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How to Install Eclipse IDE on Ubuntu 12.04

Eclipse IDE (Integrated Development Environment) is the most popular IDE among Java developers although it is also used as an IDE for C++, PHP, Rails (through aptana plugins), Javascript and Android (SDK) development. In fact – it’s the most popular open source IDE, and it is very extensible (through plugins) so whatever language you use – you can get a way with Eclipse.

Anyway – IDE helps a lot in setting up a complex development environment (in Java or others) – so it may help you in increasing your productivity (although I’m not sure about this, I feel more productive on a simple text editor like gedit or very powerful text editors like Vim or Emacs, I don’t use Java either). Although, I’ve written this post primarily for Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (precise pangolin) users but it should work well in other versions of Ubuntu as well as on other similar distributions – specially Debian based distributions e.g Linux Mint, Kubuntu etc.


Install Eclipse Platform

First of all, you should install the Eclipse Platform – core of the IDE – then you can choose/install the language extensions/tools required according to your need. open a terminal and execute –

sudo apt-get install eclipse-platform

Now, you’re installed the core platform you can install development plugins according to your need. I’ve listed some of them so if you can’t find the plugin for your preferred languages here, then go to official site.

Install JDT for Java Development

If you want to setup Eclipse with Java then install Java Development Tools (JDT) package for Eclipse.

sudo apt-get install eclipse-jdt

Install CDT for C/C++ Development

If you want to use Eclipse IDE for C/C++ developments then install CDT (C/C++ development tools) packages for Eclipse –

sudo apt-get install eclipse-cdt

Aptana Studio for Web Developers

Aptana Studio is a good IDE for web developers – it is a good IDE for Python, Ruby on Rails, HTML, CSS and Javascript development. Although, you could install the standalone version of Aptana Studio 2 but if you’re using Eclipse then better install it as a Eclipse Plugin.To install Aptana Studio Development plugin in Eclipse, just follow these simple steps –

  • Open Eclipse and go to Help -> Install New Software and paste the URL (http://download.aptana.com/studio3/plugin/install)
  • Now, few more Next Next .. and you’re done!

Android Development SDK/ADT plugin for Eclipse

I’ve already explained in detail(step by step instruction) about setting up Android SDK on Ubuntu – so refer that post if necessary.

eclipse for ubuntu 11.10

how to install Eclipse IDE on Ubuntu 11.10

Integrated Development Environment or IDE provides a very convenient environment for software development as it automates a lot of boring/complex tasks. Although some programmers do not prefer to use any IDE (specifically ruby programmers – they use TextMate or gedit or other powerful text editors) but java programmers uses IDE in most of the cases because having an IDE makes a lot of jobs much easier. So it means the need of IDE also depends on the type of programming language and the complexity of the project. Since, Java is based on configuration over convention paradigm so an IDE is a must have tool (for Java developers) to automate a lot of tasks, thus it saves a lot of time for coding the actual stuffs.

Ubuntu (latest version 11.10 beta2) has now become the most popular Linux desktop and it has pretty good reputation among programmers – specifically java programmers. Since the eclipse is the best IDE for java – a lot of java programmers uses Ubuntu as their application development platform, so this post will help a beginner java programmer in getting started on Ubuntu with Eclipse IDE. Eclipse is the most popular IDE, not only for java but also for other object oriented programming language such as C/C++, PHP, JavaScript, Ruby on Rails (Aptana plugin is available for Eclipse). Google Android SDK plugin is also available for Eclipse IDE – which makes the Eclipse a lot popular in developing apps for smartphones specifically Android based devices. it has lot of free plugins available to extend the feature as you want.

eclipse for ubuntu 11.10

Install Eclipse IDE on Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot)

Open Terminal (Shortcut : Ctrl+Alt+t) and execute –

sudo apt-get install eclipse

Once you’ve installed the eclipse platform and its dependencies, you can install the required package/plugin for your job.

e.g if you are a java developer then install JDT (Java Development Tools) using the command –

sudo apt-get install eclipse-jdt

for C/C++ programming, install CDT plugin,

sudo apt-get install eclipse-cdt

or you can just search in Ubuntu Software Center and install it from there.

installing-eclipse on Ubuntu 11.10


Android SDK for Ubuntu 11.04/10.10/11.10

Ubuntu – The most popular Linux distribution for desktop users (with an exponential growth in past few years) and Android – one of the most popular mobile operating system, also based on Linux kernel; developed by Google Inc.

Ubuntu 11.04 (alias : Natty Narwhal) or older versions such as 10.10 (Maverick Meerkat) or 10.04 (Lucid Lynx) is now becoming the dominant choice for programmers and web developers probably due to the features (cool desktops (window manager, e.g Gnome, KDE..), open source applications, tools, no licensing cost…) and flexibility available on Linux based operating systems. Android stable version 2.3.5 (Gingerbread) was released a day ago.

Android SDK

Do you want to develop android apps using Linux based distributions, then this post will explain you about installing Android SDK (Software Development Kit) on Ubuntu, despite of that you can apply the same procedure in installing android sdk on other Debian based GNU/Linux OS such as Linux Mint.

Before diving into installing steps for android sdk in Ubuntu 11.04, I assume you have already installed –

  1. JDK (Java Development Kit)
  2. Eclipse IDE

If my assumption is wrong (I mean you haven’t installed the Java SDK and Eclipse IDE) , then follow these link :

how to install JDK on Ubuntu 11.04
how to install eclipse IDE on Ubuntu 11.04

After installing those packages, come back here to proceed.

How to Install and Configure Android SDK with Eclipse IDE

Now, you can install Android in two simple steps :

step #1 : Download and install the android package(s).

Download SDK Starter Package
Then extract the package(s) either by right clicking -> extract or do it from Terminal :

Open Terminal (CTRL+ALT+T) and move on (use cd target_directory) to the directory where you have downloaded the packages.

tar -xf android-sdk_r12-linux_x86.tgz


Android SDK and AVD Manager will be started with the above command,

Android SDK and AVD Manager
now you just need to select the packages (first one you get after expanding Android Repository, is probably mandatory and select the SDK platform version for your targeted device, documentation, sample apps…or any third party Add ons if required) you want to install, then click on ‘Installed Selected’ button; wait for the Download/Installation to complete. (Since the selected packages will be fetched from Internet you need an active internet connection during installation procedure)

step #2 : Install and configure the ADT (Android Development Tool) plugin

start Eclipse and go to Help > Install New Software, then click on Add. Enter the ADT Plugin in name and the following address (in case of any problem, try http instead of https (The secure version of http protocol).. or simply click on archive and locate the manually downloaded ADT plugin file ) as Location.



Then click on Next -> select developers Tools -> Next -> Finish.

Now, it’s time to configure ADT Plugin, Click on Window -> Preferences -> Select Android in left panel and locate the Android SDK directory, and hit Apply/OK.


That’s all.

installing eclipse ide on ubuntu 11.04

how to install Eclipse IDE on Ubuntu 11.04

Nowadays, IDE i.e Integrated Development Environment is used by most of the Programmers and software developers, as it provides sophisticated software development environment; features like – auto code completion, easy testing and debugging, syntax coloring, framework integration etc. So IDE creates a layer of abstraction, that is certainly helpful for production environment, but may not be good for novice programmers (due to abstraction layer created by IDE, they might lack some background concepts).

There are a number of IDEs available in the Market, but few open source IDE like Eclipse and NetBeans are the most popular. Eclipse IDE is a multi-language software development environment, written in java and available for all platforms like Linux based OS, e.g Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal), Debian, Linux Mint, etc, Windows and Mac OS X. Eclipse is a free and open source software (Available under Eclipse Public License, very close to GPL), developed by FOSS community.

Eclipse is the most popular IDE among the Java developers. Eclipse architecture is very flexible and modular, so eclipse is well suited not only for Java programming (with JDT (Java Development Tools) ), but also for C/C++, with CDT (C/C++ Development Tools) components. Most of the frameworks and environments are well suitable with Eclipse; functionality can be easily added with plugins. On Ubuntu 11.04, you can use synaptic package manager or Ubuntu software center or shell to install eclipse in few clicks.

Installing Eclipse IDE on Ubuntu 11.04

Install Eclipse IDE from Ubuntu Software

#1 : Go to main menu (Top Left Corner) and search for ‘ubuntu software center’ or just open it from left econ bar.

#2 : Now, search for ‘eclipse’ in quick search bar.

installing eclipse ide on ubuntu 11.04

#3 : Click on more info (if you want to know more(like Ratings, reviews) before installing, generally recommended), then click on install to begin (You may have to enter your login password), wait until the installation is complete.

#4 : That’s all..you can access it from the main menu (just type ‘eclipse’).

Download and install

Get eclipse from its official website and extract it to any directory (say ‘home’) and make it executable using chmod command, add a path variable (to access directly) if required.

Download Eclipse IDE

Then extract it to the directory ‘/home/your_username’ and make the eclipse.sh file executable using the command-

sudo chmod +x eclipse.sh

Eclipse IDE on Ubuntu 11.04

Eclipse IDE on Ubuntu 11.04

web development tools for Ubuntu 10.10

This post will explain about some open source and free web development tools that you can use to increase your productivity while using Ubuntu(Linux Based operating system,specifically designed for desktop users) 10.10(Maverick Meerkat) or 10.04(Lucid Lynx).

web development on ubuntu | with Eclipse

#1 : Eclipse Web Development tools ::

Eclipse IDE is probably the best for web development on Ubuntu.it’s open source and available completely free.Eclipse is mainly popular as JAVA IDE but it has a lot of plugins and special editions for web developers.e.g Eclipse PHP,Javascript,HTML,XML and so on.Some packages are specially organized in web tools.Installing Eclipse is quite simple ..just extract it to any directory and run the main executable.If you are still not sure then see here – installing eclipse on ubuntu 10.10 Continue reading