What is UUID or Universally Unique Identifier ?

UUID (universally unique identifier) is a 128 bit identifier value used in Software construction for uniquely indentifying some object or entity which doesn’t require central registration process. Sometimes it is also referred as GUID ( Globally Unique Identifier). In canonical form for human readibility, it is represented by 36 character (32 alphanumberic character and 4 […]

Getting started with Go language on Ubuntu/Linux

Go (Golang) is an open source programming language developed at Google. It’s a compiled and statically typed language like C/C++/Java. It’s lightweight and fast, with small memory footprint and its support for concurrency, networking and multi-processing makes it an interesting choice for specific projects. I use Go for building small command line apps and rewriting some parts of Sinatra/Rails(Ruby based web […]

KeePassX – The Best Password Manager for Ubuntu/Linux

KeePassX is a cross-platform password manager application. It has very high security standards. Since, it stores data locally in encrypted format, it’s probably a better alternative to any online password manager. If you want to share it across multiple devices/platforms just sync the database file using some apps like Dropbox. Make sure you’re synchronizing the encrypted […]

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