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Mac OS X theme for Ubuntu 11.10

Macbuntu was my most favorite theme in Ubuntu 10.04/10.10 but the project (hosted at sourceforge.net) doesn’t seemed to be active because there has been no release after 10.10, may be because of some major changes in the desktop environment of Ubuntu (started with 11.04 and now it’s completely different – Gnome 3 based distribution). If there will be any macbuntu or similar transformation pack available for Ubuntu 11.10 or Gnome 3 desktop, then I’ll update this post accordingly.

Mac OS X or other products of Apple has one thing in common – Great Design! I do like the look/interface of Mac OS X – it’s pretty damn cool. (although I don’t want to get trapped in App Store) so I was looking for a mac like theme for Ubuntu 11.10 (aka – Oneiric Ocelot). This post is about a GTK 3 theme inspired by the look of Mac OS X.

Adwaita Cupertino Theme


It’s a Mac OS X like theme for Ubuntu 11.10 users (you may try in Linux Mint 12, it should work). The theme is based on Adwaita, and the theme is designed by the user trastes.

Download Adwaita Cupertino Theme

Installing Mac OS X theme in Ubuntu 11.10

After Downloading the theme package, you must download some dependent packages/themes/icons.

Then open a terminal and execute the command to open nautilus in root mode –

gksu nautilus

Then extract the theme file (archive) and copy all the themes directory to usr/share/themes and for icons – usr/share/icons. Then open Gnome Tweak Tool (if you haven’t installed it then first install it from Ubuntu Software Center or hit sudo apt-get install gnome-tweak-tool at terminal) and change the themes, icons etc to get the Mac OS X type Look.

Thanks to @trastes for the great theme (and the snapshots).


best themes for ubuntu 11.04/10.10

Ubuntu 11.04 (or code name : Natty Narwhal simply : Natty) or its previous version 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) has shipped with a great collection of good looking themes but I can’t say that – those are the best. It depends on your choice and flavor; enjoy the flexibility of Ubuntu or other Linux Distribution; I mean you can customize the look and feel as you want – a lot of options are waiting there for you (right click on desktop select themes -> customize and begin!).

This post will give an overview of some of the best themes for Unity desktop (Ubuntu 11.04 users) as well as for Gnome desktop (for Ubuntu 10.10 or 10.04 users). All the cool and great themes I’ll talk about, are totally free of cost,so just download it and try. I change my desktop theme often, mostly –  twice in a week. If you do like to try new things and want to give a new look to your ubuntu desktop them you may like to install some of my favorite top 10 collection of ubuntu themes (it doesn’t include unity or Gnome 3.0 themes). Finally, here is few (more precisely it’s 10) cool, beautiful and best Ubuntu themes that I like most –

10 Best Gnome Themes for Ubuntu

#1 : Elementary Lion


Download Elementary Lion Theme

#2 : Gotchione Theme

gotchione theme for ubuntu

Download gotchione theme

#3 : Victory Theme

victory-theme for ubuntu
Download Victory Theme

#4 : Equinox Evolution Theme


Download Equinox theme

#5 : Aero Clone

aero-clone for ubuntu

Download Aero Clone

#6 : Mac OSX Tiger Theme


Download osx tiger theme

#7 : Elegant Brit Theme


Download Elegant Brit Theme

#8 : Good Choice Theme


Download good choice theme

#9 : gekosMac Theme


Download gekosMac Theme

#10 : Mint X Metal Dark


Download Mint X Metal Dark Theme

how to install google gadgets in ubuntu 10.10


Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick is out! and if you want a charming and fancy GNOME desktop then Google gadgets will surely help you.Before going to our point first I am going to introduce you with Google Gadgets.In simple words Google Gadgets are mini objects developed in collaborative manner,and can be used to provide dynamic content to any web pages or to your desktop. It’s free to use and available for all platforms.

Installing Google gadgets on Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop

To install Google Desktop Gadgets in Ubuntu 10.10 just search for ‘gadgets’ or ‘google gadgets’ in Ubuntu Software Center and select the package you want to install.By default you should choose GTK based unless you want to use Google gadgets on KDE desktop.Then click on the install button and wait for the installation to complete.It will hardly take a minute to complete.

Where to find more cool Desktop Gadgets ?

Download more cool gadgets from it’s official website.