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Manage your cooking recipes in Ubuntu 12.04

Ubuntu has gained a lot of popularity in last few years – and not just among the geeks but also among the common users. This post is all about the cooking applications available for Ubuntu or other GNU/Linux distributions (e.g ubuntu derivatives such as Linux Mint or RPM distributions such as Fedora) – because  if cooking is your favorite hobby then you may need some apps for managing recipes (On Ubuntu).

Jack Tripper : From “Three’s Company” (A great sitcom)

As a matter of fact, there are no such great application available for cooking recipes, in Ubuntu 12.04 (You know the reason very well, don’t you ?) but there are two applications that might be worth trying. Although, the project seems to be inactive for months (or years) but you can give it a try.

Cooking Recipes Manager App for Ubuntu/Linux

1. Krecipes

Krecipes is a KDE based application for managing recipes. It has lot of features such as recipes search, shopping list,  import/export of recipes from other formats/databases, etc – and the UI is also very simple and easy to use.


Install Krecipes

it’s there in Ubuntu Software Center. To install krecipes – either search in Software Center or open a terminal and execute –

sudo apt-get install Krecipes

2. Gourmet Recipe Manager

Gourmet Recipe Manager is another great recipe application – based on Python and GTK. It has all the cool features – that you expect from a recipe manager.

gourmet Recipe Manager

Download Gourmet Recipe Manager (From Official Website)

Download Manager for Ubuntu 10.04

download manager for ubuntu 10.04

For Ubuntu 10.04 LTS ,a lot of download manager is available so it isn’t so easy to choose a good one.This post is aimed to explore about a good download manager for ubuntu 10.04.

Multiget : Download Manager recommended for ubuntu 10.04

Multiget is a free and open source download manager with easy to use and decent graphical user interface.Multiget is developed using c++ and it is a cross platform application(available for Linux/Windows/BSD/MacOS).

Features of Multiget Dwonload Manager
It has suppports for FTP/HTTP protocols,so it fullfils the requirements of most of the users.
It supports multithreading on multi server.
you can also resume downloads(Assuming that the corresponding web server supports it).
you can also increase the security by using proxy as it supports SOCKS 4,5 proxy,http proxy and ftp proxy.
Now it supports P2SP(Capability of combining different files downloaded from multiple servers)

How to Install Multiget Download Manager in Ubuntu 10.04
In Ubuntu 10.04 it can be installed in few clicks by using software center or synaptic package manager.Go to Software center and search for multiget then click on install.It may ask for the password.Then enter your account(Ubuntu 10.04 login account) password;then installation will begin and complete within few seconds.Now you are ready to enjoy high speed downloading by using multiget.You can start it from Applications->Internet->Multiget.

If you are running other distro of linux then you may like to download and install it mannualy from its afficial site.
Download Multiget

Credit : http://multiget.sourceforge.net/