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system requirements for Mac OS X Lion

Mac OS X Lion (10.7) is out now! (it’s available in App Store) , released few hours ago. The new version has arrived with a lot of new and exciting features, some of the exciting features are – multi-touch gesture (scrolling, zooming and browsing is more fun!), Full screen Apps, improvements in email features (reading, accessing, filtering etc),¬†autosave¬†in some applications such as text editor, better integration with Mac App Store, improved Drag and Drop capability, a lot of new cool applications etc. This post explore the minimum hardware and software requirements for the latest version of Mac OS X Lion.

After the latest release of Mac, now you can upgrade your Snow Leopard to Lion in $29.99, and upgrading is quite easy (Instead of purchasing and burning a couple of discs, you can upgrade it in few clicks from the App Store) but you need to have latest version of Leopard running on your computer.

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion system (hardware/software) requirements

  • Intel based Mac Computer with Core 2 Duo, i3, i5, i7 or Xeon processor
  • min 2GB of RAM
  • Latest version of Snow Leopard
  • min 4 GB memory space is required although 10 GB is recommended in general


That’s All.. Now if you are done with above requirements then,

How to upgrade to Mac OS X Lion

Go to Mac App Store and click on Upgrade Now, buy it in $29.99. Then, Download the Mac OS X Lion, follow few on-screen instructions …and You are Done! Really? yes..it is so easy! Have Fun!


Ubuntu 11.04 vs Mac OS X

Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) is the latest stable release (released few months ago, and it is the successor of Ubuntu 10.10>10.04 .. and it has arrived with a lot of surprising features).it’s the most popular Linux distribution among the desktop users and the community as well as users has augmented exponentially in the past few years. Ubuntu has established a new reputation among the common desktop users, because of its ease of use and simplicity. Before Ubuntu, Linux based distro were used only by computer ‘geeks’ but now, the Ubuntu is so simple that any non technical human can easily use most of its features (but it may takes some time (it depends on the users I.Q)). Ubuntu (The term ‘ubuntu’ has been borrowed from Africa which means ‘humanity for others’) is an open source software, released under GPL (GNU public License); available free for all Human. The word free doesn’t only mean that – ‘you don’t have to pay for it’ but also in other sense such as ‘you free to use it as you want i.e free also stands for freedom, there is no restriction!’. That’s why Ubuntu is well suitable for those who want higher degree of customization (Go ahead dude!, the only limit is your imagination).
Mac OS X is a closed source operating system developed by Apple Inc. Mac OS X is a unix like operating system comes by default with Macintosh computer. Mac OS X has very nice and robust GUI (Graphical User Interface) better than all other operating systems on this planet. The latest version – 10.7 (Lion, the successor of 10.6(Snow Leopard) released on August 28, 2009) in Xth series was released on October 20, 2010.

Ubuntu vs Mac OS

#1 Cost : Ubuntu is 100% free while Mac OS is not!

#2 Customization/Control : Ubuntu is better because it is an open source software, so it can be customized to any extent on the other hand Mac OS is a closed source software so a lot of restrictions are there.

#3 Usability : Even though, Ubuntu has made GNU/Linux a lot easier to use it’s still more complex than Mac OS. So Mac OS is better (The user interface is simply great in ease of use as well as for productivity) in this sense.

#4 Learning : Ubuntu is better than Learning because Linux distributions are well suitable for trying new things which eventually leads to serve as a better learning platform than any other on this planet (or may be universe, I don’t know :)).

#5 Applications : Ubuntu has a lot of applications with One click installation feature and most of them are free, while Mac OS do have some cool applications such as TextMate (An excellent text editor available only for Mac OS, TextMate is very popular among web developers and programmers because of its features and productivity; if you are an Ubuntu user then you can customize gedit to look like TextMate), but you have to pay for that and the options are limited because most of the developers target only Windows and GNU/Linux (while developing applications).

#6 Security : Ubuntu is more secure (after all it is a Linux distro) than the Mac OS X or any other non Linux distributions.

#7 Speed : Ubuntu 11.04 is faster than Mac OS X because Mac OS is focused mainly on how it looks not on how it performs; while Ubuntu is modular, focused primarily on performance and speed, and it has a lot of good looking desktops such as KDE, Gnome, Natty etc (if you think about the look and feel).

#8 Fun : Ubuntu is always fun because it has a lot of new stuffs/things to try you will never get bored. Mac OS is also Fun! but ??
Now it’s you who is going to decide the best! So get your opinion counted in the poll (see below) and share your views as well as experience through comment(s) (it’s not optional :)).