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Download Manager for Ubuntu 10.04

download manager for ubuntu 10.04

For Ubuntu 10.04 LTS ,a lot of download manager is available so it isn’t so easy to choose a good one.This post is aimed to explore about a good download manager for ubuntu 10.04.

Multiget : Download Manager recommended for ubuntu 10.04

Multiget is a free and open source download manager with easy to use and decent graphical user interface.Multiget is developed using c++ and it is a cross platform application(available for Linux/Windows/BSD/MacOS).

Features of Multiget Dwonload Manager
It has suppports for FTP/HTTP protocols,so it fullfils the requirements of most of the users.
It supports multithreading on multi server.
you can also resume downloads(Assuming that the corresponding web server supports it).
you can also increase the security by using proxy as it supports SOCKS 4,5 proxy,http proxy and ftp proxy.
Now it supports P2SP(Capability of combining different files downloaded from multiple servers)

How to Install Multiget Download Manager in Ubuntu 10.04
In Ubuntu 10.04 it can be installed in few clicks by using software center or synaptic package manager.Go to Software center and search for multiget then click on install.It may ask for the password.Then enter your account(Ubuntu 10.04 login account) password;then installation will begin and complete within few seconds.Now you are ready to enjoy high speed downloading by using multiget.You can start it from Applications->Internet->Multiget.

If you are running other distro of linux then you may like to download and install it mannualy from its afficial site.
Download Multiget

Credit : http://multiget.sourceforge.net/

top 7 Ubuntu 10.04 Hacks

Ubuntu 10.04 has just released in 29th of the april 2010 and it is declared as perfect Linux distro for desktop experience.Let us try to know little more about some great applications in Ubuntu 10.04.So this post will try to explore some open source application programs that is very useful for Ubuntu users.

fspot photo manager

1. F-spot : An Open source Photo Manager
An excellent photo manager that allow you to organize and share the photos efficiently to make your digital life easy.It is the personal photo management software made for GNOME desktop hence in Ubuntu 10.04 It is installed by default.Its feature include simple graphical user interface(GUI),in built photo editor,color adjustments,web export and many more.It is open source and available free of cost.
For more details about the features of F-spot

pitivi video editor for ubuntu 10.04

2. PiTiVi Video Editor : Open Source Video editing application for Ubuntu
A free and open source video editor for linux,with a lot of features.If you are using it with Gstreamer then it can handle any format.The GUI of the PiTiVi is very simple and efficient and well suited for both the novice and sophisticated users.It has all the basic clip manipulation features like trimming,snapping,splitting(/cutting),roll edits etc.It has fast and playhead-centered zooming features.You can also use history features like Undo/Redo.There is no limitation on the number of video or audio track layers.It is installed by default in Ubuntu 10.04 release.In other versions of linux or Ubuntu you can download it fr0m its official site(Given below) or search in synaptic Package manager.
More details on the features of PiTiVi

bluefish editor for ubuntu 10.04

3. Bluefish Editor : Open source application for programmers and web designers
It is an powerful editor for professional/novice web designers and script programmers.It is very helpful in creating dynamic and interactive web pages.It has support for many programming languages.It is a cross platform open source application i.e available for linux,BSD,Mac-OS,Windows and solaris.It is fast responsive and lightweight programming editor with good and simple programming interface.It can also handled more than 1000 documents together.In Ubuntu 10.04 ,you can install it in one click either fr0m software center or fr0m Synaptic Package Manager.
You can also install it manually after downloading it fr0m its official website(Link given below).
Read More About the Features of Bluefish Editor

programmer editor for ubuntu 10.04

4. CodeLite IDE :An open Source Cross platform programming IDE
A light weight and powerful programming editor specially designed for coding with c/c++.Since it is open source and available free of cost,so ubuntu 10.04 users can get it with few clicks.Just go to software center or synaptic package manager and click for install.you can also install it manually if you want.
Know More about CodeLite

mypaint for Ubuntu 10.04

5. MyPaint :An Open source Graphics application
Although it isn’t so better as GIMP(An excellent image editing program for linux and a good substitute for photoshop) but it is fast and optimized for painting and art work(with table input).It is very fast and simple to use.In Ubuntu it is very simple to install it by using software center or synaptic manager.
More details about MyPaint

ubuntu 10.04 hack 6 : gbrainy

6. Gbrainy : Test your Logical Skill
An excellent logic game with a lot of features.Its interface is well designed and powerful.
Read More About Gbrainy

ubuntu 10.04 hack 7 :docky

7. Docky : Free and Open Source dock for Ubuntu 10.04
It is an shortcut bar that you can stuck on left/right/top or bottom on your screen.So you can easily access to the open files ,folders,running applications etc.It has some advanced features too and you can also extends its functionality by installing some plugins.Look and themes are very attractive and charming.So,If you want a little feel of mac-OS than it’s for you.
Learn More About Docky
Installing Docky : In Ubuntu 10.04
1.Open The terminal
2.Run the command
sudo apt-get install docky
3.Enter your login password(If it asks).Then installation will be complete in few minutes.