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Ninja IDE – Cool IDE for Python/Django Developers

What is Ninja IDE ?
Ninja-IDE stands for Ninja is not just another IDE. It’s specially designed for Python developers. So, if you’re a python programmer, developing some desktop apps or web apps (probably, with Django framework), you must give it a try. It’s a simple, lightweight and fast IDE (not a bloated one – as you would usually think of an IDE). It’s available for all common platforms like Ubuntu or any GNU/Linux distro, Windows or Mac etc, as a free software (GPL).



  • simplicity (it’s simple to use)
  • speed (it’s fast)
  • plugins for additional features (git integration, django development etc)
  • cross platform (available for all common platforms)

Installing Ninja IDE in Ubuntu (12.04/12.10)

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:ninja-ide-developers/daily
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install ninja-ide

For Other GNU/Linux distributions (or other OS) you can download from the official page.


Develop cross-platform desktop applications with TideSDK

If you’re a web developer – already familiar with HTML5/CSS3/Javascript then you don’t need to learn some other languages, in order to create desktop application. With TideSDK, you can create cross-platform apps (supported on Linux based distributions such as Ubuntu, Windows and Mac OS X), just like you create a web app. You can also use your favorite scripting language such as Ruby, Python and PHP.


What is TideSDK ?

it’s a free and open source software (available under Apache 2.0 License), a new standard for creating multi-platform desktop apps, using your web development skills. Currently, it’s in beta release (latest version: 1.3.1 beta), for the latest updates you should checkout their github page.

What languages I can use ?

  • HTML5
  • CSS3 (you can also try bootstrap, foundation or a preprocessor such as Sass)
  • Javascript
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • PHP

Getting Started with TideSDK!

First read this getting started manual and then setup the development environment. You need to install two packages (for your platform) – TideSDK and TideSDK Developer, the official manual explains everything so just follow the guide.

Download TideSDK


Also check out this new tool for building desktop apps (using web stack) : (from GitHub)


“Quote Of The Day” – a Free Android app you must try :)

“Quote Of The Day”, it’s a simple android app, full of inspiring and positive quotes (currently number of quotes is not very high – only hundred – but I’ll update that soon) and it’s Free too.

Few days ago, I suddenly got interested in ‘creating some apps for Android‘ and now it seams like I’ve started. :)  (From now on, I will also write about android apps and development frequently, stay tuned!)

quotes of the day

Quotes Of The Day – Inspiring Human Beings

You can easily browse – one quote at a time, in a random fashion. Yeah, there is no other way to search quotes like by author or topics/keywords. It’s a quote app that display one awesome quote, that’s all (and of course, you can get another quote on demand (but I think one quote a time will be more fun!)).

Quotes Of The Day - Icon

Most of the quotes will inspire you, related to human life, success, happiness etc. No internet connection is required (although it’s recommended :) for the sake of Admob) to browse quotes (as quotes are stored locally in the databases), it means you can inspire yourself even if you’re offline :)

Download/Install it from Google Play

Update! If you want to browse some inspiring quotes (by Abdul Kalam) online, then you can do that here without any installing any app : 

Also check out for collection of Sanskrit Shlokas/Quotes.

Linux Mint 14 : with Mate Desktop

Linux Mint 14 released!

Linux Mint 14 (code named as Nadia) is released (check out official release notes). It’s based on Ubuntu 12.10, released last month, but unlike Ubuntu, it uses Mate as the default desktop environment (although other editions are also available e.g Cinnamon, KDE, XFCE etc). So if you’re a beginner – not comfortable with the Unity (the default desktop (on the top of Gnome 3)), then you must give it a try. Linux Mint is one of the most beginner friendly GNU/Linux distribution, and it has gained a lot of popularity in last few months.

Linux Mint 14 : with Mate Desktop

What’s new in Linux Mint 14 – “Nadia” ?

Linux Mint 14 has lots of new features, bug fixes and performance improvements/tweaks, some of the important features are (full detailed info on this) –

  • solid and stable – MATE desktop
  • Cinnamon 1.6 (in Cinnamon edition, with lot of bug fixes)
  • Cool workspaces
  • Notifications applet
  • Windows quicklist
  • better sound applet
  • Nemo File Manager (in Cinnamon edition)

Cool workspaces in Linux Mint 14 (Cinnamon Edition)

cinnamon-workspaces - Linux Mint

Download Linux Mint 14

Download Linux Mint 14 (for 32 bit or 64 bit, with or without proprietary plugins/codecs)

New to Linux Mint ? you may want to read things to do after installing Ubuntu 12.10 (although it’s about Ubuntu 12.10 but most of the tips should also work fine, on Linux Mint 14)

Nvidia 310 Drivers for Ubuntu

New Nvidia Drivers for Linux Gamers – claims 2x performance boost!

Nvidia announced the new NVIDIA GeForce drivers – R310 for GNU/Linux distributions, which is supposed to double the current graphics performance, specially the loading time for games. If you want to play games using Steam for Linux client, recently beta is launched for Ubuntu 12.04 – then you must update your NVIDIA drivers.

The R310 drivers supports the newest latest GPUs. Recently, Steam client has been launched (the leader in distributing pc and mac games) and now – the graphics performance boost, it seems like – Linux is becoming the ultimate choice for gaming.

Nvidia 310 Drivers for Ubuntu

Update your Nvidia Drivers

First, update the repository cache – either using Update Manager (or software updater in Ubuntu 12.10) or the command –

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade

Then, go to System Settings -> additional drivers (or Software Sources -> Additional Drivers in 12.10) and select the 310 drivers. (it’s an experimental release, required for playing recent games e.g for Steam client but not recommended for production systems). Now just activate the drivers and restart your computer.