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racing game for ubuntu 10.04

Racing Game for Ubuntu 10.04

There are many Open Source Racing Games available that run very smoothly on Ubuntu 10.04.This post will explain about the best Racing game for Ubuntu 10.04.Some of them are



Speed Dreams

Here torcs is described in details although installation process for Vdrift is also same and speed dream can be downloaded from here.

racing game for ubuntu 10.04


It is a multiplatform Car Racing Game i.e it is available for Linux,MacOSX,FreeBSD and Windows.Torcs is an open source and free game so it can be found in Synaptic Package Manager on ubuntu 10.04.
Requirements : Min 550 MHZ CPU ,128 MB RAM and 32 MB OpenGL 1.3 Compitible Graphics card is recommended.

How to install TORCS in Ubuntu 10.04

1. Open Synaptic Package Manager and Search for “torcs” and check the left box in the reusult that says torcs;for installation.It will ask you to install some more dependent programs click ok to select all dependencies.

2. Next,click on Apply to begin the download and installation.It may takes few minutes to hours depending upon your internet speed.

3. That’s All…Now,you can access it from Applications->Games->TORCS.

If  graphics performance of your computer is very poor then you may update your computer – from here..

Buy good Graphics Card for better performance TORCS

hardware details in ubuntu 10.04

view hardware information in Ubuntu 10.04

How to know hardware details in ubuntu 10.04

In Ubuntu 10.04 or other older version of ubuntu or other linux based operating system there are many command line utilities are available but this post will try to introduce you with a GUI application program to know the details of your PC’s hardware from Ubuntu 10.04.A simple application, that is used to know about technical details of computer’s hardware, is GNOME Device Manager.So GNOME Device Manager will give you the full information about the hardware components of your PC in view mode(you can’t configure devices configuration by using GNOME Device Manager).
hardware details in ubuntu 10.04

How to Install GNOME Device Manager

1. Open Synaptic Package Manager from System->Administration->SPM(Synaptic Package Manager).

2. Search for the string “gnome device manager” in quick search box.

3. Mark the GNOME Device Manager row for installation and click on Apply to install the GNOME Device Manager.

install device manager in ubuntu

4. First the downloading will start and then it will finish in few seconds.Now Installation will begin and it will also take less than a minute.

5. You have installed the GNOME Device Manager on your Ubuntu successfully!! You can use it from Applications->System Tools->Device Manager.

Using any picture as icon on ubuntu 10.04

How to use any Picture as Icon in Ubuntu 10.04

In Ubuntu 10.04(Lucid Lynx) there are many charming icons available by default and you can add whenever you want;But this post will explain you,how to use any images or pictures and almost any formats like png,JPEG or GIF as a icon of a file,folder or launcher.

Using Picture as Icon on Ubuntu

1.Right click on the file/folder or launcher(Whose icon is to be changed) and select properties.

Using any picture as icon on ubuntu 10.04

2.In properties of a folder(Here in example I have taken a folder,you may do it with file or launcher),click on basic tab(explored in pictures).

3.Now click on icon(Top left corner),then a new window,named as select custom icon will appear,which will allow you to browse the directory.

4.Next,select the image or picture you want to use as icon for that folder(in picture,the name of the folder is security).Then click on open.

replacing icon by any picture on ubuntu 10.04

5.That’s All…the icon is changed..you may now close the properties window.

NOTE : If you are choosing the picture from mounted disk then the file or folder or launcher icon may not appear when the system will be restarted,so it is preferable to copy it to its file system i.e in picture directory or home folder or any other folder and you may like to rename it by starting with DOT(.) to make it invisible.(Use CTRL+H to see hidden-invisible folders).For any other problem you may like to notify us by comment.

video converter for ubuntu 11.04

video converter for ubuntu 10.04

Video Format Conversion Tool for Ubuntu 10.04
For Ubuntu 10.04(Lucid Lynx), the recommended video converter is Transmageddon Video Transcoder.The main purposes of this software is to help peoples in creating different formats of files so that they can play on their mobile devices without much effort.Transmageddon is very easy to use with a simple and easy to use user interface(GUI). It has support for almost all common files formats and you can directly choose the mobile devices(i.e for Sony PSP or Nokia OR Apple Ipod Nano or Sony Playstation3 or Motorola KRZR K1v) from the options and it will automatically geneate the required format.The full list of supported Codecs(Containers,Audio and Video encoders) are

  • Ogg
  • AVI
  • flv
  • MPEG4
  • Quick Time
  • MXT
  • MP3
  • AAC
  • FLAC
  • Vorbis
  • Theora
  • MPEG2
  • xvid
  • DivX5
  • Dirac

install video converter on ubuntu

Install video converter-Transmageddon Video Transcoder on Ubuntu

  1. Open Ubuntu Software Center(USC) from Aplications.
  2. Search for “Transmageddon” or “Video Transcoder” in the quick search bar.
  3. Click on install button to proceed for installation;it may ask you to enter your login password(Ubuntu 10.04 user account) if so then enter.
  4. Downloading and installing process will finish within few minutes.
  5. That’s All…Now open it from Applications->Sound & Video->Transmageddon Video Transcoder…..

Also visit https://xpstopdf.net  for converting *.xps documents to *.pdf format. It’s a free web based tool.

How to Make a File Invisible in Ubuntu 10.04

Making a file invisible in ubuntu 10.04

step1. Open Nautilus(Default File Browser).
step2. Go to a directory(say Web) and Select the file you want to make invisible(Say ubuntutips).
step3. Now right click on the file(ubuntutips) and select rename.
step4. In renaming process just put a dot(.) before the name of the file then press enter to save it.
step5. Refresh the Nautilus either by pressing CTRL+H twice or opening the new window after closing it.
step6. That’s All ,now your file ubuntutips will become invisible.

How to see hidden files in Ubuntu 10.04
To see the hidden or invisible files on ubuntu 10.04,in the directory you want to see hidden files,press CTRL+H OR select view->Show Hidden Files in Nautilus File browser.