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Folium – A clean and responsive HTML5 template for portfolio

Folium is a HTML5 template built using Twitter Bootstrap especially for freelance developers/photographers who needs a portfolio website to showcase their work.

It’s a one page responsive template, It has simple and clean design, it’s built using Bootstrap 3.0 (The most popular frontend framework), jQuery etc. Although, it has some nice features and visual effects but it’s still lightweight and fast.

Folium portfolio template

folium template

It’s a premium template available for download, with multiple licenses such as Standard (recommended for quick use), Pro (if you want finer control over the theme design, you also get sass/coffeescript files), Pro Multiple (All pro features plus you can use it for as many sites as you want, including your clients).

So if you’re looking for a modern and flat cool theme for your portfolio site you must check it out.

Here is one screenshot of landing page : (checkout the demo link below)

folium template

Folium – HTML5 Portfolio Template


Getting Started with HTML5 and CSS3

If you want to develop websites or cool web applications, browser games etc HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language) is the first thing you should learn, it’s the language of web. HTML5 has lot of new exciting features, so you can create awesome websites/apps in a much easier way.


CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) is used for styling the html documents/pages. This way, the design and contents do not mix up. CSS3 is the latest version, with a lot of amazing features that allow you to create cool designs in much effective way.

For Learning HTML5/CSS3, these free tutorials/resources are great for beginners –

  1. Code Academy
  2. Mozilla Developer Network
  3. Web Platform
  4. HTML 5 rocks

But you can’t just learn html/css by reading those manuals, then how ? Create a website (may be for some real purpose or as a fun project), apply those skills (whatever you learned, may be just in a couple of hours). you don’t even need a server or something for learning html/css, design and test in your browser (locally).

HTML Quiz Test : Learn HTML with FUN!

Yesterday I found a website which has been created for HTML Quiz Tests.So it’s very useful for beginners because they can learn HTML/CSS/Javascript with a lot of FUN.The website is currently in development phase.Follow The link Given Below :

 HTML Quiz Test

Important Features :

*Everything available there is completely FREE for educational purposes

*It contain HTML Quiz Sets ,each of which contains 20 questions

*Good for Beginners


Source : www.htmlquiztest.com

install bluefish on ubuntu

How to install Bluefish Editor on Ubuntu 10.04

Ubuntu 10.04 has a default text editor Gedit which is probably sufficient for editing source files in any programming language.For HTML also you can use gedit but for experienced web designers who have to implement a lot of features(Tables,frames,dialogs…) in websites or in database driven websites implemented using PHP-MySQL another efficient editor is required.That’s why Bluefish editor is designed.

install bluefish on ubuntu

Bluefish – HTML Editor for Ubuntu 10.04

Bluefish Editor is a HTML editor designed by using GTK+ for Web designers.It is FREE and Open Source Application with easy to use and powerful interface.It’s features include simple way to insert tables and frames in web pages,thumbnail creation with automatic linking as well as HTML syntax highlighting.

Installing Bluefish Editor in Ubuntu 10.04/9.10

1. Open Ubuntu Software Center and Search for “bluefish editor”.

2. Then Click on install button to start installation.

3. Wait for the installation to complete(It will take few minutes).

4. That’s All..Now you can start bluefish from Applications->Programming->Bluefish Editor.

Conclusion : Bluefish has a lot of features(You will enjoy it if you have some experience in web designing) but if you want some more advanced features to control the HTML elements in visual environment then you may like to use Adobe Dreamweaver.