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install webmin on ubuntu 10.04

how to install webmin on ubuntu 10.04 server

Webmin is a web based interface to administrate unix/linux system locally or remotely.You can use any modern web browser e.g firefox to configure and set up user accounts,Apache server,DNS(Domain Name System) like BIND DNS Server,File Sharing permissions,Firewalls,backup configuration,cluster copy files &packages,HTTP Tunnel,VPN,Jabber IM,Linux RAID,MIME Type,Log File Rotation,Scheduled Cron Jobs,bandwidth monitoring …and many other things.So you don’t need to manually edit the unix/linux configuration files e.g /etc/passwd ..and lets you to manage remotely or from console.

install webmin on ubuntu 10.04

Installing Webmin in Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx

#1. First install these dependencies either from command line(terminal) or package manager.

Type the following command : sudo apt-get install package_name
OR in synaptic package manager search for the package name;mark it and click on apply to install it.

#2. Now,download webmin from the link given below.

Download Webmin

#3. Install it by rightclick->open with Gdebi package Installer(OR just double click on it);then a new window will appear click on Install Package.

OR install it manually by using the command given below-

dpkg  -i   webmin_1.510-2_all.deb
convert video to ipod format

convert video to ipod format in linux

Video Converter tools or softwares are very demanded thesedays due to the ipods craze.So this post will explain about a free video converter software,so that GNU/Linux users(e.g Ubuntu 9.10/10.04/10.10 desktop users) can convert videos to various ipod formats.The name of that application is TLF(Thin Liquid Film).

convert video to ipod format

Thin Liquid Film(TLF) : Ipod Video Converter

By using Thin Liquid Film software,you can convert your video files into ipod file formats very quickly on Linux based operating system.It’s is written in pyqt so it works seamlessly on KDE desktops,but you can also use it on Gnome(or other desktops) Desktop after installing its dependencies.Hence it works well as a free and efficient video converter for Linux based os.
Features of TLF

  • Display Details about source video files
  • Options to configure output quality settings
  • show a preview of encoded video
  • easy way to change output settings for file(s).
  • It uses ffmpeg as the encoding engine
  • direct upload(to ipod) is very simple and fast

Requirements for TLF(Thin Liquid Film) applications

  • pyqt
  • ffmpeg
  • libgpod python bindings
  • mplayer

Download TLF

Install TLF
#1. To install TLF,first extract the downloaded(Link is given above ) package(*.bz2(how to extract rar/bz2 in Ubuntu)) by using commands or in GUI mode.(Assuming that you have installed all the dependencies as described in Requirements,if not then first install those dependencies from package manager(e.g from synaptic package manager in ubuntu 10.04/9.10 or earlier))

tar -jxpf *.tar.bz2     //for extracting archive file

#2. Then go to the directory where you see file(script),and run the command –

sudo ./

then enter your login password .Wait…for the installation to complete.

earn dollars by blogging

How to make passive income from Blogging!

Few years ago,when the term blogging was coined as …the activities related to developing,updating and maintaining blog(Another term for the website which is updated much frequently /week/day/hour.. with some extra features),then it was just a hobby..but now it is becoming a professional hobby;I mean the hobby which can also make some decent amount of Dollars with a little effort. These days many peoples are coming to the blogging field  but only few(less than 2%) of them gets success in earning dollars why? If you want to get success as a professional blogger then what should you know? How to Begin? If you want the answer for this type of question then this article will surely help you.

Simple Steps to Generate Passive Income by Blogging

#1 : Select the topic about which you want to blog

First and probably the most important step is to decide the topic about which you want to blog.It’s an brilliant idea to choose something related to your hobby;it will help you in generating unique and interesting content on a regular basis ..for the blog.One simple method to find the blog topic is to write down your interest and all the hobbies on a piece of paper;then rate it and choose something demanded on the web.You might like to use Google Adwords External keyword tool or google search engine itself.

In short, choose something you’re passionate about.

#2 : Choose a domain name and web hosting services

Choosing a Domain name for your blog seems a complex and time consuming process but in fact 15 minutes is more than sufficient for this.Try to choose the small(it’s better to have some relevant meaning but it’s not  strictly necessary ) domain name and something that people can remember easily(Although most of the visitors come from search engine so it doesn’t matter but it may give you few extra direct visitors).If you want to your keyword as domain name then choose less competitive keywords.DOT COM (*.com) is preferable for any purposes.

Recommended Registrar for Buying Domain
Buy Domain at NameCheap

Web Hosting is the most critical part of all the steps because a little mistakes can spoil your whole work and effort. That’s why you should take very care in choosing the right web hosting companies. If you are really passionate about blogging then you should choose unlimited hosting plans.

If your site is going down or it’s page loading time is slow due to the poor hosting servers then it’s very bad! Don’t try to save few dollars per months by selecting cheap hosting plans..Web hosting is now already become very cheap(Due to shared hosting,but if your blog becomes very popular then you would need to shift it to a dedicated hosting server) ..less than $10/month.

Recommended Web Hosting for Blog

DreamHost : The best Web Hosting for blogging(specially if you want to by using wordpress,the most popular and efficient ‘blogging platform’ and ‘content management system’ available free as open source software).They offer unlimited(Bandwidth,Space,Email, FREE ONE Domain) web hosting in $8.95/month with 100% Uptime Guarantee and ANY Time money-back if you are not happy with their services.There is also risk free trial to test the web hosting plan – Sign Up Now Use coupon Code DC4DH30 to get instant discount of $30
why DreamHost is best for blogging with wordpress

#3 : Designing Stuff

Whether you are a technical blogger or not ,wordpress is recommended for every one.Wordpress is an open source content management system and blogging platform ..available FREE for all,just few days ago latest version 3.01 was released.You don’t need to learn any web programming languages like PHP/HTML/JAVASCRIPT/CSS to create and  maintain the blog, if you will use wordpress software.

WordPress is the most popular blogging platform used my millions of blogger.You can install WordPress on your domain or subdomain within ten minutes either directly from cpanel(Almost all web servers supports wordpress well..Don’t worry about thinking that whether my web hosting…) or manually after downloading it from

After installing wordpress you can browse through the entire theme directory for freely GPL(GNU Public License,it means you have full control over the themes) themes,available on wordpress official website.Choose a theme that best suited for your blog topic and have some customization options.A lot of free plugins are also available(On the to add some extra functionality to the blog.Try to optimize the blog for faster loading time,because it’s very important for the success(As nobody will wait more than a few seconds to view your post).[some wordpress optimization related articles are coming soon!!].

#4 : Article Writing and Publishing

Now you are ready to enjoy BLOGGING!!.Content is the most important factor in success,because it is the content(information) for which people will visit your blog.Hence concentrate well on writing content and it must be unique because Copying content means spamming the web,Don’t do that if you want to become a successful blogger,Exception : in some cases it’s OK when you copy some quote or few lines but you should take permission, and you must specify the source URL.Article is written for people so it must provide some value i.e it must be useful for visitors/peoples.

Some blogger uses some advanced SEO techniques(which may violate the Google Webmaster’s Guidelines) but I recommend not to waste time on that ..basic SEO is necessary and it should be used,so write content by keeping in mind about Humans not the crawlers/bots.Publish the post frequently(try to keep the frequency min of 20 posts/month,although it may varies depending on the topic and size of article too).

After one months when you will start getting some significant visitors then use some tracking(Like Google tracking) techniques to analyze the source of the visitors,keywords and other SEO stuffs.Always remember No of visitors is a function of content,so to get more visitors focus on adding good content to the blog.

#5 : Generating Revenue from the visits

When you have decent amount of visits(or pageviews)/day then you can easily convert them to money!This step will discuss about function which will convert the visitors into dollars(Just think like a function of C or other programming you are passing the number of visitors as argument and it will return you Dollars).

There are many programs available for making dollars when you have decent visitor but ‘Google Adsense’ and ‘Affiliate Marketing’ are the best.The main important thing is that you should do a lot of experiment on that because some programs may be suited for some topics/blogs and may not be for other it’s(Experiment) the only way to find out the best suitable program(visitors to dollars converting function) for you.

That’s All…I hope You enjoyed the article.Let me know if you have any idea/comment regarding this post..Happy Blogging !!

best web hosting for wordpress

best hosting sites for wordpress

Any hosting servers are considered as best if it provides all the features properly as described in the package/plan like site Uptime(The Time period in which your website/blog is available online),customer support,advanced features,web security,..and so many things.

In the past few years the number of hosting sites have increased exponentially and now it’s really not a simple task to find a reliable hosting services.The competition in the web hosting market has also increased and that’s why the web hosting is now ..very cheap. For Example : If you will host your blog/website on Dreamhost then you will get Everything(Bandwidth+Space+Databases+..) Unlimited along with a FREE domain registration!! Although, wordpress doesn’t have any special requirements or constraints ..but it’s better if you see the details below about the normal specification related to wordpress –

wordpress specification and requirements
If you are planning to install wordpress blogging software(as content management system(cms)) then first you must confirm whether the hosting server you are going to use,satisfies the following requirements(Basic and Recommended) –

  • Apache Web Server is highly recommended but if any other server satisfies other requirements(given below) then it also it’s acceptable.
  • PHP(Hypertext Preprocessor, a server side scripting language) version 4.3 OR greater is installed.
  • MySQL(A fast and Robust database management system) version 4.1.2 or greater is installed.
  • The mod_rewrite Apache Module


DREAMHOST : The Recommended Shared Hosting for wordpress

Actually a lot of web hosting servers supports wordpress blogging/cms software and the problem is to find out the best performing web hosting sites.I spend a little time on searching on forums and talked to some wordpress bloggers..finally I came to some conclusion ..which I am going to share with you!!
DreamHost – Best web hosting for wordpress : Really the Dream Web Hosting for wordpress users(specially for Beginners).

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Why Use Dreamhost for wordpress blog/website??


Because in Just $8.95/month you will get – (On Debian Linux Server)

  • Free Domain Registration
  • Unlimited Disk Storage(TB) +50GB for Backups
  • Unlimited Bandwidth(TB)
  • Unlimited Domains and SubDomains with custom DNS
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • 100% Up Time Guarantee
  • 97 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Email Technical support
  • Plus a lot of Email/Programming/Advanced Features with Enhanced Web Security

So  Buy a wordpress hosting plan on Dreamhost ..NOW!!

Do you want to SAVE $50 …It’s simple ..just enter a coupon code …and save $50 in Dreamhost.See below link for more details.

Dreamhost Coupon Code

Update : Due to the frequent downtime in dreamhost VPS, I shifted to Linude VPS. Now, I think that ‘I should Have done very earlier’ and now I won’t have to move anywhere in Future. Linode VPS is Great!

Linode – Recommended VPS for wordpress

Linode VPS provides unmanaged VPS – and it provides FULL Control, so if you’re good at server related things (or willing to learn) then Linode is the BEST option for you.

Linode VPS  (strats @ $19.99/month for 512 MB RAM, 20GB space and 200 GB bandwidth)

gtalk for windows 7

Google Talk for Ubuntu 10.04

gtalk for ubuntu
What is google talk(in short – gtalk)?

Google Talk is an instant messaging service(The Project is developed on Google Code) which is built on Open Protocols – XMPP,Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol(Old Name – Jabber),an open protocol based on XML; and Jingle(an extension to XMPP for initiating and maintaining peer to peer sessions).gtalk,a google instant messenger(With Extra features like voice calls over Internet using voip) is free and it’s source code is also available so that developers can build a clients that can be connected to the google talk service.

Gtalk for Ubuntu 9.10/10.04

Currently google talk has native support for windows-XP(or Later) and Mac OS X only i.e for Linux or Ubuntu google talk is not developed(Although it is guessed that for Linux gtalk is under development…).On the second thought,ubuntu 10.04 has already a Empathy IM(Instant Messenger) client but if you have used gtalk before on windows XP or 7 then you won’t want to forget gtalk.Although there are many other ways you can use google talk on your ubuntu 10.04.One of the simple ways is to install it through wine.

Update1!  A lot of people have complained that the method explained below that – it doesn’t work anymore (probably due to some dependencies compatibility or other issue) – so you are recommended to choose another alternative – like empathy (it may be installed by default in your Ubuntu distribution, so you just need to set up an account with it) or install skype for text/audio/video chatting. have Fun!

Install google talk(gtalk) on Ubuntu 10.04 – by using wine

#1. To install google talk,first you need to install wine on ubuntu 10.04.Skip this step if already you are using wine on ubuntu.

#2. Download the gtalk windows executable from the google’s website.
Download Google Talk

#3. Install Google Talk on Ubuntu by Right click-> Open with Wine Windows Program Loader.

#4. I hope Your work is done!

Conclusion : Running Windows application program on Ubuntu by using Wine might irritate sometimes..I think Google will release the gtalk for ubuntu(*.deb) soon…