons i.e whether they will apear and not.
  • Change Nautilus settings
  • Panel settings of GNOME
  • Power Management Settings with Advanced options
  • Security settings of the computer
  • other applications settings like Compiz

How to install ubuntu-tweak on Ubuntu 10.04

Method-A(From GUI)
1. Download ubuntu-tweak_0.5.4.1-1_all.deb file from the official website(Link is given below) of ubuntu tweak.
download ubuntu tweak

2. Then click on Download Now and open the file with GDebi package installer or just save it on your computer.

install ubuntu tweak on ubuntu lucid lynx

3. After the completion of downloading,installation process will begin automatically(If you have selected 2nd option in the above step then right click on the file and open with Gdebi package installer).A new window will appear click on install package to begin installation.

installing ubuntu-tweak

4.Installation will finish within a minute.

5. That’s all..Now you are ready to tweak your ubuntu computer.

Method-B(From Command Line Interface)
1. Open ubuntu terminal or shell from Applications->Accessories->Terminal or Hit CTRL+ALT+T.

2. Run the Following Command(Enter you login password if required)

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:tualatrix/ppa

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install ubuntu-tweak

3. That’s have installed ubuntu-tweak successfully.

Using Ubuntu-Tweak
Click on Applications->System Tools->Ubuntu Tweak to start the application(ubuntu tweak).Now select the options from right sidebar and customize you system and desktop settings it in few mouse clicks.

tweaking ubuntu system settings

3d modeling tool for ubuntu 10.04

3D Modeling Software for Ubuntu 10.04

3d Modeling software or tool works as an integrated suite for modeling, rendering, animation, playback in games,interactive creation.On Ubuntu 10.04 there are so many 3d tools are available for editing and creating 3d models and animations but Blender,an open source 3d animation tool, is the most widely used software.Blender comes with its user interface(GUI) with rich set of features.Blender is implemented completely in OpenGL and it’s speed is also very can easily import and export files in some popular formats like 3D studio and Wavefront Obj.
3d modeling tool for ubuntu 10.04

How to Install Blender(3d modeling tool) on ubuntu 10.04

1. First,Go to Applications->Ubuntu Software Center and use the quick search bar to search for “blender“.

2. Next,click on more info if you are going to use it for first time(just to know more about the features of Blender) and then click on install Free(or click on install in search result window).

3. Downloading and installation process will finish consecutively within few minutes.

4. Now you are ready to use Blender for modeling or animations.Now Click on Applications->Graphics->Blender to access it.

Conclusion : I hope you will enjoy modeling by using blender specially in developing models for game or other third party engines.You can also search for plugins on web to add some more feature to blender.

install windows fonts to ubuntu 10.04

How to Install Microsoft Windows fonts on Ubuntu 10.04

Windows True Type Fonts for Ubuntu 10.04

Some Windows Fonts like Arial,Times New Roman,Verdana are very good for websites and business documents.So if you want to install those True Type Fonts(TTF) on Ubuntu 10.04 then you can do it in two ways.One most simple method is to Use Synaptic Package Manager and second is to directly copy it from microsoft windows.Both the methods are described below..choose whatever you feel easy.

Using Synaptic Package Manager

1. Open Synaptic Package Manager from System->Administration->SPM(Enter your login password for authorization).

2. Type “ttf mscorefonts” in quick search bar(Located at top right corner).

3. Then mark the box in the row which is meant for Microsoft fonts installer.

4. Now,click on Apply to begin download and then installation will be automatically started within few moments(Just wait for installation to complete).

5. That’s all..Now you are ready to use the Microsoft windows fonts.

Copy windows True Type fonts(TTF) directly from windows computer to Ubuntu 10.04

install windows fonts to ubuntu 10.04

You can also copy your favorite Microsoft windows fonts(TTF) directly from a windows computer(It will be very simple if you are running windows and Ubuntu in dual boot otherwise copy ttf fonts from your friends computer,who uses microsoft windows).
To Copy TTF fonts,Go to the drive where the windows is installed then go to windows->Fonts and select all the TTF fonts you want to install on Ubuntu and Copy it to Ubuntu’s Home in a new Folder “Fonts“.Then Rename the folder “Fonts” to “.Fonts” to hide the folder.That’s ALL..Restart the application e.g GIMP then the new windows TTF fonts() will be available for use.

remove unnecessary packages in ubuntu

How to clean Ubuntu 10.04

Clear Package Cache

By Default Ubuntu’s APT doesn’t delete any package files because of the reason that it might be used in futures,although which happens rarely due to the new version releases of softwares and applications.So your computer’s space will be wasted by unnecessary packages and files;it increases each time when you install or remove some packages.That’s why it is recommended to remove those unwanted packages and files to make your computer clean and fast.

Cleaning Ubuntu through  Synaptic Package Manager

remove unnecessary packages in ubuntu

1. Open Synaptic Package Manager(from system->Administration->).

2. Click on Setting->preferences,then click on the Tab named as Files.

3. Next,click on Delete Cached package Files and select the correct options in the above radio button.Yo can also delete history files according to your choice.

Cleaning from Bash Shell or Terminal or Command Line Interface

1. Open terminal or linux shell from Applications->Accessories->Terminal or hit CTRL+ALT+T on Ubuntu 10.04.

2. Type the following command and hit enter.It may ask for the password,enter you login password.
$sudo apt-get clean

Clearing the browsers history

It is very simple to delete from the browsers itself-
Firefox : click on Tools->Clear Recent History or Hit CTRL+SHIFT+DEL.A small window will appear then select “clear everything” from the options and then check the boxes that you want to delete.Now,click OK to finish.

Clean Ubuntu by Using Computer Janitor

Computer Janitor is default application installed on Ubuntu 10.04 to perform cleaning task by removing garbage files and unnecessary applications.So  You can also use computer janitor to clean your ubuntu computer by removing unnecessary files and programs.It is installed by default.You can access it from System->Administration->Computer Janitor.

How to Play ARF file on Ubuntu 10.04-Linux

Play ARF file by Converting them to mp4
ARF i.e Advanced Recording Format is a format recorded by NBR(Network Based Recording).For Ubuntu or other Linux versions currently no player is available which can play .arf files i.e WebEx(Player used to play and convert arf and wrf formats) is not supported on Linux based system or Ubuntu 10.04.That’s why to play arf file only one option is available and that is to convert the arf format to mp4 or swf or other simple formats.So you can use a converter tool “NBR2MP4” to generate mp4(That we can play Using VLC player) file from arf.
Playing ARF format by converting them to mp4 : Ubuntu 10.04 ,Linux based systems

NBR2MP4 is a simple tool and converter that can be used to convert arf formats to mp4 formats.You can install it from command line in few steps(It’s very simple).
Download arf converter for Ubuntu 10.04 and other Linux distros
download nbr2mp4 for ubuntu

Install ARF converter on Ubuntu 10.04 or on linux

1. After downloading the nbr2mp4.tar file,extract it to any directory e.g extra_softwares.It will create a directory nbr2_mp4 and a script file

2. Then Make the file executable by typing this command on the terminal-
rkjha@rkjha-desktop:~/extra_softwares$ chmod +x ./

3. Next,Install the converter by typing the command-
rkjha@rkjha-desktop:~/extra_softwares$ ./
Type the directory where you want to install the software[/home/rkjha/extra_softwares]:

Extracting files…
Installation is complete.

When it will ask “Type the directory where you want to install….” then just hit enter to install in the current directory(extra_softwares).

4. That’s All…You have installed the arf to mp4 converter successfully..

Converting ARF format to MP4: Ubuntu-Linux

Now,first go to the directory nbr_2mp4 created in extra_softwares(The Directory where you installed the nbr2mp4).next,use the following command to convert format-

Where SOURCE means the name of the arf file which you want to convert and don’t forget to specify pathname if it is in the different directory.MP4-DIRECTORY stands for the output file i.e filename.mp4,it’s name will be same as arf file except the extension of .mp4(Use ./ to generate in the same directory as of input file).In FPS(Frame Per Second) field you can specify between 3 to 10(Default value is 5).The quality of the mp4 file(output file) is directly proportional to the FPS.

e.g rkjha@rkjha-desktop:~/extra_softwares/nbr2_mp4$ ./nbr2mp4 tutorial1.arf ./ 8
Converting /home/rkjha/extra_softwares/nbr2_mp4/tutorial1.arf to /home/rkjha/extra_softwares/nbr2_mp4/./tutorial1.mp4
Retrieving video data, fps=8…