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free accounting software for windows 7

accounting software free

Although there are many shareware and freeware accounting software’s are available for windows operating system but I am going to introduce you with a great open source software that is available free for all the common platforms and of course for windows 7 too.


It is a an excellent accounting software that is specially designed for personal and small business application.Using this you can easily analyze your income and expenses;you can make your bank account consistent.Since the interface design of the gnucash is very user friendly and it is a

flexible one.Hence it is very comfortable to manage small business finances and to keep an eye on your stock investments.Since the overall design is made on professional accounting principle hence the reports are very consistent and accuracy is also high.

Some features of the gnucash accounting software..

Double Entry
Reports, Graphs
Income/Expense Account Types
Multiple Currencies
Small Business Accounting Features
QIF Import
Statement Reconciliation
Transaction Finder

….for all the features visit :http://www.gnucash.org/features.phtml

For Linux Users

Note : Gnucash is an open source software and linux users can easily download it from the software packages available in the synaptic package manager or from software center in case of ubuntu 10.04.

credit : www.gnucash.org