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installing rar-tools-ubuntu-11-04

How to Open RAR File on Ubuntu 11.04

Ubuntu 11.04 (Code named as ‘Natty Narwhal’) has some good applications, installed by default but still a lot of apps isn’t, due to some licensing problem. RAR (short for Roshal ARchive, a proprietary archive file format ) compression tool is a shareware software, that’s why it’s not installed by default.

Ubuntu 11.04 has support for some common compressed files formats like tar, bz2, gz, zip etc, but not for rar. So if you will try to open a ‘file_name.rar’ file, then an error message will be displayed saying that – ‘File Format Not Supported!’. That’s why, you need to install RAR Compression/uncompression tool. You can install it from command line or Ubuntu Software Center or Synaptic Package Manager.

Installing RAR compression/uncompression Tool from Ubuntu Software Center

#1 : open Ubuntu Software Center (from the left icon panel) and search for ‘rar’.

installing rar-tools-ubuntu-11-04

#2 : Then click on install button to install the rar package.

#3 : That’s All..wait until the installation is complete. Then right click on the file, and extract it or just double click or select extract here to begin the uncompression process.

how to open RAR file on Ubuntu 10.10


RAR(Roshal Archive) is an archive file format and supports data compression,file spanning and error recovery.On Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat RAR files can be open,unpacked or extracted by many applications e.g rar,7-Zip,PeaZip,unrar,winRAR.

Installing RAR Extractor in Ubuntu 10.10 

Open Ubuntu Software Center and search for ‘rar’.Install RAR compression/uncompression tool but remember it’s a shareware software so you must have to register after ending the trial period of 40 days.To install RAR tool just click on the install button(located in right end) and wait for the installation to complete(you may have to authenticate yourself by entering your ubuntu login password).

That’s All..Now you can select any RAR file and right click,then extract to the desired location.

How to Make a File Invisible in Ubuntu 10.04

Making a file invisible in ubuntu 10.04

step1. Open Nautilus(Default File Browser).
step2. Go to a directory(say Web) and Select the file you want to make invisible(Say ubuntutips).
step3. Now right click on the file(ubuntutips) and select rename.
step4. In renaming process just put a dot(.) before the name of the file then press enter to save it.
step5. Refresh the Nautilus either by pressing CTRL+H twice or opening the new window after closing it.
step6. That’s All ,now your file ubuntutips will become invisible.

How to see hidden files in Ubuntu 10.04
To see the hidden or invisible files on ubuntu 10.04,in the directory you want to see hidden files,press CTRL+H OR select view->Show Hidden Files in Nautilus File browser.