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Update Firefox to v 15 in Ubuntu [12.04] / Linux Mint [13]

Firefox 15 is available, with a lot of cool new features and improvements, specially related to 3D performance (compressed textures for better performance, with WebGL) and better memory usage for plugins/add-ons (optimized memory use! vow!!! that’s really a great improvement, memory hungry add-ons makes browsing slow and painful sometimes).

Some of the new features/improvements are –firefox-logo

  • silent, background updates
  • support for SPDY v2
  • WebGL enhancements
  • html 5 related improvemens (native support for Opus, audio/video elements etc)
  • available in a new Local language – Maithili (it’s my native language 🙂 )

Updating to Firefox 15

In Ubuntu 12.04 or similar distributions such as Linux Mint, you can get the latest version of firefox – with a normal update. So you don’t need to add any external PPA or download/install it manually, unless you also want to try beta versions or daily builds. So just open the Update Manager and click on Install Updates to update all programs (recommended) or just select the Firefox browser from the list and update.

To update Firefox from Terminal, just execute the commands –

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install firefox

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FreeBSD 9.0 Released!

FreeBSD is an open source Unix Like operating system. it is a stable, robust and complete operating system. FreeBSD 9.0 stable is available now for all users. It is the first stable release (checkout the announcement on official site) in 9th series of FreeBSD. You can choose either Gnome 2.3 or KDE 4.7 as the desktop. The latest version i.e 9.0 stable has a lot of new features and performance improvements over its predecessor version 8.0.


What’s New in FreeBSD 9.0

  • Updated version (28) of ZFS
  • High performance SSH
  • new installer bsdinstall
  • Flattended Device Tree (FDT)
  • User level DTrace
  • NFSv4 is supported (along with v2 and v3)

Download FreeBSD 9.0

FreeBSD 9.0 is available for a lot of platforms : i386, ia64, amd64, powerpc, powerpc64, sparc64. The installation archive – ISO is available in three formats – bootonly (very small size), disc1 (can be burned on a CD) and dvd1 (around 2.1 GB, along with a lot of free applications).

Download FreeBSD 9.0 disc1 edition for i386 (502 MB)

For more options (platforms/editions) go to official download page.