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webcam software/driver for Ubuntu 11.10

After installing some must have apps on Ubuntu 11.10, you might have missed few things e.g if you’re using webcam either on Desktop/PC using USB (or other port) or in laptop or netbook, you need to install the driver software for your webcam, because it is very likely that your webcam manufacturer doesn’t supply driver software for Linux based OS such as Ubuntu (e.g I’m using Logitech Webcam, and there is no official software for GNU/Linux platform, although it’s available for Microsoft Windows – with advanced features and configure options to use/control webcam more effectively, e.g there is no option for controlling the LED indicator attached near the camera lens, in Linux based software. Similarly zoom in/out ..and a lot of other features are not available in any open source alternative).

Here is a snapshot (outside view from my Logitech webcam) – running cheese on Ubuntu 11.10, with Gnome Shell


Cheese Webcam Booth – best Webcam Software

On Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot) – there are many webcam softwares are available but unfortunately, none of them have features – equivalent to that we get with native drivers available for Windows. Anyway, it does have the basic features such as capturing pictures/photos (in normal and burst mode, count down timers are also available), recording videos (with different resolutions options are also available) and some funky graphical effects (it’s cool). The application name is ‘Cheese’ – the version 3.0 has arrived earlier this year, with a lot of extra features, cheese is (probably) the best application for webcam, on Gnome based Linux distributions. Cheese 3.0 requires Gnome 3 (although older versions run smoothly on Gnome 2.*).

Cheese : Webcam Software for Ubuntu
Cheese - Webcam Software

How to install Cheese Webcam Booth in Ubuntu 11.10

You can either install it from Ubuntu Software Center (search for ‘cheese’  and click on install) or Command Line interface – terminal.


Open a terminal (search or hit Ctrl+Alt+t) and execute the following command(s) –

sudo apt-get install cheese

Have Fun! check out the preferences and effects – for other features/options.


Cheese Webcam Booth

Webcam Software for Ubuntu 11.04

Webcam or web Camera (Integrated with Laptop or Desktop Monitor or comes separately, usually connected via USB port). Ubuntu 11.04 (Natty Narwhal) doesn’t include any default application for webcam. That’s why we need to install an application that will install the webcam drivers. If the webcam manufacturer provides teh driver software for Linux based OS like Ubuntu, then you won’t need to install any third party apps, but it’s not the case, they usually provides drivers just for Windows (or may be for Mac).

So, this post will explain about, a basic appsCheese, that you can use for capturing videos and pictures, on Ubuntu 11.04. Cheese is a great application, that allows you to take pictures (videos) with a lot of funny graphics effects. it’s a free and open source software; you can find it in package repository or Ubuntu Software Center. On the official website of cheese, it has indicated that – cheese requires Gstreamer and Gnome (version 2 or above), in order to work, but it works fine with Natty, if any problem occurs then switch to classic gnome desktop.

Cheese : Webcam Software for Ubuntu

Installing Cheese on Ubuntu 11.04

From Ubuntu Software Center

#1 : Open Ubuntu Software Center (Search in Top Left Menu or left icon panel) and search for ‘cheese’.


#2 : Now click on install button to begin the installation procedure.Wait for the installation to complete.

#3 : That’s all..have Fun! with Cheese

From Terminal (Command Line)

Open Terminal/shell and enter the following command(s), followed by your password (I mean ubuntu login password) —

sudo apt-get install cheese

webcam software for ubuntu 10.04

webcam drivers in Ubuntu 10.04

After installing Ubuntu 10.04 LTS(Lucid Lynx),Are you wondering for the drivers or software for your webcam?Don’t worry! I will tell you about an excellent software for your webcam and then you can record photos and videos along with a lot of fun effects.Not only this,you can also share your photos very easily by using an excellent photo manager,”F-Spot” which came as default application in Ubuntu 10.04 release.

Cheese : For your webcam
The software that you can use very easily for taking photos and videos is “cheese”.Actually it was written in 2007 as a part of Google Summer of code.Cheese can also create some fancy effect in photos and videos by using Gstreamer.

Requirements for Using Cheese :
*GNOME 2.28
*GStreamer 0.10

How to install Cheese in Ubuntu 10.04?

It is very  simple ..it  will take two steps and few minutes to install.

step1: Go to Ubuntu Software Center or Synaptic Package Manager and search for cheese.
step2: Click to install.
step3: End..

You can also install it manually after downloading its latest stable version fr0m its official site.
Download Cheese