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HTML Quiz Test : Learn HTML with FUN!

Yesterday I found a website which has been created for HTML Quiz Tests.So it’s very useful for beginners because they can learn HTML/CSS/Javascript with a lot of FUN.The website is currently in development phase.Follow The link Given Below :

 HTML Quiz Test

Important Features :

*Everything available there is completely FREE for educational purposes

*It contain HTML Quiz Sets ,each of which contains 20 questions

*Good for Beginners


Source :

linux mint debian edition snapshot

Linux Mint Debian Edition(LMDE) : available for download!

Linux Mint Debian Edition has released Today!(sep 07,2010).LMDE is a rolling distro based on Debian and it has claimed to be more faster and more responsive than other Linux distribution e.g Ubuntu.LMDE comes with a Debian base with GNOME as Default Desktop(Although you can choose other desktop if you want(list of other supported desktops are given below)) and it’s rougher than other distros so it may not be so much user friendly but it is under continuous improvement.

linux mint debian edition snapshot

Actually it represents an alternative,with almost same desktop functionality as ubuntu or other Linux distribution, but with a different base.So there is a difference in hardware support and compatibility between LMDE and other Linux distributions.
Linux Mint Debian Edition(LMDE) comes with Software Manager for managing favorite applications efficiently.The Default desktop is GNOME but if you wanna try other desktop then it’s very simple.The other supported desktops are KDE,LXDE,FluxBox,XFCE.Go to it’s official website for more details.

Download Linux Mint Debian Edition

Linux Kernel vs 3.0 RC1

Linux Kernel v2.4.37.10 released!

linux kernel v2.4.37.10

Linux kernel version has just released,on Sep 06,2010.The important changes in this version is written below(for more details go to it’s official website,link is given below).

Changes in Files
No. of files Added : 1
No. of files Changed : 75
No. of files Deleted : 0

Changes in lines of code
No. of lines Added : 3328
No. of lines Changed : 3128
No. of lines Deleted : 237

Download Patch

changes in ubuntu 10.04

Remarkable Changes in Ubuntu 10.10(Maverick Meerkat)

changes in ubuntu 10.04

Ubuntu 10.10 i.e Maverick Meerkat(code name) is planned to released on October 10,2010.Previous version i.e Ubuntu 10.04(Lucid Lynx) which was released April 29,2010.This post is aimed to explore some important changes and improvements in the upcoming version – Ubuntu 10.10.Here is the few remarkable changes –

Sound Menu

The Sound Menu has improved and it looks much better due to addition of some extra control buttons.Take a look at the Video(shown below),to see the changes in sound menu.

Software Center

Now it’s more easy to find new softwares in ubuntu software center due to some improvements.Software management also become more simple,you may like to see the video embedded below for visualizing the changes in ubuntu 10.10.

Compiz with Easystroke

Compiz provides a lot of 3D effects which make your desktop experience more funny.Easystroke is gesture-recognition application for X11 and provides an excellent interface for desktop users.Actually Easystroke was designed for Table PC but it works well with the mouse.You can have a lot of funny effects when both these application works together.Have look at the video.


By installer I mean the OS(Ubuntu 10.10(Maverick Meerkat)) installer,you will notice the changes after inserting the bootable CD/DVD.A lot of improvements has done ..and now it’s much simple than previous versions.

Linux Kernel vs 3.0 RC1

Linux Kernel version 2.6.36 rc-1 Released!

Download linux kernel version 2.6.36rc1

The RC-1 for the linux kernel version 2.6.36 has just released(on August 15,2010).The important changes made in this version is summarized below(Go to its official website for more details- link is given below )-

Linux Kernel v2.6.36-rc1
Number of Files Added : 1288
Number of Files Changed : 8598
Number of Files Deleted : 307

Number of Lines Added : 562842
Number of Lines Changed: 958281
Number of Lines Deleted : 613846

Download patch for 2.6.36