how to install Mac theme on ubuntu 10.10

Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) comes with GNOME as a default desktop(Actually GNOME desktop is used in most of the Linux based distributions).GNOME is a open source,free and fully customizable.

The default look and appearance of Ubuntu 10.10 is very appealing(because there are lot of good looking themes,installed by default e.g Radiance,Ambiance,NewWave,Dust,clearlooks etc) but there is nothing wrong in doing some experiment in customizing it(Since there is no limit on how much we can customize an open source application on an open source operating system;it is fun!).

If you have ever used Mac OS then you probably understands why it is so popular(may be due to its highly appealing look).So won’t it be interesting if we make a┬áHybrid version of OS by combining the best features of Mac OS X and Ubuntu 10.10 ? Surely Yes!! Okay lets do that.

appearance of Mac OS X  +  performance of Ubuntu 10.10  =  Macbuntu 10.10(it really rocks!)

Let’s take a look on how your Ubuntu will look like,after installing the mac theme – A snapshot of my Ubuntu 10.10 with Mac Theme


Mac OS X Theme for Ubuntu 10.10

To get the mac appearance on Ubuntu 10.10, you need to download and install the macbuntu-10.10(complete package for transforming the default look of gnome desktop into mac like look and appearance) is free and will take a couple of minutes.Just follow the steps –

step #1 : Download the Macbuntu-10.10 theme package(Link is given below)

Download Macbuntu-10.10 theme

step #2 : Install the Macbuntu Theme

First,Extract the theme and move on to that directory.Then open terminal ( hit CTRL+ALT+T ) and execute the ‘’ script(as a normal user i.e without sudo),that you get within the theme package(After Extraction).Just drag the,and drop it to terminal,then hit enter.

rkjha@rkjha-desktop:~$ '/home/rkjha/Macbuntu-10.10/'

Then you will have to answer some simple questions during installation ,if you are not sure then select the default(hit Enter or answer y in y/n case).That’s have installed the mac os x theme on Ubuntu 10.10.You may want to restart the system for optimal performance.(although it is not strictly required)

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  • harab

    how do you reverse it (RESET ubuntu 10.10) ?

    • rkjha

      it’s simple ..just execute the script, which is there in macbuntu 10.10 directory ..

      • harab

        where do you go to remove a software?

        • rkjha

          Usually to Synaptic Software Manager ..but in this case, I don’t think that it will work. On Ubuntu you can also use the command-
          sudo apt-get remove package_name

  • harab

    it does not work it say’s: ‘Currently installed version is not compatible with this uninstall

  • peyman

    hi, how can i remove mac theme from my Linux :( it doesn’t work good :(

  • Jon

    I also am having problems with the
    I open it up, then the command line instantly closes. Any ideas? I tried “sudo apt-get remove package_name” and that didnt do anything.

  • Prabh

    sir yesterday i downloaded the Mac theme but it does not install on my ububtu

    i followed the instructions but is did nt helped . getting an error

    help me ot
    thnks in adv.

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  • Aditya

    Awesome theme. Works perfectly. I just love it. : )

    Seriously, man, you’re superb. Keep up the good work.

    Love ya.. : )

    • rkjha

      Thanks.. for appreciation ..Mr. Aditya
      …Enjoy the look/feel of Mac, on Ubuntu!.

      • L

        Wow…I am truly impressed by how awesome this theme works…I appreciate the questions during the install too, the level of consideration, and the pop up to integrate the theme with FF and chrome and thunderbird…the splash image…hats off to you sir!

  • vineelarao

    i cant find the file in d extracted folder…. :( :(

  • Andy

    Hi, perfect theme except that, app’s menu can’t display in panel(top of the screen).
    for example, eclipse seems lose it menu..

    could you pls tell me how to solve the problem?

    • Andy

      Done by installing globalmenu :)

  • Robert

    This is f*ing awesome! Great job. I’m using 64-bit Ubuntu 10.10 and it works great.

    • rkjha

      Thanks Robert, for your feedback ..

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  • vinay

    Oh my god!!!!!!!. Its working great!. You’re simply great. Great job.

  • dave

    awesome……..respect u bro…..

  • tanvir

    My compiz functions are not working…like wooby, desktop cube, rain drops etc…I want to uninstall in…but that is not happening…wht can I do?

  • fusebox

    You know gnome (or linux far the rest of u dumb fucks) really has many more better themes than
    mac for instance Equinox+Faenza combo.
    So there is really no need for you to be a secret mac-fag linux user.
    If you like the real Aqua theme buy a f*cking mac

  • Shane

    sorry im kinda new to the whole installing of themes.
    But just wondering, like it sounds great and all and it probably is, but is it stable and people seem to be having trouble uninstalling it. im just kinda cautious on the whole thing atm.
    anyways when you say “sudo apt-get remove package_name”. i get what ‘sudo apt-get’ means but then what is the name for the ‘package_name’ part?

    Thanks in adv!

  • Shane

    sorry me again,
    was just wondering if this works on ubuntu 11.04?

    Thanks again in adv!

  • Waakoo

    Installed on 11.04 (ubuntu classic) and works great!

  • Daryl Tucker

    It cant install on 11.04 ! Im using gnome and no luck. when i go to install it says ”system not supported. script will end here”.