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Ubuntu 10.10 Desktop Wallpapers

In the new version of Ubuntu i.e Ubuntu 10.10 Maverick Meerkat(released few weeks ago),some new and charming wallpapers has been added by default.If you haven’t installed Ubuntu 10.10 yet,then here is some natural wallpaper snapshots and download link for you;that I like.

Wallpaper 1 : Feather


Wallpaper 2 : Comet


Wallpaper 3 : Crocosmia


Download above three wallpapers for your Desktop.

how to take screenshot in ubuntu 10.04

how to take screenshot in ubuntu 10.04In ubuntu 10.04 distribution package there is one software i.e installed by default(In accessories) called- “Take Screenshot” with some basic features,can be used to take screenshot.Suppose you want to take screenshot for some selected region then you start annoying with this.One week ago,while I was messing around software center,a new software Ksnapshot came into the mind.I installed it and Now I think this is what I was looking for weeks.Ksnapshot is an excellent software I recommend you to use it for taking snapshots and enjoy.It is better not only in features but it is also more stable then the “Take Screenshot”.