how to install adobe flash player in ubuntu 10.04

Adobe flash player is necessary for modern browsing experience because more than 65% of the websites on the Internet have flash contents.For playing youtube video you need latest version of adobe flash.After the fresh installation of ubuntu 10.04,you can install the adobe flash player(It will work For atleast these browsers-Mozilla,Crome,Opera,SeaMonkey and Midori) by following these […]

bash commands tutorial

Learning some advance bash commands(Related to network) in bash isn’t a bad idea if you are going to troubleshoot networking problems or you are interested in other network hacks.Although you can do it in ubuntu 10.04(In some older versions too) by using a special tool named Network Tools which allows you to execute these commands […]

Open source website scanner : skipfish

With the rapid growth of internet, number of websites are increasing exponentially and these are the major source of information.Hence it is necessary to keep this source safe from online frauds and hacks.These days Websites are mostly hacked due to some security holes.Since most are database driven so hackers/crackers also use sql injection to get […]

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