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MinimaZero Gnome Shell Theme

best gnome 3/shell themes

Gnome 3 is the latest version (released in last month) of Gnome Desktop, with totally different (from the previous versions) User Interface and components. Gnome 3.0 has been developed from scratch and claims to be ‘The Next Generation Desktop’. The main goal of Gnome 3 is to allow users to focus on the task with less interruption or distraction, in an elegant environment (look, feel and apps). This post is written for users who are looking for some cool and beautiful themes for the Gnome 3 desktop. You can also install Gnome shell 3 on Ubuntu 11.04 via PPA although it breaks the Unity and performance is very poor; in next release of Ubuntu i.e Ubuntu 11.10 (code named as Oneric Ocelot), it may be installed along with Unity.

Due to arrival of Gnome shell (although Gnome 3.0/Gnome shell is compatible with the previous versions) the applets, Widgets, Gadgets and Dock (Windows List, Maximize or Minimize Buttons etc..) are no longer available but, in fact a lot of other useful features are available such as Dash (some sort of launcher container which allows easier access to frequently used programs and currently running applications), new style of Panel,system status area, Window Picker, Search (System or Internet resources e.g Wikipedia ) etc; so a number of Gnome 2 features seems absolute in Gnome 3.0.

Due to lot of innovative features, Gnome 3.0 appears to be the desktop of Future (at least for Linux based operating system such as Ubuntu; Fedora 15 and OpenSuse has already released with Gnome 3 Desktop). Here is my favorite collection of top 10 Gnome 3 themes (elegant) and I hope you will like it!

10 Best Gnome 3.0 Themes

#1 : MinimaZero Theme

minimazero theme

Download MinimaZero Theme

#2 : London Smoke Theme


Download London Smoke Theme

#3 : Dark Glass


Download Dark Glass Theme

#4 : Atolm Theme


Download Atolm Theme

#5 : Orta Theme


Download Orta Theme

#6 : DrakFire Caffe Theme


Download DrakFire Caffe theme

#7 : Ubuntu Ambiance Theme


Download Ubuntu Ambiance Theme

#8 : KiK Theme


Download KiK Theme

#9 : Adwaita White


Download Adwaita White Theme

#10 : GnomeShell 0.1 Theme


Download this theme

Update 1 : One great theme added!

Other Great Themes that you must try :



Download it

Macbuntu Theme

cool Ubuntu themes

Ubuntu(for all versions – 10.04(Lucid Lynx)/10.10(Maverick Meerkat) or the upcoming version 11.04(Natty Narwhal) with classic desktop selected at login menu,because Ubuntu 11.04 uses Unity desktop, by default) uses GNOME Desktop as the default Window Manager.

GNOME is the most popular(of course it’s free and open source) desktop for Linux Distributions, probably due to its(GNOME) flexibility and the desktop components (Themes, Icons, GDM, Window Managers provided by Compiz, Emerald, Metacity etc.) available freely on the Internet (so you can customize the desktop as you want, the Only limit is your Imagination Power).

There are lot of free, Awesome and cool GNOME themes available on the Web, so lets(I change/rotate my theme at least once a week) try something new,something different, because we are Humans, and of course – Linux users, so picky (because we have always a lot of options available for a single task). Since I am listing the themes for gnome desktop so most of the themes will not only work on Ubuntu but also on other Linux Distros,which uses GNOME as their default desktop e.g Linux Mint, Fedora, Debian etc. Finally here is my all time favorite(and great) collection of 10 cool Ubuntu Themes(I assume you are using GNOME Desktop) –

Great collection of 10 Cool Ubuntu Themes

#1 : Macbuntu

cool-Ubuntu-themes1 - macbuntu


Installing Macbuntu is easy but(may be not) if are you an absolute beginner, in that case – the given link may help you in installing macbuntu on Ubuntu 10.10.

#2 : Orta



#3 : Victory(Strikes Again)



#4 : myDesk



#5 : Wolfe



#6 : Equinox Evolution



#7 : HalfLook



#8 : Wildcat



#9 : Simply Basic II



#10 : Mint-X DarkPanel



How to install those cool and great looking themes on Ubuntu

#1 : Download the theme packages, that you want to install(link is given above,below each theme)

#2 : get the *.tar.gz package,if it is compressed in any other format.

#3 : Now move on to –  System->Preferences->Appearance  then Drag the theme package(*.tar.gz) and drop it to theme tab in the Appearance window. That’s All ..

The Themes, I have described above, implies my choice ..what is your favorite Ubuntu Theme ? We would be thankful if you share your experience/choice through Comments.

10 best KDE themes

KDE(K Desktop Environment) is one of the most popular desktop among Linux users. KDE(Dually Licensed under – QPL and Proprietary) has been developed using Qt Framework, therefore some KDE application also runs on non-Linux platforms i.e Windows,Mac etc..

KDE looks very good due to cool beautiful icons and windows borders(layout,designed effects). by default some cool themes are installed with KDE packages e.g Plasma,Oxygen etc, but it’s not sufficient! If a lot of free KDE themes are available then why would you stick with few default themes.

I have tried a lot of KDE themes on my desktop, I’ve come up with Top 10 KDE themes, that I consider the best themes(including old and latest) for kde desktop or kubuntu(10.04/10.10). All the kde themes listed below will be compatible with the KDE desktop version 4.x(usually x will be zero).

Best KDE Themes

#1 : Soft Plastic



#2 : Maybe Mintish



#3 : Green Leaf



#4 : Shape of Zom



#5 : Metalized Studio



#6 : Greenay



#7 : Syl



#8 : G Theme Pack



#9 : Elegant Bespin



#10 : Classy Office




windows 7 theme for Linux Mint

Now a days, Linux Mint is one of the most popular Linux based operating system among the desktop users, specifically who used to be a windows 7(or may be Vista or XP) users. Linux Mint 10(Julia) /9/(Linux Mint Debian Edition) has a lot of flavors based on the default desktop — Gnome,KDE,LXDE etc. GNOME is the default desktop for Linux Mint (just like most of the Linux Distributions). GNOME(based on GTK+) is flexible and so you can have any look as you want -either Windows or Mac (and of course Linux desktop Look).

Now lets come to our main objective of this post, which is – ” to provide you the windows 7 theme for Linux Mint 10/9 which have GNOME as their desktop”. The structure of the Linux based os is very modular so the theme components can be manipulated without any problem at all.

Here is one snapshot of windows 7 theme on Linux Mint (GNOME version 2.x) —


Download windows 7 theme for Linux Mint

Get the compress format of the above theme from its official website – download windows 7 theme for Linux Mint.

How to install windows 7 theme on Linux Mint

#1 :  Download the .tar.gz file.

#2 : Right click on the desktop; then move to change theme -> Themes.

#3 : Now drag the theme_file_name.tar.gz and drop it to the windows.

#4 : That’s All ..then a message will be displayed – like New Theme has installed. Sleect the theme you want to use.

NOTE : You can also install themes manually, by copying and extracting the files(.tar.gz) content to the themes(usr/shares/themes) directory, but it is not recommended for beginners; you should use this(manual) method only when ‘drag and drop’ method doesn’t work.


Ubuntu theme for Windows 7

Ubuntu!, one of the most popular Linux Distribution, has a unique impression among the desktop users specially in terms of look and feel(Actually it has also better performance than other competitive operating systems(Windows 7(win7),Mac etc.) ). The reason is simple – availability of a collection of good looking themes and the customization level(due to GNOME,which is the default desktop(Window Manager)) it supports.

Actually, it is very simple to develop a windows 7 theme for Ubuntu but it’s not an easy task to develop a Ubuntu Theme for Windows 7 users(which will give the windows 7 users a feel/look of Ubuntu; probably in terms of icons,logo,desktop background,windows control buttons etc). So this post is written for a windows 7 user(Of course You!) to provide them a snapshot,an overview of how the ubuntu theme will look on Windows 7; along with the theme (download link) that you need to install.

A snapshot of Ubuntu/GNOME Themes on Windows 7


Download this Ubuntu Theme for Windows 7

Get this theme now!(File Size is 1.6 MB) – Download Ubuntu Theme for Windows 7.

Conclusion : This theme will just give you some visual style/look of Ubuntu, on windows 7.If you really like the look of Ubuntu, then why don’t you try Ubuntu! it is open source and available Free! just give it a try(you can install both Windows 7 and Ubuntu 10.10(latest stable version) as dual boot).