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Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) – the latest stable version of Ubuntu – the most popular Linux based operating system for common desktop users as well as server.


How to install Gnome Shell in Ubuntu 11.10

Gnome shell is the user interface for Gnome Desktop Environment, after the version 3.0 i.e they are based on GTK 3.0, written in C and Javascript. Ubuntu 11.10 beta final version was released in Oct 2011,  and if you are an enthusiastic Ubuntu user, who love experiments; then probably you are running Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot), Right? I think so (sure for desktop environment).

Ubuntu 11.10 has Gnome 3 by default, although the default desktop environment named as Ubuntu – is basically Unity, running on Gnome 3.1.5. If you have low graphics resources then better go to Unity 2D (The fallback mode); Gnome classic desktop (version 2.*) has been completely removed. So if you want to try Gnome shell, then don’t worry, it’s very simple (unlike the Gnome shell in Ubuntu 11.04 where it might have broken your unity desktop). You just need to install Gnome shell (The desktop UI for Gnome 3.0) from Terminal or Ubuntu Software Center or Synaptic Package Manager (Oh! ..Synaptic package Manager has been removed.. but you can get it back if you want – synaptic package manager on ubuntu 11.10) ie now Gnome shell is available in official package repository so you don’t need to use any PPA.


Installing Gnome shell on Ubuntu 11.10 – Oneiric Ocelot

Open Terminal (hit CTRL+ALT+T ) and type the following command.

sudo apt-get install gnome-shell

[Alternatively, you can also install the package from Ubuntu Software Center, just search for ‘Gnome shell’ and click on install. You are Done!]

That’s All. If you have any problem, then let us know (because currently it’s in beta version so there might be some bugs, final is coming on Oct 13).

[Update1 : One snapshot added] Here is one snapshot my cool desktop (with ubuntu 11.10 && Gnome shell) –


Have Fun! with the Next Generation Cool Desktop – Gnome 3.

[Update2 : About Theme Options/settings]

In Gnome 3, changing the themes and or customizing the look of your favorite theme is not so easy as it was in Gnome 2.3. So if you are wondering – how to install and manage theme in Ubuntu 11.10, then here is one great application that might help you – it’s Gnome Tweak Tool that will allow you to tweak the default Gnome theme. To install Gnome Tweak Tool, open a terminal and execute the following command(s) –

sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool

That’s All. :)


Ubuntu 11.10 Beta 1 Released!


Ubuntu 11.10 – code named as Oneiric Ocelot, beta vs 1 has released today!, the second beta will be available in the end of sep 2011, while OCT 13 has been set for final/stable release. This version has arrived with a lot of new and exciting features – such as Gnome 3.2 desktop (although you could try to install Gnome 3 on Ubuntu 11.04 but it was not stable/usable), some nice improvements in Unity, GTK3 etc. Due to the improvements in User Interface / ease of use – The Linux distributions are now becoming very popular among common desktop users, and Ubuntu has played an important role in that. Anyway, if you are using Ubuntu on production machines then you are not recommended to try Beta versions (wait until the final version is out!) but experimental users, whose who can’t wait wait to try exciting features – may like to try this beta version (But Remember, always create a backup before such experiments).

Download Ubuntu 11.10 Beta 1

New features/Changes in Ubuntu 11.10

With the release of Ubuntu 11.10 beta 1, the new features as well as User Interface development process has been freezed for this release. A lot of bugs has been fixed. Some of the most exciting changes are :

  • Gnome 3.2
  • GTK 3
  • Improvements in Unity
  • Kernel 3.0
  • Cloud Related Features
  • GCC 4.6
  • Python 3.2

That’s All.