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Folium – A clean and responsive HTML5 template for portfolio

Folium is a HTML5 template built using Twitter Bootstrap especially for freelance developers/photographers who needs a portfolio website to showcase their work.

It’s a one page responsive template, It has simple and clean design, it’s built using Bootstrap 3.0 (The most popular frontend framework), jQuery etc. Although, it has some nice features and visual effects but it’s still lightweight and fast.

Folium portfolio template

folium template

It’s a premium template available for download, with multiple licenses such as Standard (recommended for quick use), Pro (if you want finer control over the theme design, you also get sass/coffeescript files), Pro Multiple (All pro features plus you can use it for as many sites as you want, including your clients).

So if you’re looking for a modern and flat cool theme for your portfolio site you must check it out.

Here is one screenshot of landing page : (checkout the demo link below)

folium template

Folium – HTML5 Portfolio Template

buy and sell bootstrap themes

BootstrapThemes.me : a marketplace for Twitter Bootstrap Themes!

What is Twitter Bootstrap ?

Twitter Bootstrap is a front end framework (free and open source) for web designers/developers. With bootstrap you can easily create cool looking awesome designs with HTML5, CSS3 and jQuery (cool? yeah!).

If you’re a web designer/developer, then bootstrap may save you a lot of time, instead of working from scratch, you can start working on the top of a solid foundation (960 px grid, styles for buttons, tables, forms etc, jquery plugins, responsive etc comes along with Twitter Bootstrap).

BootstrapThemes.me – where you can buy or sell “bootstrap themes and templates”


Twitter Bootstrap gives you a solid foundation to begin, by default it looks cool for mockups and prototypes but the default look is not good for final release. That’s where bootstrap themes comes in.



There are already few marketplaces for Twitter Bootstrap Themes ? Why another one ?

The problem with the available marketplaces (like ThemeForest) is that – they cut a large percentage of sale (as the service charge). They pay somewhere between 50-70%. All designers start with 50% (until he cross some cut-offs, e.g after 18.75k, he will get 55%, after $75k, he will receive 70%). I didn’t like that, so I created another marketplace for Twitter Bootstrap Themes. They are over-crowded too,

at, BootstrapThemes.me, designers get 70-80% of the sale.

buy and sell bootstrap themes

so whether you’re a designer want to develop themes for bootstrap or a developer looking for bootstrap themes,

visit BootstrapThemes.me for Bootstrap goodies!


UPDATE! It’s closed now. But you can checkout my other site about portfolio templates.