What is sniffing|sniffers?

Sniffing is the simple process in which the network interface card is used to receive and monitor data that is not intended for that machine.The device or software that does sniffing are known as sniffer or more simply a network analyzer.Sniffing programs are very useful in gathering sensitive information like telnet username and password,ftp username […]

How to spoof dns cache?dns cache poisoning/hacking

Spoofing DNS Cache: DNS i.e domain name system is distributed database with a hierarchical structure used to translate the human friendly host names into the IP address,in TCP/IP Network.So when a computer wants to communicate with www.sudobits.com then it first sends a query to the local DNS server and the dns server checks its databases […]

Hacking ARP(Address Resolution Protocol)

What is ARP? ARP i.e Address Resolution Protocol is a lower level(in TCP/IP stack)protocol which is used to convert IP address to MAC(Media Access Control) address.IP addresses are dynamic(In general) but mac addresses ,a link layer address, are almost static as they are allocated by the NIC(Network Interface Card) manufacturer.Hence ARP is used to associates […]

Learning Bash-Shell Commands-Tutorial-3

1. mv command : It is used for file from one directories to another.You have to first enter the file_name(that you want to move) and then the new location of that file. SYNTAX : mv filename new_location rk10@rk-desktop:~/Desktop/log$ ls passwd.txt rk10@rk-desktop:~/Desktop/log$ cd ../ rk10@rk-desktop:~/Desktop$ cd test rk10@rk-desktop:~/Desktop/test$ ls login.txt  xyz.txt rk10@rk-desktop:~/Desktop/test$ mv login.txt /home/rk10/Desktop/log rk10@rk-desktop:~/Desktop/test$ […]

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