Learning Bash-Shell Commands-Tutorial-3

1. mv command : It is used for file from one directories to another.You have to first enter the file_name(that you want to move) and then the new location of that file. SYNTAX : mv filename new_location rk10@rk-desktop:~/Desktop/log$ ls passwd.txt rk10@rk-desktop:~/Desktop/log$ cd ../ rk10@rk-desktop:~/Desktop$ cd test rk10@rk-desktop:~/Desktop/test$ ls login.txt  xyz.txt rk10@rk-desktop:~/Desktop/test$ mv login.txt /home/rk10/Desktop/log rk10@rk-desktop:~/Desktop/test$ […]

How To Learn Ubuntu-Linux Commands

Learning bash/zsh/ssh shell commands is not so complex and boring as it seems.In fact when you will start learning bash shell commands then its initial steps may  looks ugly but when you will have some basic idea about commands then afterwards you will feel a keen interest in learning further commands.Working on command  line  interface […]

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