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how to install google chrome on ubuntu 10.10


Google Chrome is nothing but a modified version of chromium, an open source web browser.So On Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat you can also install Google Chromium from Software Center but Google Chrome has few extra features so you may want to try that.O.K,this post will explain you how to install Google chrome in Ubuntu 10.10 although it works for other debian based GNU/Linux system too.Google Chrome is the fastest browser on this planet..so without any delay ..go to the steps and install Chrome.

Although Ubuntu 10.10 comes with Firefox,installed by Default,the most popular open source browser in the world but it’s loosing it’s popularity due to some reasons.So in the upcoming versions of Ubuntu you may see Google Chrome as Default web browser.Number of features and the users share is also increasing rapidly for Google Chrome.Now,a lot of plugins are also available so that you can add some custom functionality to the browser.


step #1 : Get Google Chrome Debian package(*.deb)

Download the Google Chrome from the link given below.

Download Google Chrome 

step #2 :  Install Google Chrome

After downloading the .deb file from the above link,open the .deb package with Ubuntu software center,then click on install button to begin installation procedure.Wait for the installation to complete.

step #3 : Enjoy Google Chrome

That’s All ..you are done..open Applications->Internet->Google Chrome and enjoy fast browsing with Google Chrome.

how to install google earth in ubuntu 10.10

how to install Google Earth in ubuntu 10.04

install google earth in ubuntu

If you have any problem in installing Google Earth in Ubuntu 10.04(Lucid Lynx) then this post will solve the problem..it’s very easy …and will take less than a minute(Excluding Downloading Time).Just follow the steps given below.
Google Earth is a desktop applications which has derived features from Google Map,and of-course developed and maintained by Google.By Using Google Earth you can visualize the earth in 3D mode,and it allows you to interactively navigate satellite imagery,maps,terrain and other things.The other important features is that you can search for a location,find a path from one point to other.The zooming effect(Requires 3D acceleration and High Bandwidth Internet Connection) is really very good.Actually Debian packages which supports well with Ubuntu,aren’t available instead you have to install it from *.bin package,provided by Google for Linux Platform.

How to install Google Earth in Ubuntu 10.04 – Lucid Lynx

#1 : Download the binary package,’GoogleEarthLinux.bin’ for Linux/Ubuntu from the official website.
Download Google Earth

#2 : Open Terminal(CTRL+ALT+T),go(Use CD Command) to the directory where you have saved the downloaded file and make the bin file executable by typing the command –

 $ chmod +x GoogleEarthLinux.bin

#3 : Next,begin the installation by typing the command(followed by a single click on Install)

 $ ./GoogleEarthLinux.bin

#4 : After completing the installation procedure successfully,you will notice a desktop shortcut/launcher for Google Earth.If you will double click on it then,it will start the application(Google Earth);but you may have to change it’s permission(If any error occurs).If so then run the command(Don’t forget to change the directory,if needed) –

 $ chmod +x Google-googleearth.desktop

Alternative Method : Open Ubuntu Software Center or Synaptic Package Manager and search for “google earth” and select the package to install.It should also work.Try it and send me your feedback through comments.

how to install google earth

Google Wave - End of this project

Google Wave Project : Dropped

Google Wave - End of this project

On Wednesday,Aug 4,2010 Google declared(On the Official Blog of Google) to Drop – the Wave Project,A new web application for real time communication(character-by-character live typing, and the ability to drag-and-drop files from the desktop..) started on May 27,2009.

It was designed to replace the current e-mail,instant messaging and social networking technique by using the next generation of protocol – Wave Protocol.Although Wave protocol is based on XMPP and aimed to replace the current email and messaging protocol.Google wave is written in Java using OpenJDk and for web interface Google Web Toolkit is used.

google wave-dropped

The Google Wave product offered by Google may have met its end,but the protocol(wave) and platform will live on as open-source code.
Eric Schmidt, Google’s chief executive, told a conference in California on August 4,2010 that the user interface is liked by many companies and some features, which would be incorporated into some upcoming Google technologies that is still under development.
The Google Wave’s Website will be maintained up to the end of this year and the concept/technology will be implemented in some other upcoming products..

gtalk for windows 7

Google Talk for Ubuntu 10.04

gtalk for ubuntu
What is google talk(in short – gtalk)?

Google Talk is an instant messaging service(The Project is developed on Google Code) which is built on Open Protocols – XMPP,Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol(Old Name – Jabber),an open protocol based on XML; and Jingle(an extension to XMPP for initiating and maintaining peer to peer sessions).gtalk,a google instant messenger(With Extra features like voice calls over Internet using voip) is free and it’s source code is also available so that developers can build a clients that can be connected to the google talk service.

Gtalk for Ubuntu 9.10/10.04

Currently google talk has native support for windows-XP(or Later) and Mac OS X only i.e for Linux or Ubuntu google talk is not developed(Although it is guessed that for Linux gtalk is under development…).On the second thought,ubuntu 10.04 has already a Empathy IM(Instant Messenger) client but if you have used gtalk before on windows XP or 7 then you won’t want to forget gtalk.Although there are many other ways you can use google talk on your ubuntu 10.04.One of the simple ways is to install it through wine.

Update1!  A lot of people have complained that the method explained below that – it doesn’t work anymore (probably due to some dependencies compatibility or other issue) – so you are recommended to choose another alternative – like empathy (it may be installed by default in your Ubuntu distribution, so you just need to set up an account with it) or install skype for text/audio/video chatting. have Fun!

Install google talk(gtalk) on Ubuntu 10.04 – by using wine

#1. To install google talk,first you need to install wine on ubuntu 10.04.Skip this step if already you are using wine on ubuntu.

#2. Download the gtalk windows executable from the google’s website.
Download Google Talk

#3. Install Google Talk on Ubuntu by Right click-> Open with Wine Windows Program Loader.

#4. I hope Your work is done!

Conclusion : Running Windows application program on Ubuntu by using Wine might irritate sometimes..I think Google will release the gtalk for ubuntu(*.deb) soon…

How to Install Google Gadgets in Ubuntu 10.04

Getting the information directly on your desktop is very useful and you can do it in fun way by using Google gadgets available for various desktops.Now it is also available for Linux(and of course for Ubuntu 10.04).You can download it fr0m Google’s site and install it in most of the linux versions.But Now in Ubuntu 10.04 you can install it in more simple way.

Installing google gadgets in ubuntu 10.04

Installing desktop Gadget in Ubuntu 10.04 :
step1 : Open Synaptic Package Manager(System->Administration->SPM).

step2 : Search for “Google Gadgets”;Now you have two options google-gadgets-gtk and google-gadgets-qt.Although you can choose anyone of them but if you are using GNOME desktop(Default Desktop of Ubuntu 10.04) then it is better to select google-gadgets-gtk(select google-gadgets-qt if you are using KDE desktop in Ubuntu 10.04 or if you are using Kubuntu).

step3 : Check the box for installation(it may ask for some other dependencies click ok).Next click on Apply to install the selected softwares.The Google gadgets will be installed within few minutes.

step4 : Since you have installed the Google gadgets successfully,so you can open it : Applications->Internet->Google Gadgets(GTK/Qt).In adding some gadgets(click on +) it may ask you for security verification if so,then click on yes.

google gadgets with ubuntuubuntu 10.04 desktop gadgets
step5 : End.I hope you are enjoying Google Gadgets well!