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Teamviewer for Ubuntu

How to install TeamViewer in Ubuntu 11.10

TeamViewer is one of the most popular remote desktop application – it is available for Windows, Mac and as well as popular Linux based distributions as Debian package (for debian based distro such as Ubuntu, Linux Mint) or rpm (Fedora). One of the most important thing about TeamViewer is that – it is very simple to use and it absolutely requires no experience at all. So TeamViewer is one of the coolest applications among power users, who manage/controls a lot of computers remotely via Internet (and of course over secure connection). Teamviewer is good, not only for controlling remote desktops but also for sharing desktops with friends or family. You can even share/transfer files and get technical helps online using Teamviewer. it’s free to use for non commercial purpose.

Teamviewer for Ubuntu

Installing TeamViewer in Ubuntu 12 (or Linux Mint 12 as it’s based on Ubuntu 11.10)

I’m not sure whether it’s available in Ubuntu Software Center through some PPA but the debian package (*.deb) is available there on its official website.

Download Teamviewer (Download page)

deb package for 32bit

To install Teamviewer, simply open the deb package with Ubuntu Software Center or Debian Package Installer (in older version or Mint) and click on install to begin the download/installation process. It will be completed in few minutes (depending on your internet speed).

After installing the application, you can start using it – either wait for a session create your own session to share desktops with Fun! 🙂

Remmina : Remote desktop client

Remmina : Remote Desktop client for Ubuntu (11.10)

Remmina is a remote desktop client application developed using GTK+.The latest version is 0.9.*. Remmina is a great application for those who want to manage/control computers remotely. It’s an open source software (released under GPL license). It supports a lot of protocols including VNC (Virtual Network Computing), RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol), SSH, NX, Telepathy etc.

Remmina has lot of cool features with simple ‘n’ easy to use user interface (full view mode is also supported and if the remote desktop has very high resolution then you can easily access that by scrolling view) with a lot of options to configure your favorite connection profiles. You can connect very quickly to your servers just put the address and start using it in few simple click.

Remmina : Remote desktop client

Install Remmina on Ubuntu 11.10

Remmina project is hosted at launchpad.net. In Ubuntu 11.10 it’s already there in Ubuntu Software Center, one of the hottest application (with 100+ five star ratings). Just click on install button and you’re done. Or open a terminal (Ctrl+Alt+t) and execute –

sudo apt-get install remmina

it will automatically select some popular plugin to support protocols such as VNC, RDP, SSH. You just authenticate (enter your login password) and hit [y].

If it’s already not there in Ubuntu’s package repository, then first execute these commands –

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:llyzs/ppa
sudo apt-get update

That’s All.. now you can easily control your Home Planet’s computers. 🙂


VNC server for ubuntu 10.10

What is VNC ?

VNC(Virtual Network Computing) is a protocol that uses Remote Frame Buffering(RFB) to share/control the desktop(graphically) remotely over the internet. VNC is  composed of three things –

  • VNC Client : The Program Running on the computer who will access the desktop remotely
  • VNC Server : The Program Running on the computer which will allow the other computer to share/control the desktop.
  • VNC Protocol(RFB) : simple communication protocol which transfer the events(mouse and keyboard events) between the client and server.

For Ubuntu 10.10(Maverick Meerkat), a lot of free and open source vnc servers are available,some of them includes –

#1 : Vino : it is the default vnc server of Ubuntu 10.10. You can start using it on ubuntu by going to System->Preferences->Remote Desktop. Then configure it according to your need. Use strong password for security reasons.


#2 : x11vnc : it is independent of Linux Desktop (GNOME/KDE) and specially useful for xubuntu users. Using x11vnc requires some command line skills so, it isn’t much easy for beginner linux users.

Other vnc servers are tightvncserver,krfb etc.

Recommended Third party VNC server/client

Teamviewer is the best vnc server for beginner users, it is available for Linux based OS,Windows and Mac. it is free for personal uses. The desktop sharing can be easily done using teamviewer. First it creates a session then you can send the unique session id/password(generated by teamviewer) to other client end ; all with a simple graphical interface(No commands knowledge is required).

teamviewer vnc server

See More Tutorials on installing TeamViewer on Ubuntu 10.10 if you want to try teamviewer.