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Desktop Widgets for Ubuntu 11.10

Desktop Widgets and Gadgets are Cool! Aren’t they? Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) got a lot of new changes (as compared to 10.* versions of Ubuntu) – GTK3, Unity and Gnome Shell interface, a lot of things has changed, so your favorite Widget application might not be available or compatible anymore in the current environment. Desktop Widgets are good, not only in look but may be useful some time (like quick file browser widget).



It’s a free and open source project (released under LGPL), it’s a cross-platform application, that may help you in managing the desktop background more efficiently. PlexyDesk has been written using Qt Framework/Tools. You can do a lot things using the PlexyDesk such as changing wallpapers (just in one drag and drop), installing utility widgets (like Clock, File Browser, Photo Frame etc) etc, and it does support some cool 3D effects.

Install PlexyDesk on Ubuntu 11.10

Open a terminal (Ctrl+Alt+t) and execute the following commands –

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:plexydesk/plexydesk-dailybuild
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install plexydesk

Then you can start the application from Menu or Terminal, just by typing plexydesk.

Recommended Links and References

PlexyPlanet.org – Go to official website to more about this project!

Thanks To Ajinkya Kandalkar for asking the question!

how to install google gadgets in ubuntu 10.10


Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick is out! and if you want a charming and fancy GNOME desktop then Google gadgets will surely help you.Before going to our point first I am going to introduce you with Google Gadgets.In simple words Google Gadgets are mini objects developed in collaborative manner,and can be used to provide dynamic content to any web pages or to your desktop. It’s free to use and available for all platforms.

Installing Google gadgets on Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop

To install Google Desktop Gadgets in Ubuntu 10.10 just search for ‘gadgets’ or ‘google gadgets’ in Ubuntu Software Center and select the package you want to install.By default you should choose GTK based unless you want to use Google gadgets on KDE desktop.Then click on the install button and wait for the installation to complete.It will hardly take a minute to complete.

Where to find more cool Desktop Gadgets ?

Download more cool gadgets from it’s official website.

How to Install Google Gadgets in Ubuntu 10.04

Getting the information directly on your desktop is very useful and you can do it in fun way by using Google gadgets available for various desktops.Now it is also available for Linux(and of course for Ubuntu 10.04).You can download it fr0m Google’s site and install it in most of the linux versions.But Now in Ubuntu 10.04 you can install it in more simple way.

Installing google gadgets in ubuntu 10.04

Installing desktop Gadget in Ubuntu 10.04 :
step1 : Open Synaptic Package Manager(System->Administration->SPM).

step2 : Search for “Google Gadgets”;Now you have two options google-gadgets-gtk and google-gadgets-qt.Although you can choose anyone of them but if you are using GNOME desktop(Default Desktop of Ubuntu 10.04) then it is better to select google-gadgets-gtk(select google-gadgets-qt if you are using KDE desktop in Ubuntu 10.04 or if you are using Kubuntu).

step3 : Check the box for installation(it may ask for some other dependencies click ok).Next click on Apply to install the selected softwares.The Google gadgets will be installed within few minutes.

step4 : Since you have installed the Google gadgets successfully,so you can open it : Applications->Internet->Google Gadgets(GTK/Qt).In adding some gadgets(click on +) it may ask you for security verification if so,then click on yes.

google gadgets with ubuntuubuntu 10.04 desktop gadgets
step5 : End.I hope you are enjoying Google Gadgets well!