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windows 7 theme for Linux Mint

Now a days, Linux Mint is one of the most popular Linux based operating system among the desktop users, specifically who used to be a windows 7(or may be Vista or XP) users. Linux Mint 10(Julia) /9/(Linux Mint Debian Edition) has a lot of flavors based on the default desktop — Gnome,KDE,LXDE etc. GNOME is the default desktop for Linux Mint (just like most of the Linux Distributions). GNOME(based on GTK+) is flexible and so you can have any look as you want -either Windows or Mac (and of course Linux desktop Look).

Now lets come to our main objective of this post, which is – ” to provide you the windows 7 theme for Linux Mint 10/9 which have GNOME as their desktop”. The structure of the Linux based os is very modular so the theme components can be manipulated without any problem at all.

Here is one snapshot of windows 7 theme on Linux Mint (GNOME version 2.x) —


Download windows 7 theme for Linux Mint

Get the compress format of the above theme from its official website – download windows 7 theme for Linux Mint.

How to install windows 7 theme on Linux Mint

#1 :  Download the .tar.gz file.

#2 : Right click on the desktop; then move to change theme -> Themes.

#3 : Now drag the theme_file_name.tar.gz and drop it to the windows.

#4 : That’s All ..then a message will be displayed – like New Theme has installed. Sleect the theme you want to use.

NOTE : You can also install themes manually, by copying and extracting the files(.tar.gz) content to the themes(usr/shares/themes) directory, but it is not recommended for beginners; you should use this(manual) method only when ‘drag and drop’ method doesn’t work.

top 10 ubuntu themes

Ubuntu 10.10 has already a lot of charming themes installed by default but it’s not sufficient for everybody specifically for those who(of course I ϵ ‘that set of enthusiastic Ubuntu users’) always want the desktop to ‘Look Different’.So in this post I’ll give you some snapshot(as well as download link) of some of the best ubuntu themes for GNOME desktop users.Due to the open source nature of ubuntu,it isn’t that much easy to come up with top 10 themes.Some of the best default themes are Radiance,Ambiance,Clearlooks(classic theme of gnome desktop),NewWave,Dustsand.Ubuntu uses GNOME as default desktop and it is fully customizable;you can try different combination of borders,colors and icons to create your own themes. Continue reading

windows7 theme for ubuntu 10.04

windows 7 themes for ubuntu 10.04

Ubuntu 10.04(Lucid Lynx)/9.10 users or any other Linux based OS users which uses GNOME desktop as windows manager can install windows 7 themes pack or Win2-7 Pack for windows 7 look on your ubuntu(10.04 or older versions).Win2-7 pack 5.7.2 is the latest version available now!(See below for download link).The purpose of this win2-7 pack is to provide simple,efficient,user friendly and easily customizable windows 7 transformation pack for the gnome desktop.

windows7 theme for ubuntu 10.04

It’s available free(Scroll Down.. for download link) and installation/uninstallation is easy but it’s recommended to make a backup before implementing windows 7 Aero themes/pack on Ubuntu 10.04.Currently win2-7 pack is available in three languages – English,French and Spanish.

Download Windows 7 Theme – Transformation pack(45MB)

After downloading the windows 7 theme – transformation pack,extract the archive file and run the installer script(Don’t forget to backup all your data on Ubuntu 10.04).That’s all ….feel and enjoy windows 7 look in Ubuntu 10.04.
best gnome desktop themes

best gnome desktop themes

If you are Using Linux based operating system then it’s not a good idea to stick with a particular application or theme or anything… due to the variety available in each type..just try and enjoy new && different..FUN.. specially when it comes to design and look!Gnome Desktop is the most popular window manager application in the Gnu-Linux operating system;that’s why most of the linux distribution use gnome as default desktop e.g Ubuntu,Fedora,Debian..I am using Ubuntu 10.04 and I have used most of the popular Gnome Themes(Installed from System->Administration->Synaptic Package Manager),this post is aimed to introduce you with some of the great Gnome Themes.
best gnome desktop themes

ClearLooks : An efficient and fast theme based on GTK+ and is used as default GNOME desktop theme in some linux distros.You can install it from the package manager(SPM in Ubuntu 10.04/9.10/..)

gnome desktop themes : ambiance

Ambiance :
The default theme in latest release of Ubuntu(In Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx)..installed by default on ubuntu;if no then install it from package manager.

gnome desktop theme - ubuntustudio

UbuntuStudio :
This is actually made for UbuntuStudio(Special Edition of Ubuntu ..by mixing some sound and video applications in better way to make a dedicated os for designers and for other studio works..) .Available in corresponding Package Manager application.

best gnome desktop themes

Elementary :
A great theme with lot of options to customize as you want…available in synaptic package repository..
best gnome desktop themes

Dust Sand
By name itself it’s clear that what type of theme this is..This is also available in spm.

It gives you the feel of Linux Mint …the green color GTK+ based charming theme!!

Other GNOME Desktop themes that you may want to try :

  • Sorbet
  • Glider
  • NewWave
  • Turrican
  • SphereCrystal
  • Radiance
  • HumanME
  • Impression