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speed up ubuntu 10.04

change priority in ubuntu

You know Ubuntu is one of the most famous linux-distro with good community support and users but some times you may feel that my system is not so fast as expected.Although expectations are always little greedy but you can fix this problem up to some extent by following some simple steps described below.

Priority Settings

By priority settings I mean the priority of the application programs.So you can set desired priority for your desired programs that you use more frequently.Steps to change the priority setting in ubuntu 10.04 –

step1.To change the settings first open system monitor(Administrator -> system monitor).

step2.Then click on processes.

step3.Now right click on the application you want to change the priority settings.Select change priority.

step4.Now you can adjust the priority setting.Keep in mind that the lower the value the higher will be its priority.Its value ranges fr0m -20 to +20.Set the value as you like.

step5. After adjusting the settings it will asked for user password.Enter the password.That’s all.

START UP Application Control

This is an effective method to decrease not only startup time but also to speed up the system.To control additional start up program simply follow these steps :
step1: Go to system -> preferences -> startup applications.

step2: Now check or uncheck the box depending on the need i.e uncheck all the applications that you think is not necessary.

step3: That’s all.close the window.You will see the effect when you will reboot your computer.

Removing unwanted Application Programs

It is always recommended to remove i.e uninstall the softwares that you are not using currently or not likely to use in future(some days).To remove a package or software just go to software center and click remove or go to synaptic package manager and mark the softwares for removal.Then apply the changes,the selected softwares will be removed.(You may choose complete or partial removal according to the dependencies)

Increase RAM

You know RAM is the primary memory of your computer in which is required by all the applications.Hence increasing RAM(1GB-or more) is always recommended for enhanced performence.

Choosing right Desktop

Some times you may think that KDE desktop environment is too slow.In fact it is,GNOME is little faster than the KDE.But you want more faster experience,Okay then try XFCE.You can use xfce in same installation.Go to synaptic manager and search for xfce.After completing the installing process restart the computer.Now at login screen select xfce instead of the default desktop GNOME.Enter your usename and password as usual.That’s all…enjoy xfce.

good dictionary for ubuntu 10.04

fandastic dictionary

Today we are going to choose a better dictionary in ubuntu 10.04.You know there is an online dictionary installed by default in ubuntu 10.04(Lucid Lynx) but it may not satisfy the users conditions.The features of the Dictionary(Applications->Office->Dictionary) is very limited with a simple interface.Hence it is not a bad idea to installed a new one from the software center or synaptic manager.But here is the problem because there are lot dictionary available but it is difficult to find out which are better for their need.
So you should have to try each dictionary once that seems frustrating.Don’t worry I have a simple solution because I have tried out some of that.I found a dictionary named “Fantasdic” that I installed from the software center is the most powerful,easy to use and of course a stable one.Fantasdic is a dictionary application developed under the GNOME project.

Fantasdic Features at a glance
*Dictionary server : It looks up for a word in many online dectionary servers like dict.org or others.
*Google translate : It translate words with the help of google translate directly from fandastic.
*edict file : it can use any dictionary servers that available in the format like edict or cedict.
*Scan clipboard feature : with this feature enabled you can look up in the dictionary without copying or writing word in it.Just enable the scan clipboard mode and go the web page or e-book and copy it,the fandastic will look up those words.Hence it is very usefull when you have to search the meaning for many words continuously from a e-book or website.

For more details about the detailsĀ  or if you want to take part in this-project-development; you may visit :http://projects.gnome.org/fantasdic/

Logic game in ubuntu 10.04

puzzle game in ubuntu 10.04gbrainy : A logic game to train your brain with fun

There are many logic games available in ubuntu.To install just go to software center/games/Puzzles and install it in single click.Today I am going to introduce with an excellent logic game that have many-many features and in my point of view it is the best one.The another exciting point is that in ubuntu 10.04 it will be installed on your system by default.Although some other default games are removed fr0m the default package but you can find those games in software center or synaptic manager.

Important features of gbrainy :

  • Logic puzzles : test your reasoning skills.
  • Mental calculation : simple arithmetic operations to test your mental calculation abilities.
  • Memory trainers : Improve! your short term memory power.
  • verbal analogies : Examine your verbal aptitude.

One important point is that gbrainy will give you the final result with detail analysis.

Enjoy twitter in ubuntu 10.04 using gwibber

twitter with gwibber

You know beta version of the ubuntu 10.04 LTS has released earlier and final version will be released on April 29 2010 and it will be supported till 2013.Many changes and improvement has been made in Lucid Lynx(the name of the ubuntu 10.04 version).

Now you can use your favorite micro-blogging site very easily ..as the lucid lynx came with gwibber which is installed by default in the standard ubuntu distribution package.Gwibber is microblogging client for all the popular micro blogging sites like Twitter.Hence you can easily enjoy tweeting fr0m your desktop just by clicking gwibber.Although gwibber has support for all other major microblogging sites.

Currently supported microblogging sites :


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