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Linux Mint 13 : Cinnamon Desktop

Unity vs Cinnamon

Unity is the default Desktop environment of Ubuntu 12.04 – Precise Pangolin, LTS (from the last few versions, before that GNOME was the default desktop). On the other hand, Cinnamon is the Default Desktop Environment of Linux Mint 13 (Maya) Cinnamon Edition (Linux Mint 13 also comes with other Desktop Environment such as MATE, KDE, XFCE etc).

Although, both Unity and Cinnamon is based on GNOME 3 but Cinnamon is more closer as it also uses Gnome Shell as its core. Cinnamon and Unity, both of the Desktop is available independently, so any one can try it in any other (supported) Linux distributions such as Fedora, Debian etc.

Linux Mint 13 : Cinnamon Desktop

Desktop Environments : Unity vs Cinnamon

1. Ease of use

Cinnamon is gaining more popularity because it’s GNOME 3 – with the feel and experience of GNOME 2. So most people, using GNOME 2 from years feel more comfortable with Cinnamon Desktop. Unity has also improved – but it’s certainly not so easy as Cinnamon, specially for Linux beginners.

2. Customization Options

Both are based on GNOME 3 so you can easily customize using some simple tools like Gnome Tweak Tool.

Cinnamon is more easily customizable because of the cool applications available such as Cinnamon Settings; you can customize a lot of things such as Themes, Panel, Fonts, Desktop/Window Effects, Extension etc in few clicks. You can also customize your panel (very similar to GNOME 2), using Panel Edit Mode.

Unity does have some simple tweak tool such as MyUnity but it doesn’t provide so many options, in such a user friendly way.

3. stability

Cinnamon entered into the market when users were looking for an alternative to Unity and Gnome Shell. So Cinnamon is a relatively new project as compare to Unity. Both have bugs – Cinnamon freezes sometimes while Unity panel behaves strangely (sometimes I can’t find the active apps on panel). After the continuous development cycles, Unity seems to be little more stable (in Ubuntu 12.04) and mature Desktop environment as compare to Cinnamon.

4. Productivity

Cinnamon follows the conventional style layout so obviously the users (specially the GNOME 2 users) feels more comfortable with Cinnamon. It is like a GNOME shell desktop with GNOME 2 style windows, panels and more. Expo view allows users to manage work-spaces in much easier way. Unity can also be made productive if you use the shortcuts and new features such as HUD, But Cinnamon does that by being more simple!

Conclusion : Cinnamon wins!

Now, VOTE for your favorite Desktop Environment and explain the reason with a comment!

<a href=””>What’s Your Favorite ? Unity or Cinnamon</a>

expo effect in cinnamon

How to Install Cinnamon Desktop on Ubuntu 12.04

Cinnamon is a new Desktop, based on Gnome shell. It looks pretty cool and comes by default in Linux Mint 13 (maya) – Cinnamon edition. Cinnamon is recommended for specially the users who are not happy with Unity, the default desktop environment in Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) LTS, or the new version of GNOME – The GNOME Shell.

Although, Cinnamon is based on Gnome Shell, it’s easy to use and most importantly, it follows the conventional Desktop layout. So you can feel efficient with cinnamon in no time. It also has some nice suite of tools such as Cinnamon Settings that makes customization a lot easier for beginner users. Workspace management in Cinnamon is really great, with the nice expo effect.

cinnamon on ubuntu 12.04

For Ubuntu 12.04 Users, there are lot of desktop environment they can try but Cinnamon is probably the best option (at least for me, I love Cinnamon), even if you like Unity or Gnome Shell or KDE,  you must give Cinnamon a try – just for fun :)

Installing Cinnamon Desktop Environment in Ubuntu 12.04/11.10

Cinnamon 1.4 is the latest stable version available for Ubuntu 12.04, so first add the PPA, then update the repository and install it. Just open a terminal and execute the command(s) –

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:gwendal-lebihan-dev/cinnamon-stable
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install cinnamon

Expo View of Workspace (Ctrl+Alt+Up or move the mouse to hot corner(top-left))

expo effect in cinnamon

Cinnamon Desktop : with fully customizable panels/applets


Have Fun with the Cool Desktop :)

app-menu in cairo Dock

“COOL” Dock Applications for Ubuntu 12.04

Dock  is Cool, specially if you don’t like the default panel in your desktop (or if you just want an eye candy desktop).

In Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin), a lot of users complained about the Unity Desktop (which is the default one) –  the loss of productivity due to sudden changes, ease of use etc. In that case, you may try some other desktop or try using Dock as a substitute for panel. It looks beautiful – and of course it would be more easy to start/find apps and manage windows using this dock app.

Best Dock Apps for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

1. GLX Dock (Cairo Dock + OpenGL)

GLX Dock

GLX-Dock  is nothing but the Cairo Dock, mixed with some other plugins and components so that it can use your computer’s graphics capabilities in better way (hardware acceleration). Cairo Dock is a light-weight, simple and easy to use dock application.

It has lot of cool features – taskbars, launchers, shortcuts, GNOME 2 style application menu, plugins (to extend the default features), workspace switcher, themes etc. You can easily customize cairo dock – the look, animation, effects, features, shortcuts, applet/plugins and default apps for Music, Mail, Chat etc.

Gnome 2 style App Menu

app-menu in cairo Dock


Shortcuts in Cairo Dock


Install Cairo Dock/GLX-Dock in Ubuntu 12.04
It’s there in Software Center – so just search there and install in few clicks or use terminal –

sudo apt-get install cairo-dock

 Customizing Cairo Dock with Cairo Configuration Manager


For advanced customization, go to  Help -> Cairo Dock -> Configure. Then a Cairo Dock Configuration Window will appear (above snapshot) – where you can customize everything such as Appearance, Add-ons and Keyboard Shortcuts.

Don’t forget to checkout the Add-On section – it contains a lot of useful and funny applets. Some of the most useful plug-ins are – Clipboard History, Drop to Share, Messaging Menu, RSS Reader, Switcher, Slider, Stack, Power Manager etc. Just select the plug-ins you want to try and click Apply to get the immediate effect.

2. Docky – A Dock that just works!

Docky is another elegant, cool and powerful Dock application. It’s very fast and easy to use. By default, it looks very simple – in 2D mode but you can enable 3D mode from settings to make it more cooler.


Docky doesn’t uses OpenGL but it works out of box, in GNOME Desktop environment (without any unnecessary configurations). So if you want a Dock that just works – then Docky is best for you.

Install Docky in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

sudo apt-get install docky
ubuntu-11-10 with Unity

Gnome Shell or Unity ? What’s your favorite Desktop in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS ?

Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin) is rocking! It has gaining tremendous popularity among the common desktop users (specially developers). If you’ve been using Ubuntu for a while, then might be aware about some critical changes in last few versions. Unity is the default desktop environment – Gnome Shell is another popular desktop (the default interface for Gnome 3).

So, in Ubuntu 12.04, some users – specially Gnome lovers prefer Gnome Shell while some prefer Unity. Both seems to great and matured enough to use for common purpose as well as for production environment or heavy development purpose (despite of some bugs in initial release).

So, what’s your favorite Desktop ? and Why ?

Share your views and experience!


Mac OS X Theme for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Precise Pangolin) got Ambiance Theme is default – and for any reason if you’re not satisfied and want to try some thing new then this post will certainly help you in that.

There are lot of popular Windows/GTK themes and icon themes for Ubuntu 12.04 – you can also checkout this – Top 10 collection of Gnome 3 themes but this post is all about a free Gnome 3 theme – that mimics the look and layout of Mac OS X.

appearance_of_mac + performance_of_ubuntu => great_experience! :)

So, the look of mac, on Ubuntu seems to be a good deal. In early version of Ubuntu, macbuntu was great (but it has not been updated for a while) but it doesn’t support the ubuntu greater than 10.10. It was a a complete transformation pack, not just some icons and themes. Adwaita Cupertino – is a great theme, that will give you a Mac like look on Ubuntu 12.04. It has two versions – one for Mac Leopard while other one for Lion. You can use it on Gnome Shell or Unity.

Adwaita Cupertino Theme – Mac OS X Theme for Ubuntu 12.04


Thanks to trastes for the great work!