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BioBlender – 3D Modelling Software for Biologists

BioBlender is a 3D modelling tool for Biologists, as the name suggest – it’s based 0n the popular open source 3D modelling/animation software “Blender”. So it’s kind of Blender optimized for drawing Biological stuffs (proteins molecules).


Download BioBlender

BioBlender is available for all-platforms. Visit official site for more options.

Download BioBlender for GNU/Linux (current version : 0.6)

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Read Tutorials on BioBlender (pdf)


tmux 1.8 is released!

tmux is one of the most popular Terminal Multiplexer (never used it? If you’e a heavy terminal user, then probably you need it) . The latest release is v1.8.

Recently I wrote an article on managing multiple terminals with Terminator, tmux is a very similar program but I feel – tmux is more efficeint/faster, specially with vim (or any command line editor such as Emacs). So, whether you already use a similar program or not, you should try tmux.

Installing tmux on Ubuntu

sudo apt-get install tmux

Here is a screenshot (designing my personal blog with jekyll, I’ll launch in next few weeks) using tmux with vim editor.


checkout official website for more details.


Ruby 2.0.0 “stable” is released!

Ruby 2.0.0-p0 is the first stable release for Ruby 2.0, with a lot of new features and improvements. Ruby 2.0 is very compatible with 1.9, so it will be much easier to migrate to Ruby 2.0 (as compared to 1.8 to 1.9, read the official announcement).


What’s new in Ruby 2.0.0 ?

  • core features (better API with keyword arguments, UTF-8 default encoding etc)
  • Built-in libraries (Lazy Enumerator, Onigmo, Async exception handling API..)
  • Debug Support (DTrace support)
  • Performance improvements (GC optimization, faster require, VM optimization etc)

New to Ruby ?

Ruby is an easy to learn scripting language, similar to Python, Perl, PHP etc. It’s optimized for programmer’s happiness 🙂

Checkout these free tutorials on Ruby.


Now Steam is available in Ubuntu Software Center

Now Steam Client is available in Ubuntu Software Center (for 12.04/12.10/11.04/10.04). They had already announced the beta release few months ago, followed by new drivers from Nvidia. So, finally, Gaming is fun 🙂 on Ubuntu/Linux!


Not all cool games are available for GNU/Linux platform, but it’s expected to grow fast 🙂 – here is the list of cool games available for Linux. You can also try few games for free e.g Team Fortress 2.

steam in Ubuntu software-center

Note : There is 50-70% discount on all Steam for Linux games, until Feb 21.

Linux LOGO

Linux Kernel 3.7 released!

Linux Kernel v3.7 is released (official announcement). The most exciting thing in this release is probably the support for ARM 64 bit architectures.

Linux LOGO

What’s New in Linux (Kernel) 3.7 ?

  • ARM Multiplatform support
  • ARM 64 bit support
  • signed kernel modules
  • updated btrfs
  • adds vxlan (virtual extensible LAN tunneling protocol)
  • SMB v2 protocol support (experimental)
  • supports TCP fast Open (on server side)
  • parallel NFS support

Read about the latest changes/features in more details.