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PDF Reader for Ubuntu 11.04/10.10

PDF (Portable Document Format, an open standard for exchanging documents, developed by adobe systems in 1993) Reader are softwares or applications that allow users to view the PDF documents, e.g Adobe PDF Reader, Foxit Reader etc. On Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) /10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) /10.04 (Lucid Lynx) ..or other Linux based operating such as Linux Mint has one applications installed by default – called Document Viewer – which is good for reading PDF documents.

But there are some other PDF readers available free of cost, with some advanced features and you would like to try that on Ubuntu, this post explains about all the most popular pdf readers available for Ubuntu users. Some of them are open source while others might be a freeware applications but all works well with Ubuntu.

Best PDF Reader/Viewer for Ubuntu 11.04/10.10/10.04

Evince Document Viewer

Evince is a ‘Document Viewer’ application installed by default on Ubuntu or other Linux distributions. It is a fast application with a lot of useful features such as Index, Thumbnails etc. it’s a free and open source software that is shipped with most of the Linux distributions which is based on Gnome. To view a document using Document Viewer, just double click on the PDF file.

File Formats supported with Evince

  • pdf
  • xps (XML Paper Specification)
  • post script
  • cbr, cbz, cb7 and cbt (comic books formats)

Adobe Reader

adobe pdf reader

Adobe Reader or Acrobat Reader is one of the most popular PDF viewer. It’s standard version is available free (as freeware application). it’s very simple to use and the interface is also very good. it has a lot of features which can be further extended to the professional level by purchasing the Pro or Suite (it includes PDF readers as well as necessary softwares and tools for creating and editing professional quality documents) version of the application.

How to install Adobe Reader in Ubuntu 11.04

Foxit Reader


Foxit Reader is a free software freeware application, by Foxit Corporation. Both basic and full version are available free to use, for all platforms. The Linux version of the Foxit reader doesn’t have so much features as compared to the windows version but still it’s good, specifically if you have used it on Windows platforms (Xp, Vista or 7). It has lot of good features such as support for multi language, short load time and speed (it’s fast as compared to other pdf readers but it may not be true on Ubuntu or other Linux based OS).

How to install Foxit Reader on Ubuntu (Procedure is same for all – recent versions of Ubuntu).

Also check out this web based XPS to PDF converter tool if you want to convert your older windows XPS documents to pdf after moving to a GNU/Linux distribution.


how to install Adobe reader in ubuntu 11.04

Adobe Reader (Formerly known as Acrobat Reader) is one of the most popular pdf reader. Adobe Reader is a freeware Application developed and maintained by Adobe Systems. Adobe Reader is primarily used in the reading and printing PDF (portable document format) Files (Although it as some pdf creation functionality, but it can be neglected in general).

Ubuntu 11.04 (alias : Natty Narwhal) has ‘Document Viewer’ installed by default, which is sufficient for viewing pdf documents or ebooks. But it’s a very basic application, so it doesn’t have any advanced features. That’s why you want to go for some third party PDF readers like Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader. Here I’ll explain about Adobe PDF Reader. Adobe reader has improved its user interface, now it’s much simple to use and navigate. The application startup time has also been reduced and some security features has been integrated in the latest version. The overall performance has improved.

Installing Adobe Reader from Synaptic Package Manager

#1 : First, open synaptic package manager and click on Settings -> Repositories -> Other Software and check all the boxes (basically two upper boxes, because rest of them would be already checked) to add those software sources.


#2 : Now,click on Reload button, to update package information in the repository.

#3 : Then search for ‘adobe reader’ and select the packages, you want to install, then click on Apply button to begin the installation procedure, wait until the installation is completed.

install-adobe-reader-on-ubuntu 11.04

#4 : That’s All..you are done! Open it from the Main Menu and you can stuck it to the left icon panel (Right click on icon and select ‘Keep in Launcher’).

Installing from command line

After adding the software resources in step #1, you can skip above steps and install adobe pdf reader in one single command (you may have to enter your login password(if you haven’t entered recently at command prompt) ) –

 sudo apt-get install acroread

adobe reader on ubuntu 11.04

install adobe pdf reader on ubuntu 10.04

How to install adobe reader(for PDF File) on Ubuntu 10.04

install adobe pdf reader on ubuntu 10.04

Ubuntu 10.04(Lucid Lynx) has already a default e-book or pdf Reader – Document Viewer(Which is probably sufficient for most of the users) but even though you want Adobe Reader – Acroread for Ubuntu 10.04 Then this post will help you in installing Adobe PDF reader on your PC.
Actually Adobe reader has added recently in to the Repository Package or you may say Synaptic Package Manager,which makes your task much easier.Although it’s no different matter that you can also install adobe reader more quickly with one simple commands.Other possible ways to install adobe reader might include Ubuntu Software Center,which contains all the common useful applications grouped and categorized so that an average user can easily manage applications on Ubuntu 10.04.

install adobe reader on ubuntu 10.04

Install Adobe Reader 9 from Synaptic Package Manager

#1. Open Synaptic Package Manager(Go to System->Administration->S-P-M).

#2. Then search for “adobe reader” or “acroread” and check the left box for installation.

#3. Next,Click on Apply to install adobe reader on your ubuntu 10.04 lucid lynx.

#4. Wait…(~10 minutes)until the installation will complete.In the end will it will ask you whether you want to set the Adobe as Default PDF reader or not,choose YES if you want else NO if you don’t.

#5. Now you are ready to view or print pdf files using Adobe Reader…Right click on any pdf files and then open with Adobe Reader 9.

Install Adobe Reader from Command Line

Open terminal from Applications->Accessories->Terminal and type the command -(And enter your login password if prompted)..

 sudo apt-get install acroread