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picasa-snapshot on Ubuntu 11.04

How to install Picasa on Ubuntu 11.04

Picasa is a photo management Application from Google Inc. Picasa is a free software, available for all platforms – Windows, GNU/Linux and Mac OS X. Picasa (probably named after great painter, drawer and sculpturist – Pablo Picasso) runs using Wine on Ubuntu 11.04, so it lacks some features, but still it’s a great apps for photo editing, organizing and sharing  picture, on Ubuntu.

On Ubuntu 11.04, you can also F-spot photo manager (Open Source and free Apps for managing pics), available in Ubuntu Software Center. Picasa has a lot of features that’s why most users prefer Picasa over Fspot. Picasa will never delete any pictures, and it won’t upload any picture to the web without your permission. Picasa 2.7 is the latest stable release for Linux based OS, or you can also try Picasa 3.0 Beta, if you want; download links are given below and the installation procedure is same in both the cases.

New Features in Picasa 3.0

  • Easy to add watermark or text to photos
  • better integration with Picasa web Albums
  • easy to upload pics
  • advanced retouch tools to improve photo quality

picasa-snapshot on Ubuntu 11.04

Installing Picasa on Ubuntu 11.04

step #1 : Download the Debian Package for your computer architecture (32 or 64 bit).

Download Picasa for Ubuntu

step #2 : Right Click and open the file with Ubuntu Software Center (or simply double click on the file) to begin, then click on install button and wait until the installation is complete.


step #3 : That’s All.. Now you can find it in the main menu (Top Left Corner)

Install Picasa from command line

Open Terminal (CTRL+ALT+T) and type the following commands –

For 32 bit

wget http://dl.google.com/linux/deb/pool/non-free/p/picasa/picasa_3.0-current_i386.deb
sudo dpkg -i picasa_3.0-current_i386.deb

For 64 bit

wget http://dl.google.com/linux/deb/pool/non-free/p/picasa/picasa_3.0-current_amd64.deb
sudo dpkg -i picasa_3.0-current_amd64.deb

how to install picasa in ubuntu 10.10


This post will explain about some basic features of Picasa (=+Web Albums) along with the installation details on Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat.Picasa is a photo sharing/editing application developed by Google.Picasa allows you to organize all your pictures/photos in efficient/fast way.It’s  free to use and 1GB(Giga Bytes) of free space is provided if you use Picasa web Albums.Picasa is available for Windows(xp/vista/7),GNU/Linux(e.g Ubuntu,Fedora,Linux Mint) and Mac OS X.

Installing Picasa on Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat


The most simple way to install Picasa on Ubuntu would be to get the debian(*.deb) executable for Picasa.Simply follow the steps –

#1 : Download Picasa

          download Picasa for Ubuntu 10.10 

#2 : Install Picasa

Go to the location where you have saved the *.deb file and  Right Click –> Open with Ubuntu Software Center,then click on install button and wait for the installation to complete.


#3 : Enjoy Picasa

  Now,you can open Picasa from Applications –> Internet –> Picasa,then accept the license terms and select preferences…that’s All.

Important features of Picasa at a Glance

*Organize Photos in easily

*Good interface with Lot of fun effects

*Easy Sharing of Photos

*Edit pics. as you want

…..go to it’s official website for more details(link is given above).

How to install Picasa in Ubuntu 10.04

picasa for ubuntu 10.04 lts

Picasa,a free Photo software provided by Google.For linux platform ,version 4 will be released soon but know its beta version picasa 3 is available.Picasa is available for all major version of linux.RPM package is available for Red Hat,fedora,OpenSuse and Mandriva while .deb(debian) package of picasa-3 is available for Ubuntu 10.04 and Debian.After some time the picasa will be available in repository(Synaptic Package Manager) but at this time you can manually download it from the URL provided in the next step,and install it by opening with Gdebi Package Installer.

Installing Picasa in Ubuntu 10.04

picasa 3 for ubuntu lts lucid lynx

step1: First,Download the .deb package(For Ubuntu 10.04 users others see above)from its official website.
Download Picasa for Linux
After clicking on download,a new page will come then select the appropriate package for your computer configuration(i.e for i386 or AMD64).After clicking on the URL  an option will come to save the .deb file,click save file.File size is around 30MB.

step2: Now you install the package by using command line OR just open with Gdebi Package Installer(By opening after right click) OR simply double click on the .deb package,then a window will appear,click Install Package.Installation will complete within few seconds.

using Command Line : Run the following command in your ubuntu terminal after moving to its directory(use CD command,learn some basic ubuntu-linux commands)

sudo dpkg -i picasa_3.0-current_i386.deb

After running the command,it may ask you to enter the password(Ubuntu login account),enter the password and proceed.It will finish within moments.

Step3: If you have installed the Picasa successfully on Ubuntu 10.04 then you can access it from Applications->Other->Picasa.That’s All..

Features of Picasa 3
Easy way to organize,edit,view and share your photos.
It has better uploading with Drop Box
you can easily add text or watermarks to photos.
New Retouch tools are added to improve photo quality.
Print your Captions or photo file names.
Easy Upload to picasa web albums.
You can easily control your picasa web album settings.

Know More about the features of Picasa