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postman image uploader

Postman – A simple image uploading application for Ubuntu/Linux Mint

Postman is a nice little application that can upload your images to various services, currently it supports Google Plus, Picasa, Flickr, Ubuntu One.

It’s an easy to use application, with an awesome looking graphical interface and minimal set of features, but it does support drag and drop feature for image upload. You can also set basic attributes for the images such as title and description.

postman image uploader

Installing Postman in Ubuntu 12.04/12.10 (or Linux Mint 13/14)

If you prefer Ubuntu Software Center, then you can install it from there or just install using the command –

sudo apt-get install postman-image-uploader

Or you can install it from the PPA

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:schumifer/postman
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install postman-image-uploader

“Quote Of The Day” – a Free Android app you must try :)

“Quote Of The Day”, it’s a simple android app, full of inspiring and positive quotes (currently number of quotes is not very high – only hundred – but I’ll update that soon) and it’s Free too.

Few days ago, I suddenly got interested in ‘creating some apps for Android‘ and now it seams like I’ve started. :)  (From now on, I will also write about android apps and development frequently, stay tuned!)

quotes of the day

Quotes Of The Day – Inspiring Human Beings

You can easily browse – one quote at a time, in a random fashion. Yeah, there is no other way to search quotes like by author or topics/keywords. It’s a quote app that display one awesome quote, that’s all (and of course, you can get another quote on demand (but I think one quote a time will be more fun!)).

Quotes Of The Day - Icon

Most of the quotes will inspire you, related to human life, success, happiness etc. No internet connection is required (although it’s recommended :) for the sake of Admob) to browse quotes (as quotes are stored locally in the databases), it means you can inspire yourself even if you’re offline :)

Download/Install it from Google Play

Update! If you want to browse some inspiring quotes (by Abdul Kalam) online, then you can do that here without any installing any app : 

Also check out for collection of Sanskrit Shlokas/Quotes.

Steam for Linux

Steam Client (Beta) is available for Ubuntu / Linux

“Steam for Linux” – is now available for Ubuntu/Linux platform. They just announced – the limited access beta for the newly launched – “Steam for Linux Client”. Currently, Steam is the leading platform for delivery and management of PC/MAC games.

Now, you can play a lot of cool games in Ubuntu / Linux. it supports free to play games like Team Fortress 2, and dozens of other games are available to play on Ubuntu. checkout the list of games available for Ubuntu right now in this limited beta. Currently, it’s available only for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS but soon it will be available for other platforms.

Steam for Linux

Installing Steam Client in Ubuntu 12.04

  • Download the debian package
  • Then open the *.deb package with gdebi package installer or Ubuntu Software Center. When, the installation will complete, you can start steam client and create an account or sign in to begin.
terminator : Ubuntu

Manage multiple terminals using Terminator

Terminator is a cool application (oh! the movie is cool too) for managing multiple terminals in efficient way. If you’re dealing with a lot of terminal windows then you may want to try a Terminal Emulator such as Terminator, Yakuake, GNU Screen, Tmux etc.

I want 3+ terminals during rails development, and Terminator seems perfect for that – top left grid for running local server, top right for local or remote system, and the bottom one as the primary one (git, migrations, deployment etc), all in one window spitted as grids. It’s simply more efficient and fun.

terminator : Ubuntu

Key features of Terminator

  • arrange terminals in grids or tabs
  • save profiles and layouts
  • lots of keyboard shortcuts
  • easy to use and customize
  • drag ‘n’ drop for re-arranging terminals and more!

Install Terminator in Ubuntu 12.10/12.04 / Linux Mint

Terminator is available in default package repository, so you just need to type :

sudo apt-get install terminator

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Monitor your bandwidth usage in Ubuntu/Linux Mint : Download Monitor

Download Monitor is a bandwidth meter. You can easily monitor your network usages/downloads on hourly/daily/monthly basis. If you often run out of bandwidth then you should try it, it may help you in staying within the usage caps.


It’s a simple app with minimal features, it has no fancy graphs, but it works fine (although app icons look little odd) and very easy to use.

Install Download Monitor in Ubuntu (12.10/12.04)/Linux Mint

It’s available in default package repository, so you can install it from Ubuntu Software Center or just execute the command –

sudo apt-get install download-monitor

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