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best web hosting for wordpress

best hosting sites for wordpress

Any hosting servers are considered as best if it provides all the features properly as described in the package/plan like site Uptime(The Time period in which your website/blog is available online),customer support,advanced features,web security,..and so many things.

In the past few years the number of hosting sites have increased exponentially and now it’s really not a simple task to find a reliable hosting services.The competition in the web hosting market has also increased and that’s why the web hosting is now ..very cheap. For Example : If you will host your blog/website on Dreamhost then you will get Everything(Bandwidth+Space+Databases+..) Unlimited along with a FREE domain registration!! Although, wordpress doesn’t have any special requirements or constraints ..but it’s better if you see the details below about the normal specification related to wordpress –

wordpress specification and requirements
If you are planning to install wordpress blogging software(as content management system(cms)) then first you must confirm whether the hosting server you are going to use,satisfies the following requirements(Basic and Recommended) –

  • Apache Web Server is highly recommended but if any other server satisfies other requirements(given below) then it also it’s acceptable.
  • PHP(Hypertext Preprocessor, a server side scripting language) version 4.3 OR greater is installed.
  • MySQL(A fast and Robust database management system) version 4.1.2 or greater is installed.
  • The mod_rewrite Apache Module


DREAMHOST : The Recommended Shared Hosting for wordpress

Actually a lot of web hosting servers supports wordpress blogging/cms software and the problem is to find out the best performing web hosting sites.I spend a little time on searching on forums and talked to some wordpress bloggers..finally I came to some conclusion ..which I am going to share with you!!
DreamHost – Best web hosting for wordpress : Really the Dream Web Hosting for wordpress users(specially for Beginners).

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Why Use Dreamhost for wordpress blog/website??


Because in Just $8.95/month you will get – (On Debian Linux Server)

  • Free Domain Registration
  • Unlimited Disk Storage(TB) +50GB for Backups
  • Unlimited Bandwidth(TB)
  • Unlimited Domains and SubDomains with custom DNS
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • 100% Up Time Guarantee
  • 97 Days Money Back Guarantee
  • 24/7 Email Technical support
  • Plus a lot of Email/Programming/Advanced Features with Enhanced Web Security

So  Buy a wordpress hosting plan on Dreamhost ..NOW!!

Do you want to SAVE $50 …It’s simple ..just enter a coupon code …and save $50 in Dreamhost.See below link for more details.

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Update : Due to the frequent downtime in dreamhost VPS, I shifted to Linude VPS. Now, I think that ‘I should Have done very earlier’ and now I won’t have to move anywhere in Future. Linode VPS is Great!

Linode – Recommended VPS for wordpress

Linode VPS provides unmanaged VPS – and it provides FULL Control, so if you’re good at server related things (or willing to learn) then Linode is the BEST option for you.

Linode VPS  (strats @ $19.99/month for 512 MB RAM, 20GB space and 200 GB bandwidth)

wordpress 3.0.1 - available for download

WordPress 3.0.1 is available for Download!

Introduction To WORDPRESS

WordPress is very widely used as an open source content management system(cms) or as a blogging platform.The number of websites based on wordpress has increased exponentially over the web,in the past few years.The wordpress always focuses on simplicity without compromising with the features,any non technical user can maintain a wordpress blog without worrying about the coding(PHP,(X)HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT,MySQL…) and other technical stuffs.Since it is open source(Released under GNU Public License) and available FREE so you have the full control over the website/blog.

wordpress 3.0.1 - available for download

New Version of WordPress – wordpress 3.01 Released!!

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Wordpress Version 3.0.1 is just released and you can download it from it’s official website(see below for Link).This is the first increment in the wordpress version 3.0 and fixes some bugs of the wordpress version 3.0.Now You can upgrade from version 3.0 to 3.1 in few steps.Automatic Installation is also available(But I am not sure whether it’s working well or not,I tried a lot but it failed every time) but you are recommended to install it manually until the bug is not fixed..

download wordpress 3.0.1

How to Upgrade wordpress to version 3.0 from 2.9.2

WordPress Version 3(Stable) is just released and so all wordpress bloggers should upgrade to the wordpress 3 from the older versions.You can install wordpress in two ways either automatically or manually.This post will explain you about upgrading wordpress v 2.7(just previous stable version) to wordpress v 3.

Upgrading to wordpress 3.0 From 2.9.2

1. Open your blog and login through the administrator account.

2. Deactivate all the plugins and make backup for post of all the authors(wordpress_author.xml) and also make a backup of sql database(database_name.sql) by logging to your hosting account.This step is extremely important!! otherwise you may loose all your posts in some cases.

3. On the Dashboard you will see an option for upgrading to wordpress 3 in top(as well as in right bottom corner and also in left).Click on “please upgrade to wordpress 3”.

4. Click on automatic installation and enter your hosting account details and proceed.

5. Installation will complete within a couple of minutes.

6. That’s all..

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You can also install it manually by downloading the package from wordpress official website.If you want to install manually then more tutorial can be found here – Install wordpress manually