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Page Speed Online (Online version of Google Page Speed) has launched!

Initially, Google Page Speed plugin was available for Firefox only, now it is available as a web apps(as well as an extension for Google Chrome) . Therefore one can test and analyze the speed of a website without installing any application – just from the browser.

Page Speed Online Launched! – by Google Labs

Google page Speed is a very helpful tool for web developers. The faster sites results in better user experience,less bounce rate and better conversion rates – That’s why page speed has been developed. it calculates a score out of 100 ; analyze the different aspects of speed and then proper suggestion is generated for the website developers, so that they can easily fix the speed issues of the page to make it faster and responsive. So if you want to try page speed, enter the URL of the website and hit Enter. You can also select the option for suggestions- either for Desktop or mobile.

What is Page Speed Online ?

it is nothing but the web application equivalent to the popular Firefox Plugin Page Speed(That you might have used with Firebug), developed by Google Labs. The main advantage over the older version is that – it is web based, so no installation is required.

Try Page Speed Online

page speed online


best dvd burning software for Ubuntu

DVD/CD has no longer that much importance in our lives, but still very useful in many cases specially the bootable DVD/CD, even though the Linux based OS can be booted/installed from a USB other OS(e.g Windows) still uses it.

On Ubuntu 10.04(Lucid Lynx) or 10.10(Maverick Meerkat,the latest stable version) or Ubuntu 11.04(Next Version), you can find a lot of DVD burning softwares in the Ubuntu Software Center(USC), but what is the best among them ? Actually it is a very difficult question to answer because in most of the cases, it depends on the type of work. That’s why this post will introduce you with a free and open source dvd burning software, that you can use to burn DVD’s quickly in a reliable way.

Brasero – The Best Software/Application for Burning DVD/CD

Brasero is a free and open source application(GUI)  for burning dvd on Linux Distros like Ubuntu, Linux Mint etc. Other softwares that you may want to use is РK3b,CD/DVD Creator,DeVeDe Video creator etc. Brasero is very simple to use with a lot of features.


Features of Brasero at a Glance

  • burn/write Data or Audio CD/DVD
  • Erase DVD
  • a customizable GUI
  • Copy/clone CD/DVD
  • Song/Image/Video Previewer
  • Save/Load Projects
  • Supports Drag and Drop

How to install Brasero on Ubuntu

Brasero is installed by default in most of the cases. If you found brasero missing on your systems or you want to reinstall it then use Ubuntu Software Center to install it. On the other hand you can also install it from shell/Command Line/Terminal. Type (Followed by your user account => login password ) –

$ sudo apt-get install brasero