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Ubuntu theme for Windows 7

Ubuntu!, one of the most popular Linux Distribution, has a unique impression among the desktop users specially in terms of look and feel(Actually it has also better performance than other competitive operating systems(Windows 7(win7),Mac etc.) ). The reason is simple – availability of a collection of good looking themes and the customization level(due to GNOME,which is the default desktop(Window Manager)) it supports.

Actually, it is very simple to develop a windows 7 theme for Ubuntu but it’s not an easy task to develop a Ubuntu Theme for Windows 7 users(which will give the windows 7 users a feel/look of Ubuntu; probably in terms of icons,logo,desktop background,windows control buttons etc). So this post is written for a windows 7 user(Of course You!) to provide them a snapshot,an overview of how the ubuntu theme will look on Windows 7; along with the theme (download link) that you need to install.

A snapshot of Ubuntu/GNOME Themes on Windows 7


Download this Ubuntu Theme for Windows 7

Get this theme now!(File Size is 1.6 MB) – Download Ubuntu Theme for Windows 7.

Conclusion : This theme will just give you some visual style/look of Ubuntu, on windows 7.If you really like the look of Ubuntu, then why don’t you try Ubuntu! it is open source and available Free! just give it a try(you can install both Windows 7 and Ubuntu 10.10(latest stable version) as dual boot).

Windows Vista theme for Ubuntu

Have you just migrated from Windows Platform(specifically Windows Vista) to Ubuntu Platform then you may like to have windows vista like look in Ubuntu 10.10(Maverick Meerkat)/10.04(Lucid Lynx).That’s what this post is all about – a vista theme for GNOME Desktop(Default Desktop of Ubuntu or other Linux Based operating system).

Although Windows Vista is Damn slow and no body wants to use it; but its visual appearance is still appealing,that’s why you want to enjoy vista look on Ubuntu. Here is the snapshot of the vista theme(for gnome desktop) along with the download link.

Theme Name : Nimbus Vistalooks 1.10

windows vista theme for ubuntu

Download Windows Vista theme for your Ubuntu – GNOME Desktop

Download Nimbus Vistalooks Theme