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download youtube video in ubuntu

how to download YouTube videos in Ubuntu 10.04

download youtube video in ubuntu

This post will explain about some simple methods to Download YouTube videos on Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx.You can do it either from command line or Terminal or in graphical interface by using some plugins in Firefox.Two common methods are explained here,which surely works in Ubuntu 10.04.

Method #1 : From Command Line

It’s very simple and fast.There is a simple utility called youtube-dl for downloading videos from terminal.So install the youtube-dl package.

First open the terminal(CTRL+ALT+T) and install youtube-dl package by typing the command(=>Password)-

$ sudo apt-get install youtube-dl

Then you can open youtube and copy the url of the video you want to download.Enter the url with the command to download the video.

youtube-dl "URL"


youtube-dl "http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DWevG2BlH3k"

Method #2 : Firefox Plugin

If you don’t want to mess with command line then surely you will go with this method.What you have to do is to install a plugin which will automatically indicate a link when any videos are available to download in youtube or any other sites.

Plugin Name : Flash and Video Download

Download Youtube videos

Install it from Firefox Plugin Directory or from Firefox Add on Manager.

After installing the plugin,open youtube and play the video you want to download.Then you will notice an arrow link in Bottom Right Corner of the Browser.Just click on that,it will allow you you to download any flash files available on youtube or any other website,simple by clicking on the selected video files.

Linux Kernel version Now available for download

linux kernel latest version

On July 05,2010 the new kernel of Linux was released.The changes made in this version can be summarized as-

Total no of files added OR deleted is equal to zero
Total number of files changed is equal to two hundred and twenty nine.
Total number of lines added is equal to two thousand three hundred and twelve.
Total number of lines changed is equal to one thousand seven hundred and fifty one.
Total number of lines deleted is equal to one thousand one hundred and thirty four.

Download linux kernel

Download Manager for Ubuntu 10.04

download manager for ubuntu 10.04

For Ubuntu 10.04 LTS ,a lot of download manager is available so it isn’t so easy to choose a good one.This post is aimed to explore about a good download manager for ubuntu 10.04.

Multiget : Download Manager recommended for ubuntu 10.04

Multiget is a free and open source download manager with easy to use and decent graphical user interface.Multiget is developed using c++ and it is a cross platform application(available for Linux/Windows/BSD/MacOS).

Features of Multiget Dwonload Manager
It has suppports for FTP/HTTP protocols,so it fullfils the requirements of most of the users.
It supports multithreading on multi server.
you can also resume downloads(Assuming that the corresponding web server supports it).
you can also increase the security by using proxy as it supports SOCKS 4,5 proxy,http proxy and ftp proxy.
Now it supports P2SP(Capability of combining different files downloaded from multiple servers)

How to Install Multiget Download Manager in Ubuntu 10.04
In Ubuntu 10.04 it can be installed in few clicks by using software center or synaptic package manager.Go to Software center and search for multiget then click on install.It may ask for the password.Then enter your account(Ubuntu 10.04 login account) password;then installation will begin and complete within few seconds.Now you are ready to enjoy high speed downloading by using multiget.You can start it from Applications->Internet->Multiget.

If you are running other distro of linux then you may like to download and install it mannualy from its afficial site.
Download Multiget

Credit : http://multiget.sourceforge.net/