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What is Your Favorite Dock in Ubuntu 12.04 ?

There are lot of Dock Apps available for GNU/Linux distributions such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint 13. Some of the most popular dock Apps are – GLX-Dock (Cairo Dock with OpenGL), Docky and AWN (Avant Window Navigator).

Dock App is not just an eye candy app, it also makes lot of things much easier (such as multiple window/app management, easy shortcuts for complex and repetitive tasks etc). If you have tried these apps then consider sharing your favorite one.

Dock – it’s a Dock – that just works! It’s the most simple, elegant, and fast dock apps out there in Ubuntu Software Center.

Cairo Dock (GLX) – it’s the most advanced dock, with lots of cool features (plugins, themes, etc), and it also uses OpenGL for nice graphics animations/effects.

AWN – It’s a Mac OS X like Dock app for Ubuntu (or other Linux distro). So, it looks cool and it also has some nice features and graphics effects.


What’s Your Favorite Dock Application in Ubuntu /Linux Mint/other_Linux_distro ?


app-menu in cairo Dock

“COOL” Dock Applications for Ubuntu 12.04

Dock  is Cool, specially if you don’t like the default panel in your desktop (or if you just want an eye candy desktop).

In Ubuntu 12.04 (Precise Pangolin), a lot of users complained about the Unity Desktop (which is the default one) –  the loss of productivity due to sudden changes, ease of use etc. In that case, you may try some other desktop or try using Dock as a substitute for panel. It looks beautiful – and of course it would be more easy to start/find apps and manage windows using this dock app.

Best Dock Apps for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

1. GLX Dock (Cairo Dock + OpenGL)

GLX Dock

GLX-Dock  is nothing but the Cairo Dock, mixed with some other plugins and components so that it can use your computer’s graphics capabilities in better way (hardware acceleration). Cairo Dock is a light-weight, simple and easy to use dock application.

It has lot of cool features – taskbars, launchers, shortcuts, GNOME 2 style application menu, plugins (to extend the default features), workspace switcher, themes etc. You can easily customize cairo dock – the look, animation, effects, features, shortcuts, applet/plugins and default apps for Music, Mail, Chat etc.

Gnome 2 style App Menu

app-menu in cairo Dock


Shortcuts in Cairo Dock


Install Cairo Dock/GLX-Dock in Ubuntu 12.04
It’s there in Software Center – so just search there and install in few clicks or use terminal –

sudo apt-get install cairo-dock

 Customizing Cairo Dock with Cairo Configuration Manager


For advanced customization, go to  Help -> Cairo Dock -> Configure. Then a Cairo Dock Configuration Window will appear (above snapshot) – where you can customize everything such as Appearance, Add-ons and Keyboard Shortcuts.

Don’t forget to checkout the Add-On section – it contains a lot of useful and funny applets. Some of the most useful plug-ins are – Clipboard History, Drop to Share, Messaging Menu, RSS Reader, Switcher, Slider, Stack, Power Manager etc. Just select the plug-ins you want to try and click Apply to get the immediate effect.

2. Docky – A Dock that just works!

Docky is another elegant, cool and powerful Dock application. It’s very fast and easy to use. By default, it looks very simple – in 2D mode but you can enable 3D mode from settings to make it more cooler.


Docky doesn’t uses OpenGL but it works out of box, in GNOME Desktop environment (without any unnecessary configurations). So if you want a Dock that just works – then Docky is best for you.

Install Docky in Ubuntu 12.04 LTS

sudo apt-get install docky

best dock for ubuntu 10.10/11.04

Dock is one of the most popular graphical element, commonly used for interacting with currently running programs, launching/monitoring Applications,etc with a lot of Fun. The dock available in Mac OS X has become the most successful dock ever(Although it is different point that Mac is better in look only, not performance(Ubuntu is far better!)). it is usually implemented in the form of charming icons located at the bottom/top of screen with some funky effects.

Best Open Source Dock for Ubuntu : Docky

GNOME Do has created an open source equivalent of dock(in other words docky is a front end of Gnome Do) and its new name is ‘Docky’, “The Finest Dock that no Money can buy” ; for Linux based operating system like Ubuntu 11.04/10.10/10.04,Fedora,Open Suse,Debian or Linux Mint. Docky is free and open source Application for All common Desktops like GNOME and KDE. The latest stable version of docky is 2.0.7. So docky is the best free dock for Linux Distributions (Distros).

Ubuntu 10.10(Maverick Meerkat)/10.04 (Lucid Lynx) LTS(or earlier version) uses GNOME as their default desktop manager so you can install GNOME Do – Docky either from Ubuntu Software Center or Synaptic Package Manager or from terminal. If you are using Ubuntu 11.04 then then first you need to run GNOME Panel (The Classical Ubuntu Desktop) because Ubuntu 11.04(Natty Narwhal) uses Natty Desktop by default.


The snapshot you see above, was captured on Ubuntu 10.10, with some 3D effects enabled. The important features of Docky can be summarized as –

  • Simple and powerful
  • Easy to use with Nice GUI/Icons
  • Drag and Drop(items to the docky) features
  • Window Indicator
  • Parabolic Zoom
  • Smart Hiding Feature
  • Advanced Window Management Features

More details on its features,visit the official website. Here is another generic look of Docky on most of the desktop


Installing Docky on Ubuntu 10.04/10.10/11.04

Open ubuntu Software Center and search for ‘docky’ and click on install button to install. You can also install docky from command line by typing the command (Followed by your Login Password)  mentioned below –

$ sudo apt-get install docky