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wordpress 3.0.1 - available for download

WordPress 3.0.1 is available for Download!

Introduction To WORDPRESS

WordPress is very widely used as an open source content management system(cms) or as a blogging platform.The number of websites based on wordpress has increased exponentially over the web,in the past few years.The wordpress always focuses on simplicity without compromising with the features,any non technical user can maintain a wordpress blog without worrying about the coding(PHP,(X)HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT,MySQL…) and other technical stuffs.Since it is open source(Released under GNU Public License) and available FREE so you have the full control over the website/blog.

wordpress 3.0.1 - available for download

New Version of WordPress – wordpress 3.01 Released!!

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Wordpress Version 3.0.1 is just released and you can download it from it’s official website(see below for Link).This is the first increment in the wordpress version 3.0 and fixes some bugs of the wordpress version 3.0.Now You can upgrade from version 3.0 to 3.1 in few steps.Automatic Installation is also available(But I am not sure whether it’s working well or not,I tried a lot but it failed every time) but you are recommended to install it manually until the bug is not fixed..

download wordpress 3.0.1

web blogging client for ubuntu 10.04

web blogging client : Blogilo

The number of blogs on the Internet/web are increasing exponentially and of course the number of bloggers too.Now wordpress and other open source CMS(Content Management System) has made the blogging seamless and efficient.But sometimes you may like to publish your post directly from your desktop(Specially if the frequency of the post is high),in that case web blogging client is necessary so that you can publish your post more quickly from your desktop.For Ubuntu 10.04 there are lot of options due to availability of many web blogging clients.

wordpress blogging client for Ubuntu 10.04

Blog Entry Poster : A Simple blogging client

Blog entry poster or Gnome blog is a panel object used for publishing articles for web blogs.It works well with wordpress ,blogspot and liveJournal.It has many special features like spell checking,WYSIWYG styled text support and drag and dropping facility in handling with images.

Installing Blog Entry Poster in Ubuntu 10.04 :

Go to software center and install it in one click.After installing the software you will have to provide some information related to your blog account.After that you will be able to post directly from your desktop in one click.

Blogilo : KDE blogging client
An Open source web blogging client with very simple interface and easy to use with a lot of features.
It has support with wordpress blog,Blogger and others.It’s feature include WYSIWYG editor,easy image attachment and auto spell checker.You can also edit and modify post as well as post scheduling and drafts are also available.
Fore more details on its features you may like to visit its official website

how to install blogilo in Ubuntu 10.04 :
It is very simple and will take few minutes to install.First open software center or Synaptic Package Manager and search for blogilo.Then click to install it.Wait for a minutes for completion of downloading and installation process.
That’s all enjoy blogging.