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ubuntu 10.10 release shedule

Ubuntu 10.10(Maveric Meerkat) release date

ubuntu 10.10 release shedule

Ubuntu 10.10 code named as Maveric Meerkat is the upcoming version of Ubuntu(A GNU/Linux Based open source and free Operating System).Ubuntu 10.10 Alpha 1 was released in June’s first week.The Ubuntu 10.04 Alpha was almost similar to the ubuntu 10.04 but the major changes will be noticed in it’s final release.Few more alpha(1,2 and 3) versions will be released in July and August 2010.Beta,RC(Release Candidate) and Stable or Final Version is scheduled on the following date(In UTC Time)-

Ubuntu 10.10-Beta : September 2nd 2010
Ubuntu 10.10-RC : September 30th 2010
Ubuntu 10.10-Final Release : October 10th 2010

Ubuntu 10.04 – Firefox Default search engine switched to Google

Logo of Ubuntu Some months ago canonical decided to change the default search engine in mozilla firefox from Google(In the ubuntu 9.10 version) to yahoo(For the next version i.e Lucid Lynx).So
in the beginning of ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx beta release the default search engine in the mozilla firefox was switched to yahoo from Google.After some week it was decided that the default search engine will be google,and the changes will be made before 15th april.Hence in the final stable release(April 29,2010) Google will be the default search engine for mozilla firefox.I am trying ubuntu 10.04 beta version on my personal computer.When I updated my system on April 14,2010 My default search engine in the Mozilla firefox has changed to Google.

Enjoy twitter in ubuntu 10.04 using gwibber

twitter with gwibber

You know beta version of the ubuntu 10.04 LTS has released earlier and final version will be released on April 29 2010 and it will be supported till 2013.Many changes and improvement has been made in Lucid Lynx(the name of the ubuntu 10.04 version).

Now you can use your favorite micro-blogging site very easily ..as the lucid lynx came with gwibber which is installed by default in the standard ubuntu distribution package.Gwibber is microblogging client for all the popular micro blogging sites like Twitter.Hence you can easily enjoy tweeting fr0m your desktop just by clicking gwibber.Although gwibber has support for all other major microblogging sites.

Currently supported microblogging sites :


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new features of ubuntu 10.04

Mozilla firefox : ubuntu 10.04 beta came with the latest verson of mozilla firefox 3.6 ,and the default search engine is yahoo.

Desktop : ubuntu 10.04 beta lts came with the latest verson of GNOME desktop(as default) with some new features and programs.

Linux-cernel : it has come with 2.6.32-16.25 kernel.

Hal removal : the ubuntu 10.04 came with the support of full removal of hal fr0m the booting steps,hence the boot process will become more faster and it will become easy to resume in the case of suspend.

New charming themes : Two new themes ambiance and radiance has added along with some new wallpapers and icons.

New indicators : Some indicators has added to make the notification processĀ  more consistent and well designed & optimised for session management works,communication and other tasks.

The final stable version will be released on April 29 2010.

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credit : www.ubuntu.com