• Jak138

    Nice and brief article. I like that. FYI “gksu nautilus” or “gksu thunar” (i personally like thunar), is generally a better commmand than “sudo nautilus” especially if you make a launcher or shortcut. “sudo nautilus” tends to cause errors for some reason. Never really looked into why…….

    • Anonymous

      You’re right, gksudo nautilus or gksu nautilus is good for opening graphical applications in root mode. Thanks πŸ™‚

  • Mellowxpressions

    sudo nautilus! Wow, don’t think it should have been so hard to google and find this, but I’m glad I finally did! Thanks!

  • Carlo Guasco

    Just an example where you NEED root login:
    To move a server to VMWare ESX, you have to create an image of a running machine.
    To do that, VMware wizard need to ave a genuine root privilege access, not a “sudo”.
    Sometimes there is a reason to to something….. sometime is just for fun.
    In any case… is a nice article

  • Tatatadas

    hi.. me ubuntu how terminal error passwd ..

  • Fareed_khan79

    just type “sudo root password” enter ,is it din’t work ” root password”
    enter new unix password :type your password

    • Chris

      That is because it isnt:
      sudo root password

      It is:
      sudo root passwd

  • Fareed_khan79

    or if you want to start it on grapic mode than use command ” startx” and if your grapic is install it will to grapic if not it will show you a command to write to insall grapic :

  • Rebod Aret

    why don’t you just answer the question – instead of being an ass.

  • Djdiabolik

    Not working… ok i have change password… but after logout and relogin i obtain BLACK SCREEN πŸ™

  • Anurag

    hi i want to block usb drives in my office pls help me to do dis.
    i already try many steps & commands but i am not succeeded inΒ  doing that pls anybody help me

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