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install gyachi-yahoo client for linux |ubuntu 10.04

how to install gyachi on ubuntu 10.04(Lucid)

Gyachi for Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx
Gyachi application is a fork from Gyach Enhanced yahoo Client for Linux based operating system.Gyachi is based on yahoo instant messenger protocol.Gyachi’s user interface is based on GTK+ version-2 and it’s aim is to provide all the features that is available in windows yahoo messenger client.It has a lot of features like Voice-chat,nicknames,webcams,avatars,images and many more.

install gyachi-yahoo client for linux |ubuntu 10.04

install Gyachi in ubuntu 9.10/10.04/10.10

On Ubuntu 10.04 you can either install it from Synaptic Package Manager  after adding the Package address or from command line.Here both the methods are explained choose whatever you like.

Installing Gyachi from Synaptic Package Manager
1. Open Synaptic Package Manager and enter the login password(If asks).

2. Then click on Settings->Repositories->Other Software.

3. Next,click on +Add and enter the following value in box which says APT line
Then,click on +Add Source.

install gyachi from synaptic package manager

4. Next,close the current window and click on Reload button in Synaptic Package Manager.

5. Now,search for gyachi in quick search bar of synaptic package manager;Mark the box for installation(Select the dependencies by clicking on ok if necessary) and click on Apply to install gyachi.Installation will complete within a minute.

Installing Gyachi from Command Line
1. open terminal from Applications->Accessories->Terminal or hit CTRL+ALT+T.

Then Type the following command –

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:baudm

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install gyachi

Using Gyachi in Ubuntu 10.04
Open Gyachi – improved from Applications->Internet->GYachE Improved.

how to install samba on ubuntu 10.04 -snapshot

how to install samba on ubuntu 10.04

Samba is a software implemented on SMB/CIFS protocol for Unix and Linux based systems.It provides support for all common platform like windows ,linux(Ubuntu 9.10 or 10.04,open-suse,fedora,debian…),Mac so that you can share file and printers among your computers without any problem.Samba is an open source and free software.Samba is also used as NT4 style Domain control.On Ubuntu 10.04 you can install samba from command line or Synaptic Package Manager or Ubuntu Software Center.The Latest stable version of samba server is 3.5.4 and is available for download.

how to install samba on ubuntu 10.04 -snapshot

Installing Samba on Ubuntu

1. Open Ubuntu Software Center and search for “samba”.

2. Next,click on install(In the row which contains the packages you want to install,first and second results are ok for general purposes,but if you want some extra features like Mounting Remote File system,then install some extra packages-smbfs from Synaptic Package Manager).

3. Wait until the installation is complete.(It will take a couple of minutes only)

4. That’s All.

Configure Samba

You can configure it from command line by using the command
gksu system-config-samba

Then configure the settings according to your need.You can also create a menu for samba in Applications->Accessories or a shortcut startup icon on taskbar by using Application Finder(search for “samba”,left click and drag it to task bar).Now,click on “+” then on Basic Tab and symbol to share some file and enter the details like Directory,share name,description and most important one access mode i.e visible or writable.Then click on access and Define who can access that file.(Every One or selected users only)

ubuntu accounting software | home-bank

Accounting software for Ubuntu

Note : This is an old article targeted at older version of Ubuntu.

For Ubuntu 9.10 or 10.04, a lot of softwares or tools available for managing accounts and financial transaction but I’ve picked the best two.

ubuntu accounting software | home-bank

1. HomeBank

Homebank is a simple and fast application program for managing accounts and transaction.Its graphical user interface is designed well(By Using GTK2) and easy to use.Home-Bank is an open source and free software, designed to serve as a personal accounting tool for all users.

Features of HomeBank

  • support multi accounts
  • It can import data from QFX/CSV files
  • you can manage your budget
  • statistical analysis with graphical charts
  • fast startup time

accounting software for ubuntu

How to Install HomeBank on Ubuntu 10.04

Open Ubuntu Software Center and search for “homebank”.Then click on install button in the results(containing homebank).Installation will begin and complete within few minutes.Then you can use homebank from Applications->Office->HomeBank.

2. GnuCash Finance Management

Gnucash is also an financial accounting software that can be used for personal use and small business.It is an open source,free and cross platform application(available for GNU/Linux,BSD,Windows,Solaris and MacOSX).GnuCash is very flexible and easy to use and you can track your bank accounts,income,expences and stocks.Some other features includes

  • QIF/HBCI/QFX import
  • transaction scheduling
  • Financial Calculation
  • Double Entry
  • Mutual Fund Accounts
  • Graphical Analysis
  • Transaction Finder
  • Localization
  • Support for Multiple Currencies

How to install Gnucash on Ubuntu .

You may also find these web based finance tools useful :

avast for ubuntu

Avast for Ubuntu 10.04

avast for ubuntu

In fact Ubuntu 10.04 or any other Linux based systems are not so vulnerable to viruses and worms because most of these malicious programs were developed for windows platform with .exe executables so they are harmless for ubuntu 10.04.One more fact is that,Ubuntu(or any GNU-Linux OS) security policy and strategy is very secure as compare to other operating system like windows and mac.So If you want to install antivirus software for scanning other media or other drives then Avast Antivirus is a good choice.
Avast antivirus has many edition like FREE,PRO and others but FREE edition is sufficient for common Internet users.

How to Install Avast Antivirus software on Ubuntu 10.04

1. Download avast(FREE Version) from its official website(click below on the download link and then a window will appear-save the .deb file on your computer).
Download Avast for Ubuntu

2. Go to download(or other location where you have just downloaded the avast debian package );Then Open avast4workstation_1.3.0-2_i386.deb with Gdebi package Installer and then click on install Package.

3. Wait until the installation is complete(it will take less than a minute).

4. Now to use avast you will need a valid License Key(Click below and register,they will send you a valid license key by e-mail within 24 hours).
Click here to obtain free license key from avast

5. After getting the key, Go to Applications->Accessories->avast! Antivirus and enter the license key.

6. That’s All…Avast is installed successfully on your ubuntu 10.04.

gmount-iso image mounting in ubuntu

How to Mount CD-DVD ISO Image in Ubuntu 10.04

ISO image is actually an archive file of an optical disc with ISO 9660 file system(UDF file system is also supported with ISO image),so it is also known as CD image or DVD image or Disc image.ISO image files have an extension of .iso which contains merged files in uncompressed state.By using software or tools you can easily mount the ISO images on your computer.On Ubuntu 10.04 there is one such tool – Gmount-iso.


Gmount-iso is a simple and Light application written in PyGTK and Glade.It is aimed to make the iso image mounting process much easier.Actually it is a front-end application of linux command that is used to mount iso images.The command is

mount -o loop -t iso9660 image_name.iso /mountpoint

gmount-iso image mounting in ubuntu

Install Gmount-iso on Ubuntu

installing gmount on ubuntu 10.04

1. Open Ubuntu Software Center from Applications or Ubuntu Control Center.

2. Then,search for “gmount” and click on install.

3. Wait for installing process to complete,it will take less than a minute.

4. To start mounting iso images open Gmount from Applications->System Tools->Gmount-iso.

Conclusion : Gmount-iso is a very small application with few basic features,for more advanced features you can use Daemon Tools but currently it is available For Microsoft Windows only.