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how to install Mac theme on ubuntu 10.10

Ubuntu 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) comes with GNOME as a default desktop(Actually GNOME desktop is used in most of the Linux based distributions).GNOME is a open source,free and fully customizable.

The default look and appearance of Ubuntu 10.10 is very appealing(because there are lot of good looking themes,installed by default e.g Radiance,Ambiance,NewWave,Dust,clearlooks etc) but there is nothing wrong in doing some experiment in customizing it(Since there is no limit on how much we can customize an open source application on an open source operating system;it is fun!).

If you have ever used Mac OS then you probably understands why it is so popular(may be due to its highly appealing look).So won’t it be interesting if we make a┬áHybrid version of OS by combining the best features of Mac OS X and Ubuntu 10.10 ? Surely Yes!! Okay lets do that.

appearance of Mac OS X  +  performance of Ubuntu 10.10  =  Macbuntu 10.10(it really rocks!)

Let’s take a look on how your Ubuntu will look like,after installing the mac theme – A snapshot of my Ubuntu 10.10 with Mac Theme


Mac OS X Theme for Ubuntu 10.10

To get the mac appearance on Ubuntu 10.10, you need to download and install the macbuntu-10.10(complete package for transforming the default look of gnome desktop into mac like look and appearance) theme.it is free and will take a couple of minutes.Just follow the steps –

step #1 : Download the Macbuntu-10.10 theme package(Link is given below)

Download Macbuntu-10.10 theme

step #2 : Install the Macbuntu Theme

First,Extract the theme and move on to that directory.Then open terminal ( hit CTRL+ALT+T ) and execute the ‘install.sh’ script(as a normal user i.e without sudo),that you get within the theme package(After Extraction).Just drag the install.sh,and drop it to terminal,then hit enter.

rkjha@rkjha-desktop:~$ '/home/rkjha/Macbuntu-10.10/install.sh'

Then you will have to answer some simple questions during installation ,if you are not sure then select the default(hit Enter or answer y in y/n case).That’s All..you have installed the mac os x theme on Ubuntu 10.10.You may want to restart the system for optimal performance.(although it is not strictly required)

Using any picture as icon on ubuntu 10.04

How to use any Picture as Icon in Ubuntu 10.04

In Ubuntu 10.04(Lucid Lynx) there are many charming icons available by default and you can add whenever you want;But this post will explain you,how to use any images or pictures and almost any formats like png,JPEG or GIF as a icon of a file,folder or launcher.

Using Picture as Icon on Ubuntu

1.Right click on the file/folder or launcher(Whose icon is to be changed) and select properties.

Using any picture as icon on ubuntu 10.04

2.In properties of a folder(Here in example I have taken a folder,you may do it with file or launcher),click on basic tab(explored in pictures).

3.Now click on icon(Top left corner),then a new window,named as select custom icon will appear,which will allow you to browse the directory.

4.Next,select the image or picture you want to use as icon for that folder(in picture,the name of the folder is security).Then click on open.

replacing icon by any picture on ubuntu 10.04

5.That’s All…the icon is changed..you may now close the properties window.

NOTE : If you are choosing the picture from mounted disk then the file or folder or launcher icon may not appear when the system will be restarted,so it is preferable to copy it to its file system i.e in picture directory or home folder or any other folder and you may like to rename it by starting with DOT(.) to make it invisible.(Use CTRL+H to see hidden-invisible folders).For any other problem you may like to notify us by comment.