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jquery 1.7

jQuery 1.7 released – with a lot of new features

jQuery – the most popular Javascript Library has released its next version i.e 1.7. jQuery is a free and open source (released under GPL and MIT license) library for web developers who uses Javascript for client side scripting. It is a very fast, light weight, flexible and cross browser tool for developing cool and interactive web applications. The popularity of jQuery has increased exponentially in last few years.

What’s New in jQuery 1.7 ?

jQuery 1.7 has a lot of new things such as new API for event handling, improvements in performance and removal of some non standard features etc. Some bugs related to toggling animations has been fixed and now it works seamlessly among all browser (including IE).

jquery 1.7

So the most important changes/features are –

  • New Event APIs: .on() and .off()
  • Improved performance on Delegated events
  • Better support for HTML 5 in IE 6..8
  • Asynchronous Module Definition

Get jQuery 1.7

Download jQuery Development Code

Download jQuery Production Code (Minified Version)

Eclipse IDE on Ubuntu 11.04

javascript editor for ubuntu

javascript programming ubuntu

Javascript is a client side scripting language,used in creating dynamic websites or web applications.If you are either an expert or a beginner javascript programmer && working on linux based operating system like Ubuntu,then surely you would like to have interactive IDE or Editor.This post will introduce you with an interactive IDE && an editor for javascript programmer.

Editor for Javascript

gedit,the default text editor for GNOME Desktop(The Default Desktop of Ubuntu) is a versatile editor,because it has syntax coloring support for all the commonly used programming languages,scripting language,..etc.That’s why gedit is your basic source editor for javascript,but if you want more advanced features then I would recommend to go with an javascript IDE(Interactive Development Environment).[see below if you want javascript IDE]

IDE for Javascript Programmers

Eclipse is recommended IDE for Javascript.Actually Eclipse is mostly known as a java IDE but it has different versions of IDE for different stuffs,and the functionality can be easily extended by means of plugins.Eclipse is open source and available FREE.So if you want to have fun with javascript,I strongly recommend to download and install dedicated version of Eclipse IDE for javascript web developers.
Download Eclipse IDE for javascript

Using browser as an arithmetic calculator

Some times while on browsing you need to calculate something and you open any application like calculator.Its okay but for simple arithmetic calculator why will you go out fr0m the browser if you can do the same calculation in single click just by opening new tab.This is very simple and based on the JavaScript language.
Lets do some calculation :

step1: In your browser,open a new tab.

step2: Now type(In URL Field i.e in address bar of the browser)
javascript:(airthmatic expression you want to evaluate);
(It will give you output in body of the browser)

You can also use another method for getting output in an alert window.
javascript:alert(your arithmetic expression);
write the following line in the address bar of your browser.(Don’t forget to end the line with semicolon)

step3: You will get the output like this in the browser’s body(top left corner).

step4: End of the Fun.