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E-mail client for Ubuntu 10.04

e-mail client for ubuntu 10.04

Ubuntu 10.04 users who have come from the windows-xp or vista or 7 may be searching for a suitable mail client like Microsoft outlook.In Linux/Ubuntu world there are lot of mail client available in contrast to the outlook.In this post I will try to explore an excellent e-mail client,that is probably the best.Although the evolution,a robust application,is installed as default mail client in ubuntu 10.04.But it is not necessary that every user should stuck to a single application where ,a lot of applications are waiting with some unique features.So you can try different mail clients and after that choose whatever you like.(Don’t forget to do some experiment in linux/Ubuntu;then surely you will enjoy and learn more)

Mozilla Thunderbird : The best Mail Client for Ubuntu 10.04 LTS
This is an robust e-mail client developed by Mozilla foundation.Since it is free and open source you can install it on your Ubuntu 10.04 very easily.It has a lot of features like easy mail account setup,tabs,e-mail archiving,folders to manage you e-mails more efficiently.It’s latest version 3.04 has released and you can install it on your system.It is a cross platform mail application i.e you can install it on Ubuntu or other Linux distribution as well as on Windows and MacOS.It’s new version cam with a lot of features and it is very fast and flexible because its functionality can be easily extended through plugins(A lot of plugins are available free on the Internet).It gives a great attention on security i.e you can easily set up encrypted connections with your mail server so that your mail account password and other sensitive information can’t be filtered through sniffing or Man in Middle attack.
Go to its official website for more details on its features

How to install Mozilla Thunderbird in Ubuntu 10.04
Actually the installation is very simple and it will take les than few minutes to complete,in ubuntu 10.04 LTS.There are many ways to install Thunderbird – using command line or By using Ubuntu Software center or by using Synaptic Package Manager.Installing Thunderbird from Ubuntu Software Center is very simple.

1.First,Open Ubuntu Software Center(Application->Ubuntu Software Center).

2.Search for Thunderbird.

3.Click on install.

4.It may ask you to authorise first if so then enter your password(Ubuntu login account) to begin downloading installation process.

5.Wait for the installation to complete.

6.You are done! Now open the Mozilla Thunderbird from Application->Internet->Mozilla Thunderbird Mail/News to configure your mail account(s).Enter the required information like mail account ID,password etc.That’s all…

Credit : Mozilla Foundation

Foxit Reader for Ubuntu 10.04

foxit pdf reader for ubuntu 10.04

Ubuntu 10.04 comes with Document Viewer(Installed by default) which is a robust application(Good for reading e-book or pdf document) so it is not necessary to search for any other e-book reader.But one fact is that- Document Viewer is a basic application designed for general purposes uses and contains only the basic features like text selection,text search,zoom and others.If you have ever used Foxit Reader in windowsXP or 7 then you will feel the difference between Foxit reader and document viewer.Foxit reader is an excellent pdf reader with many advanced features and it is available free for all platforms(Linux,window..).That’s why you would like to use Foxit reader on ubuntu 10.04 too.Foxit Reader is also available FREE for Linux operating system in different package format(e.g debian package is available for Ubuntu) and installing procedure is extremely simple! Just few steps..

How to Install Foxit Reader in Ubuntu 10.04 :

step1 : Go to the download page of foxit software’s official website.
Download Foxit Reader

step2 : On the website search for the text “Foxit Reader for Desktop Linux”.Just Below- click on more download.Then different package options will come.Select .deb(3.61MB).

installing foxit reader in ubuntu
step3 : Now a small window will appear with the message similar to “Open with GDebi Package Installer”,Click OK.Now downloading will begin and wait for the download to complete.When the download will complete then a window will open automatically(as in above picture).click install package to install the foxit reader.It will take few seconds.

step4 :
Foxit reader is now installed on your computer.To open it you may go to Applications->Office->Foxit Reader or right click on the pdf Document and click on “Open with Foxit Reader”.

step5 : End of The Statement..Now Enjoy reading books with Foxit Reader!!

Credit : www.foxitsoftware.com

How to Install Google Chrome in Ubuntu 10.04

installing chrome in ubuntu

Google chrome is one of the fastest browser available and its popularity is increasing very fastly.You can also install chromium browser in Ubuntu 10.04 that is available in software center;similar to Google chrome.Although a beta version of Google chrome is also released for Linux(Ubuntu/OpenSUSE and others).For Ubuntu 10.04 it is simple to install using Debian package installer.

Install Chrome in Ubuntu 10.04 :

step1 : Get the Google Chrome fr0m its official website.
Download Google Chrome

step2 : When you accept the TOS(Terms of Service) and downloading will start then open the package with Gdebi Package installer.

how to install google chrome in ubuntu 10.04

step3 : When the software will be downloaded then installation will begin if you click on install package.Next,Installation will complete within few seconds.

step4 : Open it fr0m Applications->Internet->Google Chrome.

step5 : End. Enjoy Surfing with Google Chrome.

How to Install Google Gadgets in Ubuntu 10.04

Getting the information directly on your desktop is very useful and you can do it in fun way by using Google gadgets available for various desktops.Now it is also available for Linux(and of course for Ubuntu 10.04).You can download it fr0m Google’s site and install it in most of the linux versions.But Now in Ubuntu 10.04 you can install it in more simple way.

Installing google gadgets in ubuntu 10.04

Installing desktop Gadget in Ubuntu 10.04 :
step1 : Open Synaptic Package Manager(System->Administration->SPM).

step2 : Search for “Google Gadgets”;Now you have two options google-gadgets-gtk and google-gadgets-qt.Although you can choose anyone of them but if you are using GNOME desktop(Default Desktop of Ubuntu 10.04) then it is better to select google-gadgets-gtk(select google-gadgets-qt if you are using KDE desktop in Ubuntu 10.04 or if you are using Kubuntu).

step3 : Check the box for installation(it may ask for some other dependencies click ok).Next click on Apply to install the selected softwares.The Google gadgets will be installed within few minutes.

step4 : Since you have installed the Google gadgets successfully,so you can open it : Applications->Internet->Google Gadgets(GTK/Qt).In adding some gadgets(click on +) it may ask you for security verification if so,then click on yes.

google gadgets with ubuntuubuntu 10.04 desktop gadgets
step5 : End.I hope you are enjoying Google Gadgets well!

How to Install Opera in Ubuntu 10.04

Opera is one of the fastest browser available and you want to install it on your Ubuntu 10.04(Lucid Lynx) even though it has already an excellent browser installed by default(That is Mozilla Firefox),then you can install opera in few clicks.Latest version of Opera is just released.So you can install opera 10.10 on Ubuntu 10.04(or any other Linux version procedure is just same)by following three steps : (very simple steps)

Three step installation of Opera 10.10 on Ubuntu 10.04 :

step1 : Open any browser and go to opera’s official website for downloading the latest version for ubuntu 10.04.
Download Opera 10.10

how to install opera on ubuntu 10.04

step2 : Select the operating system(Here it is Ubuntu although it may not be necessary if website will automatically detect) and in package format leave it as default package for easy installation.

step3 : Now click on Download Opera.Then downloading will start and an option will come for opening the package with GDebi Package Installer so click ok.Next downloading will be complete within few moments and installation will start.Finally click on install package to begin the installation and installation will be complete within few seconds.

install opera ubuntu

step4 : End of the Fun.I assume you have installed opera 10.10 on Your Ubuntu successfully!