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How to install fluxbox on ubuntu 10.04

What is Fluxbox ?? A window manager or desktop like XFCE/LDXE/KDE/GNOME..(it’s a lightweight weight desktop environment) for linux based operating system and available free under MIT License. Install Fluxbox in Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx In Ubuntu 10.04(Lucid Lynx) LTS,you can install fluxbox window manager either from Synaptic Package Manager/ubuntu software center or Command Line/terminal/shell.Both of […]

ubuntu 0.04 brightness control - gddccontrol

ubuntu 10.04 brightness control

Control Brightness of your monitor by using gddccontrol.GDDCcontrol is nothing but the DDCcontrol along with the Gnome based Graphical User Interface(GUI).ddccontrol is a simple tool that is very useful in controlling monitor parameters – like brightness,contrast.. without using the On Screen Display and the buttons in front of the monitor. Install GDDCcontrol or DDCcontrol in […]

install epic web browser in ubuntu

Epic Web Browser for Ubuntu-Linux

Epic Web browser has just released – on July 15,2010.Epic is powered by Firefox.Epic came with a lot of exciting features. Features of Epic Web Browser Currently Epic is available for Windows only(*.exe) but it’s clearly indicated on the official website(of Epic) that – Epic for Linux and Mac is under development.So we will have […]

install emerald on ubuntu 10.04

Install emerald on Ubuntu 10.04

Install Emerald Theme Manager in Ubuntu 10.04 Emerald is a decorator(with 3D effect) for windows managers like Compiz-Fusion(plus themer application).For 3D cool desktop effects compiz and ccsm is should be installed on Ubuntu 10.04 .First install compiz(for 3D desktop Effects) on ubuntu 10.04 ,Then Emerald can be easily installed from command line or by using […]